Governments Need to Create a College Course to Train Wheelchair Technicians

Reported by Daniel J Towsey

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Not only is there a need to create a new professional classification for power wheelchairs technicians to be licensed, all power wheelchair sales and services businesses will also need to be licensed and certified to be permitted to do power wheelchair assembling, modifications, repairs and maintenance.

Their work will need to be done with the same, criminal laws, consumer protection laws and standards that automotive businesses operate under.

And that the wheelchair shops have to employ government licensed wheelchair technicians.

All work will have to have proper itemized invoices with guarantees to cover poor workmanship. etc etc..

This is why the governments need to create this new profession of ‘Power Wheelchair Technicians”
The governments at all levels and all the way to the federal governments need to implement the same laws that are applied to every aspect of passenger vehicles, to motorized wheelchairs.

At the federal government level, there has to be the same laws enacted as in European countries, there needs to be minimum standards on new power wheelchairs such as seat belts, lights, reflectors, mud guards, outdoor quality tires, winter tires, horns, and yes even safety high visibility flags and especially water proof circuitry.

Once this step is taken, eventually the whole industry and future regulations, laws and standards well be created and updated when necessary, just like in any and all automotive industries and businesses.

There well then be a recall mechanism in place to recall unsafe and poorly constructed dangerous power wheelchairs.

Over time this will make the whole industry and especially the quality of the power wheelchairs much better and safer.

Why people can not understand that power wheelchairs and mobility scooters do exactly the same thing as a passenger car is beyond stupidity, is is criminal..

First people have to realize that power wheelchairs are presently completely unregulated are a huge multi billion dollar industry rife with criminality in the sales, service and repair sectors and then realize that unsafe and poor quality chairs are created in the production sector.

All due to a complete lack of any certifications, testing, recall mechanisms, safety standards or anything else in the production and servicing of fraudulently overly expensive poor quality power wheelchairs, parts and servicing.

Power wheelchairs usually cost double the price of an average car.

My fairly basic power wheelchair costs approximately $20,000 with the special needs fittings. Power wheelchairs go all the way up to $110,000.

Thank you for reading this.

Please know that I am very welling to be reached for professional consultations… Meaning that I want to help create the solutions to enable disabled people to be able to live a dignified and respected existence.

Sincerely; signed: a human being……

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Government Needs to Create a College Course to Train Wheelchair Technicians.pdf

Please go to this post to get a very good understanding of why this is needed.



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