Halifax Buses Can Not Safely Transport Power Wheelchairs

Halifax Metro Transit Buses Can Not Safely Transport Power Wheelchairs which is then denying all power wheelchair users access to most Halifax Metro Transit Public Buses.

Buses do not have the necessary four point tie downs. They do not have any tie downs…

This is a deliberate act to permit the endangerment and possible death of an unknowing power wheelchair user. This then would be a criminal negligence crime if a wheelchair users is injured since Metro Transit and the drivers union has been duly notified of this danger.

No one in a power (Electric) Wheelchairs can travel on these buses without tie-downs..

Only about one percent of Halifax buses, which are the larger older

Flyer buses that have the four tie-downs.

That is if the equipment functions properly.

Some of the older flyer buses are smaller and they have mechanical ratchets and belt and buckle set ups.

These require that the wheelchair be equipped with add on straps which the chair were never designed to have and is not recommended by wheelchair manufacturers.

A driver told me a about three years ago  that a young girl sixteen years old that was exited to have her first wheelchair, that she was told by a driver that she needed to get those straps to attach on her chair.

So she had seen straps on other wheelchairs and went to a dollar store and bought Velcro straps that looked the same.

The driver had never told her what the straps were for or that she had to get specially made ones.

The driver told me she boarded his bus and had the Flyer bus belt buckle straps attached to these straps that she bought.

The bus did a left turn, he chair let go, slid on its side across the floor to the wheel well and she was crushed to death with a full bus load of eye witnesses.

No one could lift her very heavy chair off of her.

The driver gave me the impression that she died.

Every time I go somewhere in one of the old Flyer buses when I try to transfer to another bus or go back home, I usually get stranded because all the other newer buses can not tie-down my chair as happened in this video below.

This is very unfair and a violation of the disabled human rights.

This happening across Canada and the USA.


See this new post.


Please see this previous post that was submitted to the bus drivers union.


Halifax Bus Drivers Union In violation of human rights of disabled


Also this 2011 report.

NOVA Articulated Bus Wheelchair Issues Report


Halifax Buses Can Not Safely Transport Power Wheelchairs 1of2 In bus


Halifax Buses Can Not Transport Power Wheelchairs 2of2 Police


Click on images for full sized views.


_2014.05.09_17h46m16s_006_ _2014.05.09_17h44m48s_003_ _2014.05.09_17h47m33s_009_

Please Help to get Halifax Transit to Provide Buses that are Properly Equipped

Only 2% of Halifax buses have the equipment to safely secure electric wheelchairs so that wheelchair users can not use public transit and they are deprived of their guaranteed human rights…Here is the city number to place your concerns 902-490-4000
Please read this related article.
Halifax Bus Drivers Union In Violation of Human Rights and Endangering the Disabled


Two years later Dartmouth’s new bus terminal still not wheelchair accessible

Stay tuned I will be doing a wheelchair report about the problems with Access-a-bus and why Halifax metro Transit is denying me this service that I am registered for.



This is the truth…A friend of mine was flipped over and the fall broke his neck. He died just a month ago…We have to support the needs of the disabled instead of giving lip service?


That is why I did this video..Allowing wheelchairs on these dangerous buses is criminal..

This is what happens when you try to get the peoples attention..

Guy Threatens Life of Disabled Wheelchair User For Protesting about Buses


Yesterday I was doing a protest at a bus stop with my load speaker telling everyone about the issues in this post..and this guy was threatening and harassing me…

He thought my load speaker was a threat to his child. His child was not bothered by me at all and the noise from the motor cycles and buses was much loader then I was..

So does this guy chase after motorcycles too..



What a douch bag that guy is, just shows what a little man he is. You should have called the police.

brandon currier

Rude prick no respect.


I am a man in a wheelchair and I come across many of the issues you discribe. From one man to an other please you are going about all of this the wrong way.
I cant speak to everthing but from what I have seen and watched in your videos all you seem to be doing is looking for confrontation.
If it is as bad as you say it is you need stop trying to win you case in the public eye because you are making yourself look at fault and not helping yourself at all.
I know how frustrating it can be and how it can build up because there are problems with access to places especially in the winter months and we often dont have a choice where we shop but please stop trying to take it on in this way for your own self not for them.
Maybe ask a friend or 3rd party to help you take your concerns to the places you are having problems geting into and around in.
Having the person able to convey your concers for you may be very helpful. I wish you good luck.
I appreciate your thought that you think I am going about what ever it is you refer to wrong..Here in Halifax and Nova Scotia there would be a right way if the society here cared about what is right…
You have no idea what I have been through and what I have tried to do about the issues here in Halifax..
The problem here is that NO ONE CARES… There is no right here at all, so how can you say I am doing it wrong..
There is no groups, organizations or anything else but me doing anything about trying to make things better for disabled people..
I do not know where you live but it surly is not here..I am denied everything…no public transit,
to health care, now no one will repair my wheelchair, I have been left helpless not because of my actions and efforts,
but because this place is horrible and full of evil uncaring people..If it were not so,
I would have no need to be doing what I am doing.
How I do it makes no difference..
NO ONE CARES and things are just getting worse for everyone including the able bodied because NO one Cares….The more I try to get justice the more the corrupt insiders attack me…You need to wake up…
Wheelchair rights SPECIAL youtube

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