A Blind man once asked me What do clouds look like

A Blind man once asked me “What do clouds look like”

I responded by saying.

Have you ever put your hands into a bag full of cotton balls?

He responded slightly angered ‘Yes”

I then gently said.

Well the clouds look soft and puffy just like the cotton balls feel.

I then saw a most amazing look of absolute enlightenment,

sheer pleasure and relief.

I then helped the blind man on his way across the street.

I he had a happiness on his face that will surely last the rest of his life.

He looked so relieved.

He then floated away just like a cloud.

It was obvious that this was the single most important question

he would ever ask in his life.

I felt so good that i cloud give some pleasure of sight to this blind man.

written by Daniel J Towsey

 A blind man once asked


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