Disabled Halifax man trapped and starving at home

Disabled Halifax man trapped and starving at home.
Government and everyone else refuses to help…

This is another update may 22, 2012.

Yes I am imprisoned in my home and pleading for help.
Also please note I am being denied all medical aid.

I have run out of most foods and the government is refusing to provide me with a suitable and safe electric wheelchair.

The used indoor chair they gave me is beyond repair. It has a bent frame and many other serious problems.

This maybe because I am an activist and blogger for truth justice and liberty known online as A Truth Soldier, and The Visionary Folk Photographer

Please go to this link to get more information.

No one is helping.
Below are the names and phone numbers of government and news outlets that coud make a difference.

Please phone them to state your concerns and support.

All phone numbers have a 902 area code.
Canadian Minister of Health Halifax office 426-2038

Nova Scotia Premier Darrel Dexter office. 424-6600
Nova Scotia Minister of Health. 424-3377
Nova Scotia Minister of Community services. 424-4304 or 424-3977
Deputy minister Randy Acker 424-6281
MY MLA Howard Epstein NDP 425-8521
Nova Scotia Human Rights 1-877-269-7699
NS Disabilities Commission 424-8280
NS College of Physicians Surgeons 422-5823

Feed Nova Scotia (food bank) 457-1900

Easter Seals 453-6000

Federal Minister of Health 1-613-947-0200
Federal Minster of Justice 1-613-992-4621
United Nations Human Rights Commission 1-866-342-2873

Global news 481-7400 news after hours 481-7497
CTV news 454-3200
CBC news 420-4100
Chronicle Herald newspaper 426-2811 newsroom press 3 then 1
The Coast news magazine 422-6278
CJNI 95.7 News radio 493-7200
CKDU Radio 494-6479
Metronews paper Halifax 444-4444 press 2


Greg Burton The ultimate, deliberate outcome of policies, tax-cuts, spending cuts brought about my military spending, corporate welfare, endless illegal wars brought about by false-flag terror events, and a banking scandal that was meant to deliberately impoverish and enslaves us all.


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