Halifax Transit Left Me Stranded All Night For Eleven Hours On Street

Here is the report of what happened to me. I have compiled together multiple videos I did over the eleven hour period.

This is horrible and all because Halifax Metro Transit is knowingly endangering all passengers lives by not providing safe four point tie-downs for the very heavy power wheelchairs on all new public transit buses they have purchased in the past approximately seven years..

See this follow up story.


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Halifax Transit Left Me Stranded All Night.pdf

Halifax Transit Left Me Stranded All Night In My Wheelchair For Eleven Hours On Street

Halifax Bus Driver Says I Tried To Kill Him With My Wheelchair

This is just a clip of the full report.



I wish I can help you ,maybe I make you have fun and maybe you going to call me crazy to, the real reason why I lost everything  its because my miracle like my two children like driving 55 hers straight no stop, get people out hospital and other things I don’t want to tell on internet but the garbage government know, and they scare, maybe one day I take you off your fucking wheelchair and go talk to that bus driver again

Wheelchair Cam – Stranded 11 Hours Heading To McDonalds

Here is what I was doing before this nightmare happened.

Daniel Relaxing at Maynard Lake 3D Slide Show

Relaxing at Maynard Lake in Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Q’STRAINT QRT Wheelchair Restraints by Schetky NW Bus Sales

Uploaded on Mar 19, 2010

Schetky NW Bus Sales – http://www.schetkynw.com

This is an operational video for the Q’Straint QRT Retractable Wheelchair Restraint and Securement System. It describes how to properly secure a wheelchair with this system, and gives a step by step account on how to fasten the belts. If you have this system in your bus or van, please make your drivers familiar with this video on how to operate the Q’Straint QRT.

Please also check out our videos on how to operate wheelchair lifts. Thank you.

Joe Grier and JMG Media with SURELOK, Inc.


Published on Feb 7, 2014


Unwins Four Point Wheelchair Restraint

Published on Jul 29, 2013

Unwins Four Point Wheelchair Restraint by GM Coachwork for use in wheelchair accessible vehicles. See http://www.gmcoachwork.co.uk  for more details and the full range of vehicle adaptations.

RERC on Wheelchair Transportation Safety Crash Tests

Failed Crash test of a wheelchair according to ISO 10542-2 with a 4 point strap tie-down system

Uploaded on Apr 13, 2010

See http://www.dahlengineering.dk for more information. This video shows an example of crash testing according to ISO 10542 part 2 utilizing a surrogate wheelchair with a mass of 85 kg. According to the standard, the surrogate wheelchair is representative of all wheelchairs and is solely being used to test the strength of tie-down straps and the occupant restraint.

During this test the front tie-down straps adjusters failed. Notice the high forces involved, even under the rebound phase of the collision. A more solid adjuster had to be developed to solve this problem.

Had this product been marketed and involved in an accident without prior testing, it could have had serious consequences for the wheelchair user and other occupants in the vehicle.

Below are previous related posts.



Wheelchair Protest On Board A Halifax Metro Transit Bus

Telling Bus Driver How Halifax Buses DEADLY For Wheelchair Users

repoman98 says

You should know about the lfs is that they have been known to have wheelchair ramp problems,and had you talked to Novabus themselves about the tie down issues? Because I will send there toll free number on your site. I support you 100%. You made me see the light I will never live in Nova Scotia. I am awake. Bye

Halifax Buses CAN NOT Safely Transport Power Wheelchairs 1of2 Inside bus

Halifax Buses CAN NOT Safely Transport Power Wheelchairs 2of2 Police

See full post here. https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/halifax-buses-can-not-safely-transport-power-wheelchairs/
Please Help to get Halifax Transit to Provide Buses that are Properly Equipped

Only 2% of Halifax buses have the equipment to safely secure electric wheelchairs so that wheelchair users can not use public transit and they are deprived of their guaranteed human rights…Here is the city number to place your concerns 902-490-4000
Please read this related article.
Halifax Bus Drivers Union In Violation of Human Rights and Endangering the Disabled

Two years later Dartmouth’s new bus terminal still not wheelchair accessible

John van Gurp says.

This guy says you can’t video? What a joke. Good that you stood your ground on that.

Guy Threatens Life of Disabled Wheelchair User For Protesting about Buses

Yesterday I was doing a protest at a bus stop with my loud speaker telling everyone about the issue in this post..and this guy was threatening and harassing me…He thought my load speaker was a threat to his child. His child was not bothered by me at all and the noise from the motor cycles and buses was much loader then I was..So does this guy chase after motorcycles too..
Halifax Metro Transit Buses Can Not Safely Transport Power Wheelchairs which is then denying all power wheelchair users access to most Halifax Metro Transit Public Buses.
Buses do not have the necessary four point tie downs. They do not have any tie downs…


What a douch bag that guy is, just shows what a little man he is. You should have called the police.

brandon currier
Rude prick no respect.

I am a man in a wheelchair and I come across many of the issues you discribe. From one man to an other please you are going about all of this the wrong way.

I cant speak to everthing but from what I have seen and watched in your videos all you seem to be doing is looking for confrontation.

If it is as bad as you say it is you need stop trying to win you case in the public eye because you are making yourself look at fault and not helping yourself at all.

I know how frustrating it can be and how it can build up because there are problems with access to places especially in the winter months and we often dont have a choice where we shop but please stop trying to take it on in this way for your own self not for them.

Maybe ask a friend or 3rd party to help you take your concerns to the places you are having problems getting into and around in.

Having the person able to convey your concerns for you may be very helpful. I wish you good luck.

I appreciate your thought that you think I am going about what ever it is you refer to wrong..Here in Halifax and Nova Scotia there would be a right way if the society here cared about what is right…

You have no idea what I have been through and what I have tried to do about the issues here in Halifax..

The problem here is that NO ONE CARES…

There is no right here at all, so how can you say I am doing it wrong.. There is no groups, organizations or anything else but me doing anything about trying to make things better for disabled people..

I do not know where you live but it surly is not here..

I am denied everything…no public transit, to health care, now no one will repair my wheelchair, I have been left helpless not because of my actions and efforts, but because this place is horrible and full of evil uncaring people..

If it were not so, I would have no need to be doing what I am doing. How I do it makes no difference.. NO ONE CARES and things are just getting worse for everyone including the able bodied because NO one Cares….

The more I try to get justice the more the corrupt insiders attack me…You need to wake up…

The way I see it is some disabled people have enough family support and the fact society screws them doesn’t bother them because everything gets taken care of through family.

Then you have the rest of the disabled population that’s alone to fend for themselves and it gets very overwhelming and frustrating because you spend all your time trying to do things like get on a bus or go in a store which should be a non issue..

Mr. Folk hit the nail on the head that no one that doesn’t use a chair cares about the bullshit wheelchair users go through.

The person has three choices………fight with everything and everybody, stay home or adapt as best they can and deal with it.

Eventually you will run out of energy trying to change people that have no desire to change because it doesnt affect them or theirs.

Its an unfair system and always will be, although its some better than 30 yrs ago. Very slow in across the grid change.

+SurviventheOnslaught Good comment. But threatening to harm a disabled person in a wheelchair for protesting the injustices is a crime.. He threatened to do me harm.

I told the Police I have it on video and the Police did not care…

We have laws to protect house pets but no laws to protect the disabled…the disabled are treated worse then animals..



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