Wheelchair Rights Report at Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival

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Also see this page. https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/events-and-festivals-reports/


It was a total disappointment to discover that no thought went into the Mayor Savage comment that they are doing everything they can to take into consideration the needs of the disabled wheelchair users.

I had a discussion with Mayor Savage and I asked him if he has ever looked at the wheelchair reports I put on is Facebook page. He said he never uses Facebook but that he is a twitter-er.

Here is Mayor Savage’s twitter.



Well I have posted some of my reports on his twitter and he never mentioned them.

Then I asked him about the numerous sandwich sidewalk signs littering and blocking all the sidewalks and that only two businesses have paid the $100 permit.

So I asked him why is it that there are no bi-law enforcements and fines for all the illegal sandwich signs on the sidewalks.

He did not answer me.

Have a look at this video where I talk about the sidewalk sandwich signs.

A Message For Mayor Savage of Halifax about Spring Garden Rd Traffic

Below you will see in the video and photos just how horrible the situation was at the Gottingen 250 year street Festival

This is so because no one in government has ever done any research, spoken to any disabled wheelchair users about how to make their event truly wheelchair friendly and not just accessible.

I have offered my help and these reports for guidance and they just ignore me and anyone in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Rights Report at Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival

Gottingen 250 Years _1651wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1723wheelchair

Gottingen 250 Years _1716wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1617wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1720wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1626wheelchairsSee full Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival post with videos and photos here.

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