Sidewalks and Roads Reports

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CTV NEWS Wheelchair Protest Spring Garden Rd Halifax

See full post here.


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Halifax is a MESS

Curb cuts never kept clear of snow in Halifax WheelchairRightsReport

Is Halifax deliberately not clearing snow from curb cut outs

Published on Feb 9, 2016

This is at Main Ave in Fairview Located in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Terrible Trip To and from grocery store Feb 17 2015 wheelchair Cam

Dangerous Winter Wheelchair Trip To grocery store Jan 16 2015 

Also this special report.

Scotia Center Dangerous Slippery Coating On Sidewalk Wheelchair Report

Halifax Commons Road Construction Oct 13 2014 Wheelchair Report

New Rotary at Halifax Commons – Wheelchair Report

Extremely Dangerous Gas Powered Bicycle on Sidewalk – Wheelchair Rights Report

Published on Aug 21, 2014

This guy drives down sidewalks at extremely high speeds with an illegally modified gas motor on his bicycle. He also drives down bicycle lanes driving faster then the cars on the street passing cars at at least 70 km.

I hear him at night driving through town at full speed and he is extremely loud. I live twenty stories up and I can hear him and see him even when he is several miles away..

I have observed that his bicycle’s brakes are unable to stop his bicycle when the bike is being driven by the gas motor. The brakes were never designed to stop the bike while the motor is exerting power to the rear wheel. This bike is a motorized gas operated vehicle that should be illegal.. It is unsafe for the streets and should never be permitted on sidewalks and pedestrian trails.

those bikes fall in a grey area of the law being under 50cc, but they are illegal on sidewalks, people buy those motorized conversions for a couple hundred bucks on ebay

Yes but they are easily modified to be much more than 50cc as this guy did to his motor. I am a professional auto mechanic and am now disabled. I know for sure this motor has been modified and is illegal…

Really Dangerous Driveway Bump on Sidewalk Wheelchair Rights Report

Sidewalk Repair Gravel Hole for One Week Wheelchair Cam

Wheelchair Rights Stupid Signs on Sidewalks

McDonald’s On Spring Garden Rd Wheelchair Rights Report

Halifax Citadel High School Snow Plows Block Public Sidewalks

Snowplows Deliberately Block Sidewalks In Halifax

AGUYMON2009 says

I don’t think you complain at all do don’t worry.

If people care about people with disabilities then they wouldn’t be saying anything like that you complain.

If they expect people to get jobs when they are disabled then they need to make it so people with disabilities can get out so they can work just like any regular person can.

If they had to live 24 months 24 hrs per day and they had to live life with the exact same conditions that you and any other person with a disability has NO CHOICE to say “I think i will be disabled in a wheelchair and ride public transit but when it gets too hard then I will just not be disabled anymore and just get up and walk over the snow banks and drive the car.”

I totally understand what you are going through.

I am disabled as well and I live in downtown Salt Lake city Utah and the mentality here is people want you as a disabled person to get a job so you can pay back society back but most jobs want you as a disabled person to act like any REGULAR person who is not disabled and wants you to be on time.

as an example lets say it snows on a Sunday night in Utah the snow doesn’t have to be cleared for 24 hours but if you need to be to work on Monday morning by 6 am then that is imposable to do.

Dangerous curbcut out on windmill rd Dartmouth Nova Scotia

All Sidewalk Curb Cutouts Always Blocked With Snow in Halifax

Snow at Curbs Blocks Wheelchair Access in Halifax


Wheelchair Report – Bobcats plowing sidewalks 1

Wheelchair Report – Bobcats plowing sidewalks 2

Wheelchair Report at Blowers

Wheelchair Report & Commentary – Gottingen St Serious Mess due to Sidewalk Repairs

Full report.

Farmers Market at Alderney Landing Blocks Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair Report – New Halifax Library Construction Dangerous Pedestrian Crossing

Wheelchair Report – Dartmouth Ferry Terminal Train Tracks Hazard

Wheelchair Report – Quingate Place (1of2)

Wheelchair Report – Quingate Place (2of2)

Wheelchair Report – Both sides of street sidewalks blocked

Wheelchair Report – Quinpool Rd and Robie St (01)

Wheelchair Report – Quinpool Rd and Robie St (02) New Curb Cutouts

Wheelchair Report – Quinpool Rd and Robie St (03) New Curb Cutouts

Wheelchair Report – Sign Company Blocking Sidewalk on Spring Garden Rd (1of3)

Wheelchair Report – Typical Hazards of Sidewalks

Wheelchair Report-  Spring Garden Rd & South Park Bus Hazard

Wheelchair Report – Spring Garden Rd & Dresden Row Curb Cutouts

Wheelchair Report – Sidewalk Construction Obstruction

Wheelchair Report – Poorly Built New Sidewalks in Halifax

Wheelchair Report – Sidewalks Construction Trowel Bumps

Wheelchair Report – Sidewalks At Nova Scotia Rehab Part 1

Wheelchair Report – Sidewalks At Nova Scotia Rehab Part 2

All New Wheelchair Cut Outs at curbs in downtown Halifax are very dangerous

Wheelchairs can not get in Dartmouth Bus Terminal

Halifax Waterfront hazards for wheelchairs Published on Jun 22, 2013

Busker Blocks Halifax Boardwalk Published on Jun 22, 2013

The Halifax Commons Issues 08 Horrible sidewalks around the Commons

Wheelchair Report – Barrington St Scaffolding Blocking Sidewalk

Blocked sidewalk construction Aug 3 2012

Wheelchair Report – Sackville St and Bell Rd in Halifax Published on Aug 18, 2012

Sackville & Bell Rd Dangerous For Pedestrians Oct 8, 2011

Wheelchair Report – Lower Water St Halifax  Published on Aug 17, 2012

Wheelchair Report – Halifax Waterfront  Dangerous New Deck

Wheelchair Report – Saulter St Obstruction (01) Halifax Nova Scotia Published on Jul 10, 2012

Wheelchair Report – Obstructions  On Spring Garden Rd Uploaded on Oct 11, 2011


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