CAPREIT Apartments External Reports

This post is a supplement to

‘The Welsford Apartments Nightmare”

The Welsford is a ticking time bomb and soon people will die in this building all because CAPREIT is criminally negligent.

Below you will see reports done by other people who live in CAPREIT apartment buildings across Canada.

you will see and hear how horribly they treat people..

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CapREIT: Canada’s Landlord of Negligence

Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust


“The coroner had ruled that construction faults, improper repairs, and infrequent maintenance all contributed to his death, which could have been avoided.”

see article below about garage collapse…


Samantha Fanson
January 6 2015


Everyone give me a hug. I think we all need it. Im dealing with a cockroach infestation here at fiddlers green. Will be posting something to be shared if you guys wanna help me out?
Dragana is a dragon women.

Deb Marcovitch
April 21 2015






Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey does anyone live in a CAP REIT building or townhouse? Are you having problems with over-flowing garbage bins and the compactor constantly backing up, drug and gang activity on the premises. Are you also having problems with the elevators, maintenance or lack of maintenance, mold throughout the common areas such as hallway carpets, etc.. etc… Break-ins in the underground parking, manholes in the underground parking with electrical wires exposed and light covers missing, water leaks in the underground and in the building hallway, uneven heat in the units, management acting unprofessional or rude, sure would like to hear from you.s

Erin Monteleone
March 4, 2014

Hi, everyone who seems to be in the same boat I am.

We moved into a Capreit apt in May of 2013 in Victoria B.C. It has been a horrible experience. Not only have they ignored our request for a parking spot at the top of the giant hill in the “secure” underground parking that has a waterfall of water streaming down it every time it rains and we have a 3 year old daughter so it is always a concern that she will trip and fall and get hurt going down it to our car.

The list is endless the fact that I have had blue water from the above apartment leaking into my bathroom since I moved in and it is still not taken care of. The hallways smell like pee the elevator smelled so bad for 4 days it made you gag when you walked in, the leaking hallway in the basement to which their solution is a wet floor sign, the fact that when I moved in 90% of the plugs in our apartment did not work they had been told to replace them all and it took months, the lock on our apartment was damaged to the point that I was locked out of my apartment and late for work one day because of it.

We had brought this to their attention several times and their response was that the key they had in the office worked just fine. We had to have roach traps placed in our unit (thankfully we did not see any activity) while they had to have the other building fumigated for what I do not know. The last straw was on Feb 15th when the power went out and our car along with 2 others.

The reason is that even though we pay 25 a month for “secure” underground parking when the power goes out the garage door opens for the duration of the power outage which not only gives idiots the chance to break into cars but to also enter the building. I finally spoke to the Victoria manager today and her response was that she didn’t know that the building became un-secure in a power outage. I then told her that they are lucky that it was only the cars that were damaged because if one of those idiots had decided to enter the building and cause damage or hurt someone they would have had one hell of a law suit on their hands.

You see because of the genius of Capreit they have a lock to get into the garage but not one to get out of the garage. I called CapCares 5 times, emailed every email I could get from there website, posted on their facebook page and messaged them on their facebook a total of 2 weeks and 2 days before I got a response. The CapCares says 48 hours to respond well that is horse poo.

We are moving out in April thankfully but I have e-mailed the local news stations as well hoping someone will step and run a story about this company.

Sorry to everyone who has ever rented from them or ever will.


Below you will see a news story that shows what happens when CAPREIT refuses to fix the water problems in their underground garages. Over time the constant moisture will weaken and deteriorate the steel inside the concrete pilars.. Go to my post above “The Welsford Apartments Nightmare” To see evidence of this… Everything I have posted in this post shows that CAPREIT is deliberately undermining and attacking the middle class..this is a U.N. Agenda 21 event…

UPDATED: Supreme Court refuses to hear case of man killed in garage collapse

The family of a man who was crushed to death when a parking garage collapsed on his car in November of 2008 is devastated by the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear their appeal.

Saleh Khazali, 36, came to Montreal in 2006 hoping for a better future. He was making a pick up at 135 Deguire for his courier company when a concrete slab fell on his car and killed him.

His family tried to sue CAPREIT, the owner of the parking garage, for damages, but Quebec Superior said the incident was a traffic accident, therefore covered by Quebec’s no-fault insurance programme, which prevents people from suing for punitive or compensatory damages.

Now the Supreme Court has upheld that decision.

Khazali’s cousin, Abdelkhadre Bichara, says the family has not received any compensation from CAPREIT. The company hasn’t even apologized.

He says the man was sending money to his two son’s back home in the central African nation of Chad, and they need the money.

“He has two sons back home, his mother, his father, who is going to take care of them?”

“The law is not fair, it needs to change, even in my country if something like this happened the owner of the building would have to pay.”

His lawyer, Bricka Stanislas agreed.

“The law should be revised to protect victims,” he told CJAD.

The coroner had ruled that construction faults, improper repairs, and infrequent maintenance all contributed to his death, which could have been avoided.


By Daniel J Towsey.

Please understand that the word TRAFFIC means more than one vehicle…What happened here was not an was an event..and event of criminal negligence by CAPREIT the owners…

ric posted on 03/28/2014 
How stupid. The taxpayers pay for the guilt of the parking garage owners. How is this a traffic accident?????????
WILLinMTL posted on 03/28/2014
How is this a traffic accident?! The building owners are getting away with negligence on the backs of taxpayers. Who’s to say they didn’t take this law into account when they decided to be negligent and risk people’s lives. This law needs to immediately be rewritten to state clearly that you must be DRIVING on PUBLIC ROADWAY to be considered a traffic accident.
George73 posted on 03/28/2014
This is a truly disgusting decision by the Supreme Court. The collapse of a building or part thereof is a traffic accident just because part of the structure hit a car? There is something seriously wrong in this province and this country when decisions such as this are rendered.

The absence of any elected official speaking out against this outrage is truly telling.

Someone is dead because someone else did not do their job and/or tried to save a few dollars in maintenance and repairs. Had the victim been standing next to his car rather than sitting in it, it would not have been ruled a traffic accident.

I think the names of the owners of this negligent company should be published. At least they need to be publically shamed for hiding behind this unjust law.
alecto posted on 04/11/2014
Anyone who has rented in one of these slumlord-run buildings knows that this is typical. The landlords have no money for maintenance but they spend a lot of money on lawyers.



_2015.04.28_22h19m26s_003_ A Truth Soldier
Leah Kristine CapREIT is an awful, slumlord company. Horrid.

Samantha Fanson January 6 2015

Hi can you guys share this?


*****PLEASE SHARE!*****

If you or your family plan on moving DO NOT move to the Fiddlers Green apartments owned by Capreit in northwest London, Ontario. These buildings had the illusion of being great home for my husband and 4 month old daughter until we were able to get a mortgage.

Unfortunately we were extremely mistaken. Never in my entire life had I ever seen a cockroach other than on T.V. until about 5 months into living here.

We had overheard tenants talk about the infestation for a couple months. 3 Months into living here they had used gel to keep the roaches out so us being ignorant to how to treat for cockroaches, we figured we would be safe.

That was not the case. In a matter of a week we had seen about 3.

We called the rental office to report the problem and after a week and a half they had set up for us to stay in a hotel so they could spray. After tearing everything out of our cupboards, linen closet, storage room, closets, finding a home for our cats to stay and booking a hotel for us we uprooted our little family for 24 hours.

After all that work we came back and a week later low and behold we saw a cockroach crawl across our floor. We contacted the rental office once again to report the problem where the employee laughed and said “Well they don’t just disappear right away”. They offered to spray again but we declined because when treating an apartment building you need to vacate the entire building at once or the infestation will move from one unit to the other.

I emailed the company asking for my last month’s rent back to cover moving costs (i.e. plastic totes to pack, laundromat costs to wash every piece of linen and clothing in our household, replacement of electronics such as microwave, toaster, coffee maker… everything that cockroaches love to live in. Replacement of many other things that are impossible to de-roach. steam cleaner for the furniture we are able to salvage, ect) and explaining to them once again that they must spray the whole building at once to rid of the infestation. I was told by the employee at the rental office that if they were to just give me my money back they would be admitting that they have done something wrong.

I have now submitted my form to the tribunal to get the compensation and I had emailed them a final time to attempt to settle outside of court. Once again begging them to spray properly. I was acknowledged but no attempt to resolve has been made.

Further research has shown that this problem has been going on for over a year.

So please, share. Don’t be ignorant to this. Yes the rent, area and move in bonuses are appealing. Even the apartments are nice. But cockroaches are terrible to deal with and cost a lot to get rid of when you want to leave. Not only that but it can be an asthma irritant as well as cause children to develop asthma. We’re clean people. We’ve had our food in plastic totes for 3 months and not a spec of food or water can be found anywhere. This is not a matter of cleanliness but a matter of them not rectifying the problem in a proper way. Dealing with it on a reactive rather than a proactive basis.

_2015.04.28_22h57m52s_004_ A Truth Soldier

Matt Mitchell
Never rent from CAPREIT, nothing but a bunch of slumlord landlords who don’t care if your apartment is full of mold, if the cupboards are falling off the walls….. if you get stuck in the elevator twice, once for 4 hours…….. SLUM-LORDS

Jeff McCann
March 18 2015

Last night I woke up to a noise in my room at 3 in the morning to see two mice running around my apartment. My Apartment is very clean yet park victoria in Halifax is horribly managed and maintained the elevators are constantly down or something is broken the Hallways have been freezing all winter long and the problems are endless especially with the water leaking through electrical outlets in the garage quite the hazard. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE they are very quick to ask for money but as soon as it comes to their portion of the deal they are quite incompetent.

Webcam video from August 28, 2013 8:05 AM

Published on Aug 28, 2013

Capreit is a real estate company which in Halifax, Nova Scotia has rented first floor townhouses and then proceeded to renovate the three floors of underground parking while making tenants honor their leases. This has meant jackhammering directly below their apartments until 6:30 at night.

Ali Kat
December 6, 2014

Currently in the process of moving out of 100 Wellesley. My experience living here has been nothing short of a nightmare. Worst rental company I’ve ever dealt with!,-79.352069,3a,75y,335.96h,86.58t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s51IcYotQzWKRGq5TJcNcAg!2e0

Flood News Report – Oakville

Uploaded on Jan 30, 2007


DarbyPokesWithSticks 6 years ago
I live here, too. Jenna and James were actually my neighbors, and did a great thing by going into my apartment and pushing my living room furniture into the dry end before I even got home. It’s such a shame what CAP REIT does to its tenants.
51actual 4 years ago
3. The weird Chinese guy who used to knock on peoples doors at 3 in the morning asking to borrow some spoons…for what I can’t possibly imagine. His other activities included bumming cigarettes and money from his fellow tenants, and aggressively confronting people he did not recognize , demanding to know who they were visiting. He attacked a lady and a small child on 2 separate occasions…but if he did it again…he was out of 77 Huntley.
51actual 4 years ago
77 Huntley continued: With the crackheads came the bedbugs and the drug dealers. Crapreit is hiding behind some “confidentiality” agreement….and will not admit these people exist if you confront them about it directly (how convienient). To this day if you go to the rental office they will say the building is filled mostly with ROGERS Executives….Rogers Head Office is across the street. Some how I don’t think it was a Rogers executive who was crapping in the swimming pool…Daily!
girlofink 8 years ago
I live in the building next to this. 1297…we share the same land lady, and trust me. It is equally shitty.
I cant wait to move.
Aaron White 8 years ago
Yeah, that place was a dump. The management definitely took advantage of the student turnover rate. “Hey – we don’t have to fix anything, they’re only here for 8 months!” I remember floor tiles popping up like that without any flooding. Cap Reit is a scummy company. Rent in oakville should not cost nearly that much, they just own most of the high density housing. Too much suburbia. Cheers to fellow sheridan students / alumni – get outta there if you can!
51actual 4 years ago
CRAPREIT are slumlords….stay away….you have been warned! It is the same story in every property they manage in Canada. They care nothing about the health and safety of their tenants. They can turn any building into a crime ridden hellhole. People have died because of their negligence. Go one the web and type “Capreit are slumlords”….and check all the results.
oldladywinchester 8 years ago
i see the jenga pieces that stephs floor has become,that sucks
iamtashuh 8 years ago
Our building sucks ass..
and what is with the pool? They drained it again..
My fridge leaks and my kitchen/dining room floors are damaged..

James fixed the elevator once when we got stuck! Kick ass..

At least the hallways are dry and dont stink like a million wet dogs anymore.

51actual 4 years ago
To give you idea of the quality of the fine people Crapreit moved in to 77 Huntley I will illustrate with 3 examples. The bag lady who hadn’t had a bath in a couple of years…..I would defy you stand in the elevator with her without throwing up…one time she got me coming up from the laundry room…what saved me was opening up the laundry detergent and holding it under my nose. 2.Mumbling Mike used to stand out front of building and threaten people coming in and out…he worked fo the CIA.
MIG Admin 6 years ago
Cap Reit purchased the building I live in just last year. There was a murder in the building which will go unsolved because Cap Reit didn’t bother fixing broken security cameras. My impressions of Cap Reit is that they will do anything for more money.
kimip00 8 years ago
omg thank god i moved outta that scumhole last year. that place just got worse and worse over the 4 years i spent in it. the floor tiles popped out constantly, the toilet in the ensuite washroom would be broken for weeks at a time without anyone fixing it, and my god! the elevator(s) blew ass. run from that place as fast as you can!
b0r3d2006 7 years ago
cap reit is simple…. scumlords… Them: “How can we increase our profit margins”

Us: “We need shit done in our homes we pay almost $1500 a month for”

I’ve lived in a capreit building going on 2 years. All our supers have quit, amazingly without word of a lie, we’ve had 16 supers in under 2 years. Each quit because there is to much work todo and they are to cheap to hire help around here.

51actual 4 years ago
77 Huntley in Toronto used to be a great building until Crapreit started managing it. My first clue should have been when the maintenace and office staff quit immediately…but it wasn’t. I had never heard of Capreit (wish I had). There next step after people started moving out was to replace them about a hundred government subsidized crackheads ( I’m not kidding). It took me a while to figure out those freaks who were loitering around bumming cigarettes and money were my fellow tenants.
RatmotorMike 8 years ago
Shit that sucks…. My boy lives there with his girlfriend!!!! Hey Josh and Van!
lazerd8 6 years ago
Cap Riet is no better in Victoria, B.C. I moved into a Cap Reit bldg in nov/07 and this is sept/08 and of all the things that should have been fixed and I was promised would be fixed I finally got a new smoke detector, (rotting balcony,broken closet drs,the list goes on) as soon as my lease(which i was tricked into) is up I am out of here to find a clean, quiet, crack head and drug dealer free place to live. If you want to rent from a slumlord, rent a cap reit apt, you will regret it.
Steven Allen 8 years ago
I lived there, and my girlfriend still does.I was there the day it flooded.CapReit doesn’t care, and the landlord dosen’t want to put money in. The elevators were without a licence for 3 months!
I also know the people interviewed, GO THEATRE ARTS TECH! James you proxxor!
BTW the pool is STILL wrecked since like two years ago.
Everyone pays enough for rent, they should maintain the building a LOT better than they do.

Lauren Mould 8 years ago
jenna, james. You guys are my heroes.. FUCK cap reitt.. See you tomorrow in class!


PSA: Don’t ever move into an apartment building managed by Capreit. (self.toronto)

I’ve lived in a capreit-managed building for three years, and I am counting down the days until we get to move out. Here are just some of the problems we have experienced:

1) Heating bills in the winter that are hundreds of dollars, for a one-bedroom place. Many tenants have had this problem. The building agrees that the bills are unrealistically high but refuses to do anything to help the tenants.

2) Months of construction, including unpredictable ear-piercingly loud drilling throughout each weekday, starting at 8am and continuing until 5pm. If you have a day off, sleeping in is impossible. Working from home is also out of the question.

3) They have repeatedly gotten permission from the city to raise the rent by more than the rent control limits.

4) The front door to the building doesn’t work – you have to use an inconvenient side entrance.

5) The sauna that the building is advertised as having has been locked shut for over a year.

6) No one uses the indoor pool because it is not sufficiently heated.

7) The building isn’t heated in the winter or air conditioned in the summer. The hallways suck up the heat/cold from surrounding apartments, which costs tenants money because heat/electricity aren’t included. But the management office is always a nice temperature, of course.

8) They removed the bike racks because they were “unsightly” to potential new tenants. Now everyone has to bring their bicycles up the elevators and into their own apartments.

9) They closed access to many of the tenant’s balconies (including ours) in August because of aforementioned construction. The balconies been unavailable for weeks, in the summer, even though they are part of the rental price. Construction workers appear at unpredictable times and can see into our apartment.

tl;dr This management cares far more about appealing to new potential tenants than keeping things livable for current tenants.

Deb Marcovitch
March 2 2015

I’ve have lived in one of their Scarborough buildings for 13 years in an RGI unit – I give up trying to get them to do anything. I now am dealing with a law clerk at the HRC.

Quickest way short term is calling by-law. They issued a court order in July 2013 within a few days – after receiving my letter that I had no hot water at all in the unit since Feb 22, 2013 till July 2013.

73 consecutive days without any hot water anywhere in the unit – despite sooo many letter downstairs and several work orders – where they shot into the stream of running water – to tell me oh it’s not hot! But did nothing to rectify it until Toronto By law was involved – sooo! not! the way I like to do things.

Leah Scott
February 13 2015

Anyone have experience with 148 Islington Ave?

Elicia Garon absoultely! I lived there for 9 months. the office staff are beligerant and pretend they don’t understand what you mean when you bring them basic rules from the tentant act. cockroaches everywhere….there was a dead one on the wall of one of the hallways for 3 weeks until i pointed it out to them and super thin walls……..don’t go there

Walt Venable
January 20 2015

I live in BC and Capreit makes up late rent fines! We pay early, through electronic payment, and then get a late fine of $25. We have tried contacting our building manager, the regional operations manager, and whoever is manning – but it always goes nowhere (they completely ignore us usually, sometimes they respond that we got a late fine since we sent it by mail and it was received after the 1st – impossible since we pay electronically).

What can we do? Does anyone have experience dealing with these fake fees?

If we don’t pay it, they will tack on yet another late fee on the 1st of the next month, adding up to $300/yr. If we do pay it, I fear we will never get it back.


Uploaded on Feb 25, 2011

$759 per month and still no clean running water since october 2010,
250 grande allee, quebec city
apt 1303
no clean running water
water with low PH and traces of diacetylmorphine hydrochloride

411 Duplex Ave Toronto

The only thing that this building (and possibly any building run by Capreit) is it’s location.

The elevators in this building have been malfunctioning for over a year and no one has attempted to fix them. To make matters worse, when tenants move in/out, the management leaves the elevators in service for hours past the move in/out time leaving the rest of the building waiting for a working elevator. A typical wait is 3 to 5 minutes – Keep in mind that this building is only 23 floors and 4 elevators (2 if you count what’s working at the time of this post).

There’s an indoor pool on the top floor and a deck with a great view. Unfortunately the deck hasn’t been maintained and is full of broken concrete tiles and shattered beer bottles. The pool looks clean from a far, but on your first swim, you’ll likely notice a larger-than-your-hand sized clump of hair. That clump of hair has been floating around since I moved in over two years ago. Every so often we go to the roof to watch fireworks in the distance, and I check to see if it’s still there. It is.

We’ve been lucky enough to never have bed bugs in our unit, but ask other tenants about it, and you’ll hear that some have. However, we did have a cockroach problem. The superintendent did clear it up, but then they came back. It turned out our neighbour was a very unclean individual and until he left the building, they kept coming back. Obviously Capreit can’t control an untidy person, but if you have a cockroach problem it’s common to check the surrounding environment for the source and eradicate it. Unfortunately Capreit just applies the band-aid fix and doesn’t look for the source. Hooray for cost-effectiveness!

The superintendent smells as though he hasn’t showered in months. It’s awful. If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck on an elevator with him, you’ll struggle to maintain consciousness as you fight to keep the last breath of fresh air you managed to take in before he steps on.

Adding to the horrors is the polite, yet completely unhelpful staff in the management office. They don’t know the fire escapes at all. We found this out when asking where the stairs to the laundry room were (because the elevators were beyond slow). No one knew how to get to the laundry room from the main floor. We eventually found a map with the fire escape routes for the building near the stairs.

When you send an email to Capreit to inform them of any issue, you will not get a reply. Not even an acknowledgement.

Upon asking about elevator repairs, you’re told that there is a maintenance person who comes everyday, charges $40/hour and does nothing (Thanks! I need a job like that with clients who think this is acceptable work ethics!)

When the building’s fire alarms are set off, (about once every few months) it’s always at some time between 2AM and 5AM and it takes the fire department forever to disable them – likely because they’re probably as broken as everything else in this building.

The water is shut off every 2 to 3 months for “maintenance”. No other reason is given, but it happens repeatedly.

When the office gives you notice of entry, it’s usually the day before. Not 24 hours. Just the day before.

Oh, on the plus side, they just renovated the lobby. There was nothing wrong with it before – leather chairs and a very nice sofa with a wall-mounted faux fireplace. But now it’s a plain slate floor with no furnishings at all and a broken window from the “upgrades” that the renovations brought. So instead of the much needed elevator repairs, we got a new lobby that we didn’t need.


  • Jenny MacDonald and car (parking notice not included; new permit parking-only signs are non-existent)

Halifax musician Jenny MacDonald has had to pay $92 to get her car back, and the company she says improperly charged her is ignoring her. And at least another dozen people have had the same experience, she says.

MacDonald’s sister Alicia moved into her north end apartment building when it was called Ocean Towers. Last May, the apartments were bought by a Toronto-based real estate investment trust called CAPREIT. The new company renamed the complex Harbour View Apartments.

For years, Jenny has visited Alicia, parking in one of about a dozen visitor parking spaces, with never a problem. So last Friday neither sister thought twice about it when Alicia borrowed Jenny’s car, and parked it in one of the visitor parking spaces. But January 25, a Saturday morning, Alicia went to drive the car, only to find it “booted.” A boot is a metal sleeve placed around the tire, which immobilizes the car. A “Immobilization Notice” from the booting company, One-Shot Parking Solutions, was placed on the windshield. The reason for the boot, says the notice, is “private property no parking permit.”

Jenny MacDonald called One-Shot, which demanded $92. She went to speak with a man who works at Harbour View. “He said that over 10 people had already complained about being booted,” says MacDonald. “He said, ‘this isn’t my job, you have to talk to the management office.” Problem was, the management office was closed for the weekend. MacDonald says that still more cars were booted the next Sunday and Monday.

MacDonald is a working musician with growing success (see her website), but she still needs to supplement her income with part-time jobs. One job just ended for the season, another has limited hours. Her car, a nine-year-old Saturn Ion, is a musician’s ride, with CDs, set lists and empty coffee cups strewn on the seats and floors. She needs it to get to gigs, and to her jobs.

MacDonald got an advance from one of her part-time jobs and paid the $92. “I was afraid that if I waited until Monday, the car would’ve been towed, and then it’d be even more expensive.”

The following Monday, January 27, Jenny and Alicia went to the management office. It turns out that a notice was supposed to have been sent to all renters detailing the new restrictions on parking—visitors would now have to drop by the management office to get a permit to display on their dashboards. It’s not clear how that would work when the management office is closed on weekends, and yet the booting company is immobilizing cars on weekends. In any case, the notice hadn’t yet gone out to renters. Alicia finally got hers, that Monday afternoon. When The Coast met with her at the site last Thursday, there were no signs advertising the new policy in the lot.

After a bit of a run-around—MacDonald says she has spent over 10 hours dealing with the issue—she explained the situation to Ashley Stewart in the Harbour View management office. “She said, ‘great, show me the receipt and I’ll forward it to the people in Toronto.’ They’re always passing the buck.”

That was over a week ago, but MacDonald still has not been reimbursed. “The rent is due,” she says. “No one seems to care about that except me, and my roommate.”

Last week, The Coast called Stewart in the Harbour View management office. She directed us to the Toronto offices of CAPREIT, so we called there and were transferred to the office of CAPREIT president Tom Schwartz. Schwarz wasn’t there, but we explained the situation in detail to his assistant, and asked that Schwartz call us back.

Five days later, Schwartz still hasn’t called us back, and no one from Toronto has ever contacted MacDonald.


posted by Lindy Weilgart on 10/09/2014

I am trying to gather people together who have been scammed by One Shot Parking. In the same exact place where Jenny was booted, so was I. There is no clear signage about no parking and certainly nothing about being booted and having to pay $92. I find this outrageous and a purposeful trap, a money-maker. There isn’t even signage that it’s a private lot. The other side, which is covered and with numbers on the parking spots, is clearly reserved, but not this one. A call to the police say private lots don’t need any signs at all, which is hard to fathom. Please email me at and maybe we can raise a stink at city hall or through the company. Or a small claims court suit.

Posted by OhBehave on 03/13/2014

I used to live in that building, I moved out Jan of 14′. They are nothing but problems over there. I’ve accused them of theft (People came in to change the toilets, and stole medication), coming into my apartment without a 24 hour notice, and they are all extremely belligerent, and insulting. You’re treated like a criminal until you start handing over your money, then you’re treated like a prince, or queen INSTANTLY. It’s disgusting behaviour, and I suggest to everyone, never live there, and if you do, get out ASAP. I had to cut my losses a couple times with them, and just pay more, instead of fighting with them, because you CAN’T win unless you take them to court.

Posted by Donna Flynn on 03/12/2014

It is shameful how CapReit treats people. We in Toronto, including my building 44 Stubbs Drive, has been fighting back. The government is finally taking notice and I am sure CapReit will be held accountable for the way they do business. Good for you Jenny for not being a victim as many other have. Good luck!

Posted by Briana MacLean on 02/12/2014

SAME THING happened to me tonight…no warnings… no signs posted…. no number to call other than the girl who couldn’t give a crap who put the boot on my car… wouldn’t give me her bosses number. All because I got out of work 30 mins late…. paid $8 to park there too… grand total $100 to park for 6 hours 😥 this is not fair….. if I didn’t have the moneyactually on hand I would have froze outside in minus 20 weather…. who can I contact? I would have NEVER even parked my car there knowing they changed the rules and didn’t post any warnings.

Posted by Bundy, Al Bundy on 02/06/2014

Gotta love all these companies HQ’ed outside the region. That way when the buck is passed, it goes nowhere because they don’t give a fuck and you can’t show up to make a stink.

On the small claims court, there is a case and on top of the refund, you could claim expenses and damages: you spent 10 hrs of your time on something that was not your fault, value your time at $50/hr to make a point.

Posted by Charles Tourneur on 02/05/2014

The absolute worst company to rent from. This comment board is far to small to list the complaints I have with this company but bug problems, overcharging for rent, lease violations and ignoring tenant complaints about excessive parties and drug use are just a start.

Published on Mar 23, 2014

CapREIT (RPMS) Property @ 33 Davisville in Toronto – Laundry Room on B1 (Basement)


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  1. We have had a broken fridge for 8 days. They came to our apartment and replaced it with another broken fridge after repeated phonecalls. Then they came back to verify it is broken, looked at another apartment’s fridge (too wide), and then peaced out. Love these guys!


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