Very Dangerous New Curb Cutouts in Downtown Halifax

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UPDATE.  Aug 21 2013.  The mayor of Halifax is now aware of this situation and has not replied to my email I sent with the information below. Nothing is being done to remedy this bad situation (below).

All New Wheelchair Cut Outs at curbs in downtown Halifax are very dangerous

Below you will see photos with notes on them describing the serious hazards of the huge errors that has been made in the construction of the new curb cuts in downtown Halifax, and also the dangerously slippery new concrete slabs on the steep sidewalks of downtown Halifax. There are also many other curb cutouts that need to be replaced.

I will also soon be doing another several other reports of yet other very hazardous problems with the Halifax sidewalks due to the trenches created on the sides of the sidewalks where the grass should be due to the snow removal equipment being to wide for the sidewalks causing very expensive damage to the lawns adjacent to the sidewalks. This poses a very dangerous problem if a wheelchair catches the lip of the sidewalk. Just like an elevated tar surface would do to a car on a hwy. It cause the car or wheelchair to go out of control and flip over.

And the next report will be on all the horrible old sidewalks full of asphalt patches causing speed bumps and all the uneven wavy concrete slabs.

Side Note; I have also mentioned before in a previous article about electric wheelchairs needing to be equipped with nubby out door tires. Again the governments refuse to listen, cooperate and care about the safety of wheelchair users. Please do realize that the limited to non existent accessible properties in Halifax makes it so wheelchair users only social contact is done out doors and only during warm dry days. The rest of the time they are imprisoned in their homes for more then six months of the year.

One more thing. I have previously offered my services to the government to do reports on accessibility issues, and they have refused to allow me to contribute my expertise. The governments have no one that knows anything about all the issues I have been reporting on, on this site.

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