Puppet Master George Sorrows is a NAZI

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The Truth – Rothschild & the Khazar History – Documentary

Published on Jan 18, 2015

The history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in A.D. 740 converted to Judaism. Khazaria, a conglomerate of Aryan Turkic tribes, was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western (Ashkenazim) Jewry…

The Khazars’ sway extended from the Black sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain.

Thereafter the Khazars found themselves in a precarious position between the two major world powers: the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium and the triumphant followers of Mohammed.
As Arthur Koestler points out, the Khazars were the Third World of their day, and they chose a surprising method of resisting both the Western pressure to become Christian and the Eastern to adopt Islam. Rejecting both, they converted to Judaism.


Published on Jan 18, 2013
A really well put together documentary on the hidden history of the Khazars and the Rothschilds, one of the best on the entire internet, a real “must watch”. Learn more here… http://www.conspiracyking.com/1034-TH…
More background research here…


george-sorrowsThis is the most evil Nazi on earth who has been behind most of the evil events on earth. you really need to click on this link to find out why. https://worldwarthreereports.wordpress.com/george-soros/



Please go to this link to learn about this horrific monster



Disabled non-Muslim denied apartment in Muslim-only building

Published on Aug 27, 2015

Trudeau does not care about the elderly and disabled

Trudeau’s Endless Scandals

‘He Completely Ruined Canada’ – Ben Shapiro Destroys Justin Trudeau

Notice he didn’t mention the disabled in the leftist hierarchy. Rightly so. SJWs never gave a shit about the disabled. They equated the disadvantages of the disabled to the imaginary disadvantages of LGBT, black etc. Conservatives always have, and always will treat the elderly and disabled far better than leftists.
gurudeclan – He won’t recognize the disabled and mentally ill in Canada because A) most of them(especially those who are homeless), are WHITE and according to people like him, they had their chance and blew it so in his eyes, it’s their own fault. B) Trudeau won’t be able to feed his ego by helping his own people because by doing so, he won’t be seen on the world stage! He’s a narcist!
Being on disability here in Canada is tough. Using opioids for pain is now HORRIBLE.
The main ppl dying on opioids are ( drug addicts ) ppl with pain Are now dying by SUICIDE as we are now being Lowered and lowered and many have been taken Off their opioids for pain relieve. 😡as with me I have been lowered so much that I pray I do not Have to stop my pain by way of suicide!!
They do Not tell you it’s the drug addicts dyin. The news does NOT REPORT the thousands of ppl now who have taken their own lives to END THEIR CHRONIC PAIN !!! Yet Justin Trudeau is going to open up FREE MEDICAL HEROIN SITES FOR THE JUNKIES who have caused this horrible mess for the real ppl in real pain 😡as well Canada is following the USA. which the USA stopped because they say it costs the insurance companies to much money to pay for ppl’s medical pain meds !!!
I hate our Prime Minister here in Canada as do millions & millions of Canadians He was placed into the pm position!! It WAS RIGGED. WE KNOW IT. Yes many voted in Canada’s BIGGEST THREAT JUSTIN TRUDEAU but they mostly were new Young naive voters and ppl who lived that he said he would make marijuana legal. It’s been 2+ years and that has not happened yet. He is bringing back into Canada 60+ Isis fighters.
Saying he can make them well again. The only frigging country who is allowing Isis fighters to return home. !!
Trudeau was bought and paid for by Muslims. He converted to Islam. He says Muslims deserve to be in Canada more then a Canadian born person. He has mental issues.
He is fooling so many ppl. Americans buy his BS but let me tell you American ppl something to We here in Canada would rather Trump any day. Yes he has messed things up. But He will defend his country and the ppl in it anyway he can.
He would NEVER EVER let Isis fighters back into the USA !!! Our traitor Trudeau cares nothing about the Canadian ppl. He is acting. Lying. A threat to Canada and our ppl. I hope Any American thst reads this shares my words with other Americans knowing I speak the truth. Again your lucky to have President Donald Trump.
No matter what some of you MIGHT THINK. !!! You would NOT want the likes of A Jihadist traitor running YOUR Country. He gives our tax money to any and every Muslim country.
While Canadian ppl live in the streets his new FAKE Muslims get a home or an apt. They get more money then A Senior. A vet. Ppl on Disability. He hands money out like it’s his.
Our grand kids will be paying off his debit or even their children will be paying. So please do. Not think Prime Minister Jihadist Traitor justin Trudeau is good to run a country.
He should be in Prison for LIFE !! He will get his one day. Karma is a bitch. Ohhhhh A man I know was asked for a smoke by a Muslim who only.been in Canada one year. He said he liked Canada since young boy. From the movies he watched etc.
He said he came to start a new life here. Drink beer , watch hockey and be able to say Merry Christmas.
He said he HATES Justin Trudeau. He said he left that in Syria and did not expect to see that stuff here. He also told my friend neither he or many Muslims that came here will NOT be voting for Justin Trudeau.
They says they fled that life that Trudeau is now trying to put into Canada. He is not a happy refugee or are many as Trudeau Thinks. !! See many Muslim refugees. ARE GOOD ppl. I never said they weren’t. But sorry this was so long. Once o get going on this it’s hard to stop. God Bless both our countries. Canada and the USA And every other country. Europe , etc Germany’s Angela Merkel. She is the BIGGEST THREAT they have.
She has ruined a Beautiful country with her millions of Muslims. Radical Muslims. Healthy Young single males. Raping woman and children. Killing ppl’s cats and dogs. Having sex with their pets. It’s sickens me what she did and is doing to Germany. England.
The same thing. They allowed so many illegal ppl in. Plus fake or real and radical Muslims. Both countries are NOT safe. Sweden. Denmark. Anarbor michigan. Look at it there. You would. Think your in the Middle East in those places. Ppl must wake up.
Stop the government’s from letting ppl in without fully checking them out. As Trudeau. He just keys then in then changes the laws for his new Muslim families. Ok. Sorry. I must stop. I know. I know. If you read all this. Thanks
I think he forgot to mention disabled, as he used disabled in his examples of the “most valid opinion” leader.
Kitties – Back H – Hey, I’ve got a great idea, as part of the new free trade act, the U.S. will trade all of it’s Liberals to Canada in exchange for all of Canada’s Concervatives. That way all of the Leftests can have their so-called utopian Communistic/Socialistic world and Bernie can be their Prime Minister. But we WILL have to build a wall along the 49th parallel because in a couple of years, most of them will be trying to escape the insanity!!!
We are fucked as people because of Lefties
sam danha – Not to worry because in time, we will rise up and over throw them. Stay strong in your faith and remember, Good ALWAYS triumphs over Evil! Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.
actually I’m a SJW because I would never fight for anything but a socially just society! The fact is disabled people are in the charger put in by liberals and is a cause of the left. The right mocks disabled
+sam danha 70 percent of Canadians are on the left
Scott Harrison – Then sadly, you will never fight for anything I guess. Well, you may fight for it but once you achieve it, it will be short lived because a “Just Society” will never exist on this earth as long as mankind is involved. There are far to many negative people in this world and what I mean by negative, is selfishness or self-centeredness, greed, controllers, viciousness or cruelty, etc. for a just society to ever exist.
There is simply too much evil in far too many people’s hearts for it to ever become reality. All we can do is try and touch on it while trying to keep the negative people at bay without letting them gain too much control because once they do, you always end up with Hitlerism, Stalinism, Leninism, Kim Jong-Unism, Maoism, MADuroism, Putinism and the list goes on and on…
There are only two ways that we will ever achieve social justice; A) Remove the human equation or B) Jesus Christ returns. I personally am betting on the latter. 😊
Scott Harrison – How exactly do you figure that the Right mocks the disabled? It is fact that the high majority of charitable money for things like Variety Club, Children with disability telethons, Jerry Lewis MDA telethons and numous privaty charity organizations across N. America that help with funding for the disabled far more than the Left does.
Scott Harrison – In fact, my Democratic friends are the ones that always mock and make fun of gay people behind their backs, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
The only reason they publicly side with the LGBT community is to piss off the Christians cause they can’t stand Christianity more than they hate the gay lifestyle. Some of them have said to me that if I hate the gay lifestyle then I MUST hate gay people. I said that’s not true and they say, “Yes it is!!”
So I say that they must hate me too because if they hate Christianity, then they must hate me also but that only confusses them so they drop the conversation by saying, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore!” and then they walk away.
As someone on the Autism spectrum, ADHD and OCD……I applaud this comment. I get $ 1 ,151 a month from disability pension. I work part time doing clean work. I am not allowed to keep my earnings past $200 without my monthly cheque getting deducted by 50%. After I pay my father $830 ( he is renting out the condo unit to me)…….I am left with maybe just under $400……bills and transportation easily eat up the rest…..and food…… My father supports Trudeau!!!!
Kitties – Back H Well, if it weren’t Trudeau he and his friend, who supposedly hate him as you claim, wouldn’t be here. He should be worshipping him for letting him in the country and if he don’t like it here or Trudeau, then he can fuck off back to his war torn country.
Bring back the Harper.
gurudeclan and wome!!
Sigman Floyd they did not blow it there were no places hiring white males for 30 years now. I know guys elwhp grew up middle class who are educated and homeless. Why are shelters for refugee women they should be for locals like the ymca was… .
Sigman Floyd
J OneLife – I did not say that they blew it, please re-read my comment slowly. What I said, is that people like Trudeau and most of those in government think that way. Neither Harper, Trudeau or any previous leader has done enough to curb homelessness, preferring to leave it for the next govenment to contend with.
Canada is getting fucked. Not looking good
its embarrassing to be honest. my area has become pretty rough lately due to all these fucking immigrants, im starting to worry for my grandma when she goes to the store.
Lynn Hexler-Haan
I understand your concern for your grandmother.One day the area is rough,the next it will be a “no go area”, it will happen.
Nope. I’m good.
Jmichael Watson
Lynn Hexler-Haan There will never be a no go area in canada. I doubt we would let shit get that out of control
Will Tillinghast
O7ANGE gonna be us to if we don’t start fighting back
Eric Pratt
I’m good too. My province voted out our Liberal government and replaced them with the NDP. We don’t pay much attention to Trudeau.
As well as Western Europe. The US will follow if they don’t get their act together.
Terrance Power
Let’s see what’s happening in Canada, middle class tax hikes, we are now over a hundred million in debt, Trudeau wants to shut down our military, immigrants among immigrants are being welcomed to Canada(nothing wrong with that),
Trudeau is giving us more jobs but those jobs are giving to immigrants before Canadian people first. Marijuana is $10 a gram plus $10 tax when it becomes legalized, wants to increase the age for your pension so you have more of a chance of dying do they can keep the money.
Our currency is shit, our money is worth nothing . There’s no positive change
Jamie Koenig
How about suffering in Canada? How much of that is there?
You are kidding yourself. Women glide down Toronto streets, eyes only showing, while their men walk two paces in front or behind, eyeing the pretty Western women; and Canadians excuse and mitigate that abuse under the umbrella of religion. Canada’s leader is behind a tax-paid, $10 million payout to someone caught on a battlefield of extremists, after he had killed a U.S. soldier — and you don’t think such crooked thinking could lead to no-go zones?
NDP? Hope and pray they are not worse than Trudeau!
@Terrance Power — One of Trudeau’s first actions was to withdraw Canada from the international coalition fighting ISIS. Meanwhile, both Trump and Putin increased their fights against ISIS and have all but beaten them into the ground in Syria and Iraq.
The huge influx of visible Muslims (women wearing hiding clothes) into Toronto in a very short time is alarming.
Albeit, well under way before Trudeau, Vancouver is already a Chinese province. The Chinese are great; they aim for the same dreams as Canadians, work hard, ensure their children are well educated; however, in some neighborhoods in the greater Vancouver area, they have totally replaced the Canadian culture with their own (already no-go zones of a sort — peaceful no-go zones, with Chinese stores, signs and culture). Multiculturalism (for those who believe in it) was never supposed to be about replacing Canadian culture.
and then there was Obama and Soros and Merkel..
Jamie Koenig
Multiculturalism IS the Canadian picture dipshit. First of all we have sensible gun laws. Second of all we have social services available to prevent people from becoming desperate enough to do something crazy. Third of all we have an excellent education system. Fourth, we have a prime minister who doesnt ostracize minorities. If I was a muslim in Amurica, id want to cause some serious harm, but not in Canada.
cheers Jamie Koenig, but who are you talking to?
Jamie Koenig
Fake youtube commenters I guess. Buy Youtube Comments | Get it for $0.632 per comment! https://www.buyrealmarketing.com/buy-youtube-comments Buy YouTube Comments for the lowest price of $0.670 per comment! Get the highest quality with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Jamie, cool (didn’t know that) and sad at the same time. So who do you see as the fake you tube commenters on here? (I could do a great job! Only, the things I say will not be in favor of what You tube stands for)
Noah brandini
London used to say the same thing and now it’s full of No go zones where they attack non-Muslims at night.
Jamie Koenig
Well lets estimate. Even if only 40% of Canadians support trudeau, none of that is represented here. 100% of comments are opposed to trudeau. They call him a “communist”, and an “isis supporter”, they rip on Canada, calling it an embarassment. Its the same as Obama being called a muslim. Whether the comments themselves are actually fake (who knows which ones really are), the sentiments are mindlessly echoed by hundreds of gullible people, creating the illusion that this is the apparent reality. To anyone reading this, let me reassure you: Trudeau is not an ISIS sympathizer. Duh.
Noah brandini, glad that someone is talking reality overhere. Cheers
Jamie Koenig
“talking reality” Lol
Jamie, shiiiiiiit, that bad these days? In that manner? Well, I hope this helps as only one comment. He is a fucking asshole! cheers man
Noah brandini
Canada was built by immigrants but with high-skilled immigrants that created a once great Canadian society and now the big difference is that they are only getting the low-skilled immigrants and this huge influx of low-skilled immigrants is going to take Canada to bankruptcy.
Oops, I did not mention his name, fucking Trudeau is one ass motherfucker who loves Soros. The fucker
Jamie Koenig
Go find statistics to prove that. Most likely you cant tell the difference between an Indian (skilled immigrant) and a Muslim refugee.
Noah, you can call it Islam, for all I care, because it’s the same thing overhere
And as far as I know, where I live, this is Europe. We were always here, and immigrants came in. Under the false name of (Syrian) refugees. All thanks to our German sweet heart Merkel. Now this is the 4th time the fucking Germans have done this to the rest of Western Europe!! And with all respect, I’m getting very sick of it!
Jamie, you know the big difference between an Indian and a muslim, in our world? Indians Hate muslims! Maybe you didn’t know that ( a very big difference between the actual indian people and the pakistanies)
Now, if you ask me the same question about budhists (including the dalai lama himself) and muslims, you will get the same result. Statistic that, my friend
Jamie Koenig
Yes I did know that! I have an Indian roommate! I have been well informed about Indian culture lol… I am also aware that none of my white friends from London On want to meet him. I am also aware that my parents cant tell the difference between a muslim and an indian.
With all respect Jamie, then that’s their sad problem!
So wait, you attack me because your ‘friends’ or parents can’t see this???
Or was it still you that wanted to make me a racist instead of me being against ISLAM? Because these are two very different things man! And you know that
And then it always stops.. of course, Jamie. Growing is a great thing. I also hope to do the same thing till the day I’ll stop living. Bye (I can’t give you statistics on this, sorry)
Blonde Moment
Jamie Koenig uh, duh! Yes he is!
Noah brandini we are very close. The deficit will never be gone. Trudeau has tripled it. He’s not done.
Jamie Koenig bullshit
Blonde moment :), yes he is what?
Terrance Power shut down our military? are you kidding? he’s opted to double our spending on the military and add more soldiers, ships and planes.
We are fucked, but it all started under daddy…see below Quebec is ripping off the country, right, left and center
The hydro scam,
the tuition scam,
the dairy scam,
the phony bilingual (french) government jobs/hiring scam (only outside Quebec) …
the day care scam…
the list is so long in regards to how Quebec is ripping off Canada, i don’t know where to begin.
They run Quebec (french only, bills 22, 178, 101…), they control Ottawa…they funnel money all over the place…
we will never know how much money has been funneled into Quebec since Trudeau and his gang of anti – English language, anti – BNA bigots from Quebec arrived in Ottawa…sadly the truth will never come out…why?
The system is now corrupt to the core, from the top down, and the bottom up, just like in Quebec.
Their “state run” Hydro company is giving a 40% subsidy for cheaper rates which in turn means the government needs more transfer payments from the rest of Canada.
And the aggravating part of it is its NO SECRET. Even prominent well respected people like Danny Williams have made light of this.
Go watch the clips of him explaining how much the French are destroying, ripping off the country…its title is –
Danny Williams “outs” Quebec (below) Wake up folks, they are the most racist, bigoted, xenophobic (bills 22, 178, 101…) not to mention, corrupt and cooked the core people in all of North America.
Forcing the French language all over the country, while banning ours…the french are the parasites of this nation, inside and outside of Quebec…Watch the Youtube clips for proof.

Enjoy the facts of where the Transfer Payments go, , the total amount of Equalization Transfers between 1957-2013: Province Amount received % of the total
Quebec $168,842 million (or $168.8B) 50.75
Manitoba $ 40,413 million (or $40.4B) 11.91
Nova Scotia $ 38,427 million (or $38.4B) 11.32
New Brunswick $ 37,753 million (or $37.8B) 11.12
Nfld. & Lab. $ 25,095 million (or $25.1B) 7.39
Ontario $ 9,949 million (or $9.95B) 2.93
PEI $ 8,101 million (or $8.10B) 2.39
Saskatchewan $ 8,138 million (or $8.14B) 2.40
B.C. $ 2,556 million (or $2.56B) .75
Alberta $ 90 million (or $0.09B) .03 TOTAL $339,364 million (or $339.36B) 99.99
Hugo Lindum
Jmichael Watson So you in Canada are SO much cleverer in France, UK, Sweden, Belgium. All those stupid Europeans allowed it to happen but Trudeau will stop it. The arrogance of Canadians in their little PC bubble never stops amazing the rest of us.
Blonde Moment
Hugo Lindum Trudeau is generating the problems. He won’t stop, hewi L find a way to do more for his new libtard voters/illegals/Isis fighters.
Jamie Koenig – they have… a different set of skills!!! 😜
robsteries – Absolutely!! Pakistan is 99.67% muslim
weird, you are claiming something, are you capable of providing an actual example with out shouting libtard?
DWokquail how about letting 64 ISIS fighters back into to reintegrate and receive hugs for their troubles?
Terrance Power – sounds pretty clear to me . We need a no confidence motion before too long
Jamie Koenig – dream on
 ok pal. Your right
Thomas LeTrain
You mean by Shapiro and his micropenis? No indeed that’s not looking so hot. Bad porn.
Jamie, go to the CBC site, they accept Mentally Ill people!


can someone tell me why he brings up jews. Makes him look like a victim doenst it. Only people who made up a word to scare people into not saying anything about them. People everywhere hate jews. Why Ben?
Jmichael Watson it is already well on its way the prime minister is doing some messed up shit… Look at who he put in charge of immigration…


Better than the US is doing. Your whole country is divided. Violence rages through the streets. It’s a shit show. Even your president is a twat. I do not support Trudeau but at least he is competent.


Conor Mcgee as of right now I’d rather live in America then Canada and I’m Canadian…


Many canadians have dont fuck with us attitude and its gonna start showing soon we willl push back soon


Rob Brush why in the world would you want that?
BlindlyZack racist
No Trudeau is not competent.


JNK…Canadians have a culture?
Sucks for me, I live here:/


BlindlyZack I don’t blame you


BlindlyZack if anything happens to my Grandmother or your Grandmother because of these savage pieces of shit, I will gladly and personally beat the shit out of everyone of them


it looks way better than harpers regime, the most hated PM ever, Canadians have always leaned left and America right
Scott Harrison – Harper supported Israel. What about turdoh? It’s not a fun little game being played out. SHTF pretty soon i would suspect
We as white people need to stop being complacent, all of you guys here rise up!


Noah brandini Canada was built mostly by EUROPEAN pioneers and immigrants. Before you talk about this please educate yourself and learn the difference between a pioneer and an immigrant.


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