Another update My situation has not improved

Another update…. My situation has not improved..

some people are now aware and seem to be trying to help… but repairing this broken wheelchair I have is not an option.

It can not be repaired.

I will never again risk my life in this horrible and defective chair..

My food is running out… I can not leave my home…

One more week and things will get bad. Plus in a week I get my disability money.

But I will not be able to go to the bank.

Luckily I will be able to pay my utilities online…

So now for the first time in my life I have to be at the mercy of good people.

So I await to see if there are still some godly people in this world.

Also do remember that I am also being denied all medical aid…


  • L.J. Queen What’s the plan? Anyone in the area you can call?
    Daniel J Towsey no food equals death
    Daniel J Towsey just so you know.. of the many injuries I have. I no longer have a large intestine. so that means I have to continually take in food as I have no reserves of food energy. An intestine stores the food from your stomach for 24 hours so that your body can absorb the nutrients. So my not eating will or at all can not last for long…
    • Jerry Aonoymous Sad, Let me know what I can do for you? I am more than willing to help.
    • Kathy Dunshee Daniel, where are You located at? my son has a spare wheelchair you could have, it hasn’t been used but a couple of times. Message me
    • Daniel J Towsey I live in Halifax nova scotia

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