My new Alex wheelchair is going to kill me

Scroll down further for current updates and what has come of my notifying the manufacturer and the sales and service agent about the issues below. .


Okay some of you who have been following my articles are aware of all the horrific things me and all disabled wheelchair users have to endure in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Canada.

Below you can watch my  videos describing this new dangerous Alex wheelchair and see close up photos.

Below you will hear my video testimony proving that Occupational Therapist Mark Burley who is a specialist on mobility devices for disabled people, and others in government are knowingly and deliberately endangering my life.

It seems to me that the government is again trying to kill me. I can not accept that Mark did not know about these hazards about this wheelchair, that he personally ordered and had made specially for me. Especially when I told him about the chair flipping backwards.

I also mentioned this to Hank of Home Safe Living that sold the chair and that worked with Mark to set up this chair.

They both did not care and chose to do nothing about the seat being to far back. They told me it could not be moved forward. So I did it my self. I explain the details of this in one of the videos below.

Call me what you want such as paranoid or delusional, but you will never know if what I say is true unless you see all the evidence I have previously posted. Please watch my videos.

This  HandyCare Alex wheelchair was specially order and fitted for me. I was told that it was manufactured in The Netherlands. The chair’s controller says ‘Handicare’

(Side note) This wheelchair has been custom made for me and I believe it was deliberately set up this way. Please read this article related to my wheelchair. )

All the information below clearly points out why we need consumer protections laws for high powered out door wheelchairs that also have moving suspension just like any passenger vehicles have. Manufactures today are now adding new outdoor wheelchairs to their lines as the need is very high for the disabled to have out door chairs….

Please note that I will add more details to this article as things develop .

Link to full play list on youtube.

THIS IS DO OR DIE Present dangerous condition of my Handicare wheelchairDefective Bolts On Alex Handicare Wheelchair are Dangerous



Man I feel so bad for you, that chair is been such a disaster for you. I myself I’m on my 5th chair over the years and have had a invacare storm arrow, good chair but the gearless brushes motors are a pain. Own two pride 6000 and 6000z not bad chairs reliable no problems but midwheel drive was not good for me. Now own a Permobil c5000 best chair I’ve ever had.

I hope someone down there gets off their ass and gets you a new chair the meets your needs.
Best of luck getting a chair that really makes you feel safe in it and don’t have to worry about things falling off your chair.
Their is only three wheelchair shops in my town and are now conspiring against me and are refusing to service my chair and are preventing me from buying another chair. The chair manufacturers will not ship to me directly.

Woman Thought I was stealing Her Purse Wheelchair Report

THIS IS DO OR DIE Present dangerous condition of my Handicare Alex wheelchair

May 5 2014 UPDATE

This ‘Alex’ wheelchair is sold by Handicare and sabotaged by Francois and Hank of Home Safe Living in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

See Full series here.

Other Alex Wheelchair Owner

Published on Sep 4, 2014

Alex wheelchair (01) has very dangerous design flaws

Alex wheelchair (02) Defective tie downs and controller

Alex wheelchair (03) Can not steer chair when going fast on slopes

Alex wheelchair (04) Flipped backwards on acceleration and almost killed me.


Alex Wheelchair (05) Backrest Issues and Poor Quality Tires

There is one more serious defect about the chair I did not mention in the videos. If you notice my back rest is tilted slightly back.

See that Aluminum crescent moon shaped piece behind the backrest. That had to be added because, If someone were to push on the chair manually while occupant is in the chair.

The whole backrest would move forward and would push on the occupants back.

The original design is flawed.

The attachments for the backrest were poorly designed so that the seat back rest would not stay locked in place when someone was pushing on the back of the chair.

I am now going to do a video describing this problem. And also the back rest is clipped onto the steel frame behind the back rest with plastic clips that are not locked (bolted in place) so that the back rest actually ends up sliding left and right at the top because the plastic clips slide up and down on the frame.

One more thing.

I use this chair almost 100% of the time outdoors. I asked them if they had winter tires and also out door summer tires.

The tires on it now are made of indoor quick wearing rubber. The thread in the center of the tire is only about 1/16 on an inch thick..

The center of the tires go bald in less then a month is everyday out door use.. The tread should be at least an inch thick so the tires will at least last for the summer.

Elevator Carpet Serious Hazards

Another very serious issue is due to the lack of fine and precise controller accuracy. I usually have to back into elevators, which is very difficult to do because the chair motors always tend to lurch the chair with too sudden acceleration when going at slow speeds. This chair is very dangerous to drive on carpeted floors and the casters will always stay stuck and wont swivel until the chair goes to full turning speed.

This causes the chair to change direction and turn at full speed. And believe me, it turns dangerously fast. The caster end of the chair will take off and slam into walls.

Twice now I have backed into an elevator to have the back larger wheels apply that quick take off lurch. When it does this, the big motor driven wheels will rip the carpet off the floor and push and bunch up the carpet under the chair and up against the casters.

When this happens you can no longer move the chair as the large wheels will get lifted off the ground by the carpet pushing up against the underside of the chair.

The other day I got really frightened as I was stuck in the elevator. Because when the chair scooped up the carpet, it also pushed it against the elevator door. So the door would not open. Luckily with my continuous spinning of the back wheels.

I was able to wiggle enough to get the carpet off the door. But when the elevator door opened, the carpet came out with the chair. The carpet was stuck under my chair.

The motors lurch because the casters do not have enough caster and it takes a lot of power to get the casters to swivel and change their direction when on rough surfaces such as grass, gravel and carpets. Anything that causes a resistance to the casters swiveling.

My chair is the long wheel base. Which might explain why it is that the seat can not be moved forward to where it is now with the existing variable position on this chair.

I think this was a serious over sight by the manufacturer. They built this chair as a short wheel frame and did not put in the needed adjustable position for the long wheel based.

As you will hear in my videos below I had to readjust the multiple holes triangle shaped bracket under the seat which is at the very front edge.

Then I had to drill a hole for the bolt that is just behind the Infowars sign.

There there is a sliding track channel rail. So when I had moved the seat to the farthest position forward with the triangle bracket.

The rail channel under the sign did not have a hole for the bolt, so I drilled it and now my seat is in the proper position.


Another note about the tie down loops.

The steel tie down loops need to be as close as possible to the solid steel frame work of the chair.

Reason being, and especially on the back loop. When going into public transit buses. The buses often have very limited space and the longer the chair is the more difficult it is to secure as the straps on many buses are long and made for shorter chairs.

Those buses straps can not be snugged up if the chair is to long. The loops need to be attached right up against the frame of the chair.


Manufactures like to point out that the tie downs are put on the chairs for holding down the chairs only when the occupant is not in the chair.

This is because the manufactures do not want to pay for the added costs of having their chairs tested to be certified for safety while being secured in a moving vehicle with the passenger in the chair.

So the manufactures, the sellers, the service people and the public transit people are all knowingly endangering the lives of the disabled wheelchair users by manufacturing chairs that are deliberately not manufactured to be safe to us with the occupant in the chair.

This also explains why the chairs are put on the market without installed seat belts.

Again this points out the need to have consumer protections laws that not only apply to all other passenger vehicles.

Wheelchairs do exactly the same thing as a passenger vehicle does. But are even more dangerous as they are driven on terrible sidewalks, on streets and also realize that wheelchairs are driven in very close proximity to pedestrians.

These chairs with the occupant in them weigh up to 800 pounds, then add to that the power of the motors. If a wheelchair has maneuverability manufacturing defects. The weight and speed of the chair would be equivalent to 3000 pounds hitting a pedestrian.. That is enough to do serious injury, including death in a collision.




update Published on Jul 5, 2013

Alex wheelchair can get you killed

UPDATE March 20 2013.

Yesterday, after uploading all the information above, I contacted Handicare in Toronto.

I spoke with their technician and he was uncooperative to the point of belittling me. I said good  bye.

Then I phone back again and spoke with the  receptionist. My call was forwarded to Phil Goodnough. He was off work till the next day.

He just telephoned me late today  and his attitude was politely ignorant.

He was very uncooperative and basically just discounted everything I posted in this article.

So I said to him that I am not enjoying our conversation and that I do not want to talk with him any longer.

I then let him know that I am working with transport Canada to put in the same consumer protection laws for wheelchairs as we have for other motorized vehicles.

At present their are absolutely no laws of any kind concerning any aspect of the wheelchair industry.

I have added these pictures below as requested by the manufacturer..

Home Safe Living deliberately sabotages my new wheelchair to endanger my life

The problem is these businesses make all their money from the government and care not one bit about the customers..The corporate government of Nova also care not

Conversation between me Daniel Towsey and Manager Hank of Home Safe Living shop in Dartmouth (Halifax) Nova Scotia

UPDATE  March 23 2013

Yesterday my right caster was serviced.. I went out today and discovered that the out of control violent flutter is worse..

Now it sounds like a mechanic’s air chisel..Steel on steel banging..

This chair is almost unusable. It is poorly engineered.

I told the service guy that picked up my chair that there was nothing wrong with the caster and that the chair is brand new..

I told him it was a serious engineering defect and that this chair needs to be recalled and taken off the market until this problem is fixed.

This chair has the potential to kill its user due to the fact that when it flutters, I loose complete control of the chair.

The fluttering is very dangerous when I all going full speed.

Also I mentioned to the service guy about the problem with the tie down loops by the motor wheels.

He acknowledge that they are defective. He said he would look for others ones to install. Then when he returned the chair he said he was not permitted to fix the problem and was not permitted to change what the manufacturer did. So they wont fix it and I can not travel on buses with my chair.


HandiCare Alex Wheelchair (6) Deadly Dangerous Tires and Suspension

(1) HandiCare Alex Wheelchair Wheel Noise Daniel Towsey Halifax Common Path

(2) Handicare Alex R wheel clicking Feb 27 2014 Daniel Towsey Halifax

Handicare Alex wheelchair can get you killed

Link to full wheelchair rights play list.

 Click on any image below for more options and full sized downloads.



Link to manufacturer.


Trucker T White says, I have an Invocare TDX SP Power chair and it is one of the most comfortable and safe chair I have ever had to use.
My chair has a full tilt range and when tied down on access a bus there is no hard bouncing and I also have a spring loaded rear end.
Check out Lawtons for your next chair. I to have a spinal cord injury
Wheelchair Rights says, I asked them to put the on the tilt back rest for when I am in a moving vehicle and they would not put it on my chair.
That would of really helped when I am in a moving vehicle. I will never again do business with Lawton’s..

Definition of nonfeasance in the Legal Dictionary by
  • Daniel J Towsey actually they deliberately set up this chair so that I would be harmed.
  • Laura Ludwig That is exactly why I think you could have a good case against them, your video proved its malfunctions.
  • Daniel J Towsey thanks..but nova scotai is completely corrupt and they care not about truth justice and liberty.
  • Laura Ludwig This is a serious global problem. people are put in danger daily.
  • Daniel J Towsey says, do you like my infowars bumper is neat going into a court with those stickers visible.
    Laura Ludwig says, very good video. I did a quick search and found this class action firm that protects peopls rights aginst medical devices.
    You could try doing your own search and see if there is not others out there you can join in the fight.

George Washington University Law School.
Daniel J Towsey says, is that Ameircan or Canadian

18 thoughts on “My new Alex wheelchair is going to kill me”

  1. I’ve been in a wheelchair for that past 6 years and when I go out for a ride, No matter where I went, I found people who are helpful and eager to help me whenever needed. I am not saying you’re wrong or anything but you seem to have trouble where I had none at all nor has anyone else I know who is disabled.
    I went to Tim’s on Young street and found the staff and customers more than eager to help me in and out of the store. I will admit that the sidewalks here are not the best for getting around but you should do what I do. Improvise, Adapt and overcome. I am happy with my new Invacare power chair and suggest you do a bit more shopping around for your next chair and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
    Remember, You’re not the only one out there with spinal cord injuries. Have a good one .
    By the way. My new Invacare chair came from Lawtons’


  2. Good for you..
    Your situation is not my situation….
    Stay tuned to see my three other testimony videos I will be uploading over the next two days.
    As you should know…
    Every disabled persons disabilities and special needs are different.
    Whats your comment about Tim Hortons related to? How does this article relate to Tim Hortons?
    Did you see me say anything in this article about people out in the public not being helpful?
    I really doubt that you are really what you claim..if you were, you would not have made the comments you did..


  3. I was referring to a video you did where you had a problem at Tim’s. I guess you forgot that 1 .I have a severe spinal cord problem which are not the same as yours, nor would I compare them. You seem to look for trouble where there is none for anyone else. So,all I can say is “Stop crying in your fucking beer and deal with it”. If your chair is giving you a problem Get a new one or trade yours in. Why don’t you show some of the good things about our city.

    >________________________________ > From: wheelchairrights >To: >Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 3:02:57 PM >Subject: [New comment] My new Alex wheelchair is going to kill me > > >wheelchairrights commented: “Good for you.. Your situation is not my situation…. Stay tuned to see my three other testimony videos I will be uploading over the next two days. As you should know… Every disabled persons disabilities and special needs are different. Whats your comme” >


  4. I am paralyzed from the waste down and I am in constant pain. but I do the best I can and I don’t complain .You’re not the only one who hurts. Try being a little more considered of others is all I’m saying.


  5. Tom I usually do not respond, nor permit comments from people who just like to swear…

    I am not going to sit here and have any more discussion with you..

    You have a really bad attitude of attacking me..

    Your obviously on an agenda to defame me and my cause…

    Good bye….


  6. I think it is nice, that you try to warn others, of the dangers you have experienced with your chair. it is definitely something to consider, when deciding which chair to get. I am in the process right now. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which means my joints dislocate at the smallest vibration/ movement. So to me the Alex wheelchair has the best suspension, compared to all the other chairs i´ve tried. I tried it out in my town, and on the streets i need to use the chair, plus i tested it on some pretty crazy obstacles. it was fine for me.

    If I were You I wouldn`t let those mean comments get to you. I am sure you enjoy nice helping people outthere, the birds singing and all the other reasons you take a stroll in your chair.
    The mean commentators don´t realize that you are trying to send warnings out for other wheelchair users safety, and that you are trying to make the streets safer for them and yourself aswell (; thank you very much for your guidance.

    Kindest regards
    Tanya From Denmark


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