Another quick update June 27, 2012

Another quick update… June 27, 2012

There was another covert attempt today to do me very serious bodily harm… That is the third time this month.

my electric wheelchair still has not been replaced.

The government told me they will no long repair my present wheelchair.

A month ago mark burley of occupational therapy which is a government employee told me that he was ordering my wheelchair and that i would receive it by the end of the month.

That being now..

But again he makes up a story and indicated that he is not going to do what he said he would do.

So now my wheelchair will not get repaired or replaced.

The other day my chair would not run while I was on a public transit bus.

The fire department had to get involved.

Luckily after I got home I was able to temporarily fix the electrical short on my chair.

But it could leave me stranded anytime.

So I am very concerned for my security..

People in the Nova Scotia government are involved in doing me more harm.

We all live in dangerous times as we the people no longer have any governments.

All we have are insane corporate criminals ruining and destroying everything.


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