Daniel J Towsey vs The Nova Scotia Government Community Services

Daniel J Towsey Testimonial 28 EMERGENCY SERIOUS MESSAGE

Published on Apr 15, 2016

Nova Scotia Social Services will not pay for my rent and that will leave me homeless while disabled…
You are the jury hearing these testimonials..You the people decide and judge in this peoples court. This is in Halifax Nova Scotia.
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This is the previous post pertaining to these issues. https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/disabled-man-denied-social-assistance-application-in-halifax-nova-scotia/

Below is an appeal letter that I am posting for the public record as I feel that I need to do this to protect myself from government injustice.. The situation is very urgent. At present I do not have the minimum of financial security.

This article is best viewed with this pdf. left click to open or right click to download it. Community Services Appeal Letter Feb 1 2016.pdf

I have personal delivered this document to my MLA Patricia Arab and to the Minister of Community Services and they have not responded..

Please go to this link below to see my on going video testimonials I have been doing about PMV Mobility House and everything to do with corrupt government attacking me and destroying my life and why they are doing it.

At this link below you will find all my video testimonials



This is a Common Law Legal Document

to be publicly published prior to delivery at my personal blog


and at


Daniel J Towsey vs The Nova Scotia Government Community Services

Social Assistance Act, Municipal Assistance Act,

Senior Citizens Financial Aid Act,

Employment Support and Income Assistance Act,


All these ACTS are to assist me

and nowhere in these titles is it implied to be

a despotic tyrannical oppressive dictatorship.

So why is it that some of you are deceptively behaving as such?


Social Assistance Appeal Letter from;

Daniel Jude Towsey

Halifax Nova Scotia

February 1st 2016


This is my Appeal notice to Humanity that is to be brought to the attention of our common law government of Nova Scotia at the Community Services offices located at Lower Sackville District Office in the Cobequid Center.

This appeal is in response to the letter you (Community Services Income Assistance) sent to me on January 27, 2016 and received by postal mail on February 4th 2016 from Mr. Laurie Jacklyn Casework supervisor and my Caseworker Mr. Sharon Murray .

[A photo copy of mentioned letter is inserted at the bottom of this document.]

Delivered in person by me, Daniel J Towsey_______________________ on ____________,_____, 2016 to Mr. Laurie Jacklyn at Nova Scotia Community Services in Cobequid Health Center, 40 Freer Lane, Suite 3400, Sackville Nova Scotia. B3C 0A2

Please insert (below) your letter head stamp and signature

indicating that you received this 27 page document with the date..







Concerning My Eligibility



My intentions and employment goals



Break down of why I have no money remaining.



My present external income.



Moving experience and costs



My present physical condition



PMV Mobility House



Needed Legislation



My financial and mobility needs



Recommendations for the special needs of disabled people



Government policies endangering my physical and psychological health



Social Services policies to leave me completely destitute



Copy of letter


copy of cover page with government stamps of receipt

Please note that everything I am writing in this appeal letter is for the public record and future litigation.

Notices for the record

First Notice

For the record when I was sent the indicated letter from social assistance, they indicated to me verbally that I can appeal their decisions which is why I am writing this document.

What needs to be understood is that you have already violated the Municipal Assistance Regulations made under section 18 of the Social Assistance Act In these regulations under Section 2 (g) give the applicant notice of his right to appeal and a copy of the procedures for filling an appeal;

You had not given me a copy of these procedures. Fortunately I have been able to find on the Nova Scotia government website the Legislated Acts pertaining to Social Assistance., but not the information you wore supposed to provide me with.

I have found enough to know that if you had been dealing with me in a fair and just way you would apply the intent of the legislations.

see (section 8) Legislation (below) for much more information about my needs that you are not providing me with which these legislations indicates are available to me.

Second Notice

Of the ‘Assistance Appeal Regulations made under Section 21 of the Employment Support and Income Assistance Act’ Under Section 2 (1) The Minister to inform of the right to appeal.

I have not been informed of such as the regulations require.

Third Notice

Every piece of Legislation ever written in the Nova Scotia Legislatures, has never been written to abide by the rights of the disabled as agreed to in the U.N. document mentioned above. For more about this please see (section 10) Recommendations for the special needs of disabled people and (section 8) Needed Legislation

Fourth Notice

All these acts are also violating numerous rights I have guaranteed under ‘The Canadian Bill of Rights”

Fifth Notice

The decisions you have made so far in my case are also going to make it impossible for me be able to effectively conduct my appeal process, more on this issue mentioned in (section 9) My Financial and Mobility Needs.

Sixth Notice

I feel that so far all the decisions you have made in my case are bordering on Criminal Negligence, as you know that from our conversations, that you are making it impossible for me to even survive.. Much of which I will prove in this Appeal Letter I am now writing. More information about such in (sections 9 through 12)

Seventh Notice

I do lawfully request that all government and legal documents proceedings in my case be conducted only in the language I speak, that being common English, and that they not be conducted in the other legally recognized language which I do not speak which is known as “Legalizes”

SEE VIDEO: Get Your Trials Conducted Under Common Law – A Truth Soldier Message https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyNo3AhV3q0

Eight Notice

You have not mentioned nor taken into consideration my employment plans with my photography which falls under ‘Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations made under Section 21 of the Employment Support and Income Assistance Act S.N.S. 2000, c.27 See more about this in (section 9) My financial and mobility needs

Ninth Notice

The Lower Sackville Community Services office location is not accessible to the disabled residents of the City of Halifax.

see video of Cobequid Centre wheelchair access report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuaAEgHfs-4


Therefore By this document you are receiving due notice of the damages your decisions are and have done to me.



Our social safety net is full of holes and in tatters

as this report will clearly prove


I will now show that you the government and agents of, are violating my human rights as stated in and by the Canadian Bill of Rights


and in which that Canada ratified in the United Nations Treaty for the rights of persons with disabilities.




(section 1)

Concerning My Eligibility

Let it be known to all that I Daniel J Towsey made my request for social assistance by telephone on approximately December 5 2016 as is the way Community Services requested that it be done and that I was told I would be contacted within 48 hours, and that no one at community services even opened a file for me nor communicated with me until January 2016, and still as of today community services has not answered my request to receive a detailed written letter from them concerning my eligibility for assistance.

Also that I had to repeatedly drive down from Halifax all during December, January and February to demand in person at the Sackville office that they pay attention to my social economic needs..

I have provided all my documentation that community services requested from me concerning my present and past financial information going all the way back to December 23 2014 when I received my out of court insurance settlement of $300,000 for damages done to my health by being run over by a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle on November 22nd 2009.

Please see this published graphic article about the event. https://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/how-to-assassinate-a-cyclist/

The out of court insurance settlement was for damages, injuries, loss of mobility and for my permanent physical disabilities. It was not for my loss of future income…

Your letter of Jan 27 2016 that you sent to me has no information as to why you verbally told me that you still have not deemed me as eligible. I did request that you send me a written letter to clarify this and you still have not clarified my eligibility particulars after two months of delays.

Also note that my income assistance request was for the beginning of January 2016, and that I only requested assistance for the payment of my rent and nothing else. I notified you that I have an income of $608 monthly from a business investment with PMV Mobility House see (section 7) that I will provide the details of below in (section 4) My present external income.


(section 2)

My intentions and employment goals

after receiving insurance settlement

In early December of 2014 I had my lawyer inform the insurance company that I would now be settling out of court. I had to make this decision because my trial dates had been set for the three winter months of February to March 2015.

I indicated to my lawyer that I had no possibility to be able to get to the trials during winter since I was not able to get there because of my disabilities, that I had no access to public transit as most of the buses do not have the necessary four tie-down straps to hold my heavy power wheelchair and that Halifax Public transit had also been illegally denying me the service of Access-a-bus for several years previously.

I had already waited for five years for my day to go to trial. I also realized that as the Economical Insurance Company had previously told me that:

“We have never paid for any large sum bodily injuries lawsuits in traffic accidents

as we will continuously keep applying for appeals on any decisions

that the courts may make in your favor.

We always keep delaying by appealing,

usually until the person involved dies.”

Previous to my receiving the insurance settlement, I assessed my situation and what I needed to do to try and improve the quality of my miserable life being disabled.

Below you will see (section 5) ‘Moving experience and costs’ pertaining to my moving out of my then apartment. Please note that moving and the costs thereof was not one of my intended goals…


I knew that I had to improve and change my furniture as it was not permitting me to walk about and was causing my health to deteriorate due to my lack of movement.

This was a major expense to upgrade my furniture to meet my special needs such as a custom made hospital bed since I had to return the loaned Red Cross hospital bed that I had been using for over five years since my vehicle accident.

I had to remove all my customary furniture so that I could make my home more barrier free. This was necessary as my walking is very limited and for very short distances.

Note that I was on income assistance before the accident and for five years after the accident until December 2014 for previously being disabled. Over that period of time community services had received numerous documents signed by many Medical doctors as to my previous and present medical conditions, and that I am permanently disabled with special needs. See (section 6) My present physical condition

One of those documents was a prescription from a doctor that indicated I needed a barrier free apartment for my ability to walk about safely and to accommodate for the needs of my large power wheelchair. Also note that there was also a prescription for that power wheelchair.

Over the past six years I have not been able to do any therapy to minimize my physical deterioration, do to my inability to go walk outside. I will explain much more in (section 9) My financial and mobility needs.

Also to be noted is that you have in your possession numerous medical doctors documents and special needs prescriptions that clearly point out and state that due to the disabling injuries I suffered, that I am now permanently disabled.


For my previous years that I was receiving social assistance from community services they had not been able to, nor financially willing to provide me with the unfortunately more expensive durable high quality special needs power wheelchair I knew I needed.

I needed an outdoor power wheelchair that had exceptional suspension since my physical condition is so fragile and that the conventional indoor power wheelchairs provided were much to rough riding and painful for me to tolerate plus the conventional wheelchairs are always of very poor quality and durability and they were not suited for outdoor use or for my physical weight and size.

See this post about my Alex Power wheelchair I had at the time. https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/my-new-alex-wheelchair-is-going-to-kill-me/

So I made an agreement with Ed Schijns of PMV Mobility House to order and assemble my custom special needs power wheelchair. A wheelchair I designed to facilitate my photography skills.

I started with ordering the drive train and suspension of which is manufactured in Australia by Magic Mobility of their Frontier V6 model that had to be ordered from a middle man business in the U.S.A. distributor. This plus the American exchange rates charged made the chair much more expense. More on my wheelchairs in sections below.

Ed agreed to build my custom power wheelchair with features to be a mobile photo and video studio with lights and sound and to have it completed by June 2015, as I told him I will be needing it for my business plans of doing aerial photography, unfortunately as it was covertly planned, he deliberately never completed the building of my wheelchair. I fortunately had the skills to complete building my own wheelchair which I did at Ed’s Waverly warehouse. More on this below in the PMV Mobility House (section 7) below.


Setting up my future photography business specializing in commercial aerial helicopter drone photography. This required my computer equipment upgrade, the purchase of all the drone equipment, and a motor vehicle to be able to transport my portable studio being my custom power wheelchair.


Bringing my dream of improving the quality of my life and being able to have a small chance of having a social life, and to be self employed.. that dream at present is but a nightmare…my dream has been prevented due to the activities and influences that evil subversives have on to our government leaders, officials, agents, and employees. That means YOU.


(section 3)

Break down of why I have no money remaining.

This section will not provide all the full specific itemized details of my expenditures since that information has previously been delivered to Community Services and has been accessed by Mr.Troy Musseau fraud investigator and eligibility officer of community services..

(Section 7) will describe my huge expenses incurred concerning PMV Mobility House owned by Edward James Schijns and my efforts to achieve enough mobility so I can travel, so to be free independent and self employed with my photography skills.

The first major expense was the payment to my lawyer for approximately $110,000 that included GST/HST

The next expense consideration is that most of my expenses and purchases had the Provincial and Federal GST/HST taxes of 15% on 90% of my expenses for a total of at least $42,000.

My three different eyeglasses cost me $2800

The costs to replace all my furniture was somewhere around $40,000.

My rental, power, telephone, and communications costs were approximately $19,000 for the past thirteen months.

My food and personal expenses such as clothing, health and etc totaled approximately $5200

My costs for my indoor power wheelchair and my outdoor wheelchair were approximately $65,000 more information will be provided below in the PMV Mobility House (section 7).

Costs for my specially modified motor vehicle to meet my special needs due to my disabilities and the costs to rebuild it to carry my power chair, a 2008 Chevrolet HHR, were approximately $55,000 this also includes costs to repair worn suspension, brakes, tires, sound system, then also for my drivers license, registering and auto insurance. See (section 7) PMV Mobility House.

Costs to build my custom made power wheelchair carrying automobile trailer were approximately $8000.

Start up Costs for my photography business that included cameras, computer equipment, software, aerial photography drones were approximately $15,000

$20,000 business investment with PMV Mobility House see (section 4) My present external income

The excessive government taxation is impoverishing everyone and especially disabled peoples.

The excess taxation and all hidden added government fees are destroying the fabric of our free society.

Considering that all those government added expenses compound and multiply on every aspect and activity of humanity..

Those costs keep compounding and multiplying all the way up from the human inception of creative productivity to the delivery of that result to the consumer.

So if you consider just the GST/HST applied to my purchases of goods and services being at minimum $40,000.

I would not be applying for social assistance if the government was not robbing me and everyone else for the costs of everything would of been much lower if the corporate governments had not been stealing from the people. add to that Income tax and you will understand this article;

‘Income tax is a fraud’ you are a financial slave because of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5v0lBk-bdU




(section 4)


My present external income.


In the summer of 2015 I decided to enter into a contractual agreement where I would lend Ed Schijns of PMV Mobility House $20,000 so that he could invest in several mobility scooters and wheelchairs that he would then lease out to people who can not afford to outright buy their own needed mobility machines.

The agreed pay back of $604 monthly for four years would total up to $29,000.

Otherwise I have no other income.

(section 5)

Moving experience and costs

My unexpected moving out of my apartment was complicated and very expensive. So I had to create a section for it.

On May first 2015 I received a notice from my CAPREIT slum landlord that I was being evicted.

They evicted me because of my repeatedly trying to get the landlord to maintain their property so it would be safe to live in and meet my accessibility issues with my power wheelchair.

They kicked me out after seeing me doing an interview with Global NEWS about my never being able to get out onto the public sidewalk or road when they were clear of snow because my landlord never kept their walkway and driveway clear of ice and snow all winter long and and every other winter before, that which was making me a prisoner in my apartment for up to 5 months during every wintry season.

See this article for my public posts https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/the-welsford-apartments-nightmare/

Because of these issues, I back in December 2014 decided that I would get who I believed to be my brother in Montreal by the name of Christian Towsey to look for an apartment for me in Montreal.

In total I paid him approximately $10,000 for his expenses in looking for an apartment for me, renting a big UHAUL truck in Montreal driving it here to Halifax loading it up and to return to Montreal etc.

That event turned out be a nightmare due to subversive covert agents activities… I never made it to Montreal. Instead my new furnishings were damaged at a cost of over $5000. I had to replaced my new damaged belongings and buy them again..

I ended up having to move into a hotel, keeping my belongings inside the frozen parked u-haul truck and then I had to pay the landlord of my new apartment $5000 in cash for him to permit me to move in as he found my homeless situation troubling.

It turned out that Christian Towsey was not my long lost brother. He was a subversive agent and as usual I was being targeted. Anyone reading this who is familiar with my political and activist history will understand.. Just type my name Daniel J Towsey in a search engine to learn who I am politically.

I will soon do a complete report about my moving experience and post it to my personal blog…

Have a look at what being a TI is about. https://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/targeted-individuals-covert-harassment-and-surveillance/

Unfortunately the location of my new apartment is not near to any services or shopping needs and I have lost my social life that I enjoyed while living in downtown Halifax. The location of my new residence now requires that I have to have a motor vehicle to be able to function and exist and to get my groceries, remember, as I have already explained, there is no public transit available to me..

My motor vehicle is also required for me to get to your social assistance office that is not located in the City of Halifax but is unjustly located 50 kilometers away in the town of Lower Sackville..

The plus side of this new apartment is that it is barrier free and affords me the ability to walk about a bit more. and it costs approximately $500 a month less to live here than my previous apartment. My previous apartment was equipped with electric heat and that very expensive cost for electricity was also then paid for by community services..

(section 6)

My present physical condition

To understand my present condition requires that I go back in time to the beginning.

I was a horrificly abused child while in the care of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in Montreal Quebec during what is known as the Duplessi Years, going through residential schools, orphanages, foster parents, and group homes.




And later repeatedly sexually abused by Dr. Marcillio child psychiatrist for seven years. read it here.


This article is about a child social worker I had in Ottawa



Childhood Traumatic physical and psychological injuries

Right Eye, Right Leg at Knee, Top Lip.

A right eye that could not focus and a right leg that caused me continuous pain while standing and walking..

Another injury from my childhood was having been punched so severely by a nun when I was around four years old that among other difficulties left me with a split upper lip.

My upper lip had been cut through deep up to the underside of my nose. This injury was not repaired.

That left me horrifically disfigured until I was 12 years old.

All during those years I never attended school for if I did I was continuously bullied by all the children. I remember always being called ‘three lips’ this was another reason why I would not return to school.

For that and many other reasons I was deprived of a public education until I was 11 years old.

Add to that, that I had to teach myself and learn to speak, read and write in English starting when I was 11 years old .

If you want to know more about the horrors of abuse I went through such as being molested, sexually and psychologically abused by officials go here. https://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/

My having to write this appeal letter proves that abuses by officials never ends..

Fortunately humanity today has a very powerful weapon. That being able to bring the official abuses into the public’s eye and scrutiny onto the World Wide Web.


The destruction of all my teeth.

Yet another horrific physical injury I suffered was in Toronto when I lived with my family for a short time. I was sent to see a dentist by the name of Dr. Rasky.

He operated on my teeth everyday for a whole month. He had been using nitrous oxide gas on me that left me psychologically impaired all through this month

He repeatedly booked me for appointments everyday.

He eventually drilled and filled everyone of my teeth three times over. Yes he kept re-drilling the same teeth and please note I had no cavities when I first went to see him.

He did new xrays on my teeth almost everyday.

He did this because in those days dentists were able to bill back to social assistance for any and all work. The billing had no government scrutiny or regulations to prevent this kind of abuse..

For the next twenty years I had to endure horrific dental pain as he had ruined all my teeth..

The filing of all my teeth with mercury lead filings also had horrible effects on my health.

There was so little of my teeth remaining that pieces of my remaining teeth kept breaking off.

All during these years having diseased teeth caused me to be living under constant stress which affected my social life.

Eventually many years later I went to the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax and demanded that all my teeth be removed… After which my health improved dramatically.

I then had to wait for six months to get my dentures..

See much more details in this report. https://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/my-jewish-dentist-from-hell/


Table Saw injury to four fingers of my left hand.

Another pre-existing physical disability I have, occurred when I was approximately 20 years old working as a carpentry apprentice at Dove Haven in Toronto where I incurred a serious injury.

I had my left hand four fingers go through and be cut through due to a table saw injury.

The boss had ordered me to do something with the table saw that students of the safety class at Danforth Technical High School in Toronto had warned us about. I told the boss that he was asking me to do something that was very dangerous. He yelled at me and told me to “do as I say or you know where the door is”

Fortunately micro surgery had recently been perfected in Toronto and and Dr. Bozco was able to reconstruct the four fingers of my left hand , but that did leave me with limitations of use for the rest of my life. It took me over ten years to be able to improve the flexibility of my fingers, but with limitations. Please note that I was then mostly left handed.


Hit then run over by automobile November 22 2009

This part brings us to the multiple injuries I received when a car was deliberately driven over me on November 22nd 2009 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. You can get the horrific details about it here. https://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/how-to-assassinate-a-cyclist/

Again I should not have to be reliving my horrific experiences by having to be writing this appeal letter out as you at Community Services already have all my medical history on record…

My medical files for the event of being deliberately run over by government covert agents is huge… Oh and if you think I am delusional please see this message.

‘So who is delusional now’ https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2010/03/14/so-whos-delusional-now/

The worse part about my complex disabling injuries is my resilience. The better I cope with my disabilities, the less the ignorant people believe nor choose to try to understand what my disabilities are.

I am not an actor as most people with disabilities are, for they chose that path because they find it necessary, and the only way for them to function in our society.

They strive for you all to visualize their disabilities so people will stop bothering them and will be more sympathetic.

They reluctantly give in and become good patients for the medical field that prospers from the medical services the government will pay for, especially for those disabled who accept being institutionalized and drugged with poisonous pharmaceuticals.

Lets not forget the wheelchair business crooks that are making huge profits from seriously over priced goods and lousy services that the government funds with no accountability to the public.

But I chose to be free and independent as is guaranteed under human rights laws which I mentioned above about my legal rights to do so. Which you are violating. That which is why I am writing this article of truth.

So back to my disabling injuries… it is impossible to write out all the overlapping complexities of my all too numerous disabling injuries. I could sit here for days writing them out…and even then you would not be able to comprehend what it is like to have all my disabling injuries affecting me at the same time.

If you read the article above about being run over you will get detailed information about my injuries.

I will try to sum up some of the details here.

I have damage to my left hip joint.

I have 9 ribs that are broken in multiple places and have never been repaired nor have they healed.

I have multiple injuries to my spine from my neck down to the bottom of my rib cage.

The C6 spinal joint (just at bottom of rib cage) has a compression fracture of 90% which is not supposed to be survivable and at bare minimum I should be paralyzed.. But do understand that I live with the risk of becoming paralyzed at any time.

My spine being broken makes my walking very dangerous and difficult. I can not turn or stop suddenly. Standing for me is a very careful balancing act as my body is actually in two pieces. Walking for me is a very dangerous balancing act..

I have damage to both my shoulder blades all the way across my back.

My left shoulder is very damaged and it is very difficult to lift my arm up high without having serious pain.

My right shoulder arm bone socket is damaged and the socket was crushed and is no longer functional.

My right arm has a plastic prosthesis from just above my right elbow all the way up to the top ball socket. Unfortunately the ball socket is not attached to the socket of my right should as that socket is not functional. So my arm basically just hangs lose.

Most of my muscles of my upper torso and both of my arms and especially my right arm have completely deteriorated so that I have very little strength remaining. The injuries to my right arm is making it almost impossible for me to be able to do writing as I no longer have good control.

I also had my large intestine removed that causes me serious pain, and health difficulties.. eating is erratic as I often have to keep eating every 30 minutes for hours to try and stabilize my health when I feel dizzy and have a very sore gut.

I then will soon spend hours going back and forth to the toilet every few minutes..

Then I will spend often up to 10 or more hours not eating but I do have to keep sipping fluids every few minutes to try and stay hydrated.

Not having a large intestine also causes difficulties in walking as without the large organ being there, all my other organs are no longer supported, that adds to the reasons why I have to walk very slowly because every time I put a foot down everything from by ribs, spin and organs bounce down and are very painful.

My sleeping difficulties are horrible ..I have a specially made hospital bed and even with that. My having constant intestinal pains and discomfort and my not being able to lie down because All my torso bones are broken.. I use many pillows trying to get into a position that affords me less pain..

I have to keep changing positions but that is very difficult and painful to do. I can only lay a bit to the side and I have to use pillows to support my limp arm..

I never ever get a good nights sleep.. I am usually awake on and of for a total of 18 to 20 hours a day.. Also when I lay down on the foam mattress with foam pillows, that causes me to usually be completely soaked when I am in bed due to the foam causing me to over heat. I have to sleep with a fan on always to try and dry myself and my bed off.

Another problem I have is nerve damage all about my torso, which makes it so I sweat uncontrollably any time I do any minor physical exertions.

I really could keep writing for hours describing all my overlapping health difficulties ..but no one would be able to comprehend all my difficulties, even I can not always understand them.


Chronic Pains

About the pains I live with. One day I was speaking with a doctor about this, and the only way I could think of describing it is this, I said to the doctor.

” The pains I live with are like an orchestra. I do not know If I will be feeling just a gentle one or a powerful one such as the sounds that an orchestra will produce.

I do not know where these pains will come from and at what magnitude they will come in.

Whether they will be slow insidious creeping continuous pains or dramatic as the sound of a huge powerful vibrating base drum. I do not know if that drum will hit once or multiple times.

The electrifying powerful pain signals are like standing in front of a concert speaker.

I chose an orchestra to illustrate my pains because one of my major difficulties is in lifting my arms like the conductor dose. For I can not lift my right are at all due to the plastic prosthesis and my left arm shoulder also has ligament damage.”

That (above) barely describes the pains I live with. People think that injuries heal and that the pains go away, that is not correct.

Every time I move I suffer from Post Traumatic Illness as the pains are so severe that I get flash backs and re-visualize having that car hit me then drive over me twice because I was conscious and awake when that occurred.

A good reason why I am able to deal with all my pains is that I made sure to keep my mental health by not taking any and all poisonous prescription drugs that medical doctors so fondly like to prescribe. Considering that most doctors actually own the pharmacies for which they write their prescriptions for.

Keeping my mind natural strong and healthy is why I have survived all thanks to GOD.


Body language.

My physical disabilities have made it impossible for me to express myself with body language and for people to be able to correctly understand me.

Do to my breathing difficulties, my arm movement difficulties, my walking difficulties, my vision difficulties, my digestion difficulties, my sleeping difficulties, my pain difficulties and more.

I have lost all my chances of having either a social life or a personal relation with anyone.

My breathing difficulties means that I have to control my breathing by my speech volume and speed so that I sound very aggressive when I speak for my breathing has to be strong and aggressive to over come my crushed chest ribs.

I will give you another example.

My right eye does not focus, I have no sense of depth, I can not react to others with my eye sight which always leads people to misunderstand and distrust my integrity since people have this idea that the way to some ones soul is through their eyes..

All my life I had to try and compensate for this by developing my oratory skills.

You would too if you were being beaten all through your childhood since no one trusted you and I could not look at anyone in the eye because my right eye had been damaged when I was a six month old baby.

I spent my whole childhood not knowing what my eye difficulties where or why people treated me so horribly.

I did not begin to comprehend my eye sight difficulties until I was 16 years old.

I then spent ten years learning to do exercises for the muscles in my right eye to try and be able to control the movements of my right eye.

Just walking for more than twenty minutes would cause my right eye to turn blood shot red and I became very dizzy and would lose my balance. Every step I took caused my right eye to painfully bounce up and down.

I was not able to find an optometrist that could understand my eye difficulties until only approximately five years ago.

So having all the physical complexities I have in this very complex world is a tremendous challenge.


My knees and legs

As I mentioned about my bouncing eye.

Another pre existing injury I have had all my life was from when I was five years old and my (not) father threw me down two set of stairs… the type of stairs that had no landing, they were straight down.

That which broke my right leg at the knee.

My father then hid me in a closet for several months as he always did (since he beat on me everyday,) so no one would know what he did.

NOTE: I only lived with him for a total of no more than a year and a half throughout my childhood. Here is why he was trying to kill me. Because I was his brothers son.. read this. https://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/uncle-mike-i-know-you-are-my-father/

Being thrown down the stairs left me with serious difficulties in standing still and caused my leg to swell and be very painful.

It also caused me to have a bounce when I stepped down and put weight on my right leg.

I did not receive medical aid for this until I was at 22 years of age, at which time I had two different microscopic surgeries done.

They helped but it still did not help with the horrific pain and the swelling of my right knee. another ten years later after that I received another surgery that then greatly improved my ability to stand and walk..

That unfortunately was undone back on November 22nd 2009 when that lady drove her rear tires at full speed over both my knee caps and damaged my cartilage permanently which now gives me constant terrible pain when I stand still or walk.


Limited improvement in ability to walk outside

Below in the PMV Mobility House (section 8) you will know about all the time I spent at Ed’s isolated Waverley warehouse. I spent many months there and in the beginning I was not able to walk around much nor was I able to do any physical work.

The last five years that I was limited to using a power wheelchair to go outside left me very weak.

But now I had a means and a place to start doing a bit of physical therapy by walking for a few minutes and then sitting down. This place was safe for me to do so as there was never anyone there and it was not anywhere near any city or town. I spent several months slightly improving my walking but I realized then that I would never be able to walk about freely like everyone else does.

Then later I was able to do some actually mechanical and welding work so I built my wheelchair trailer and got help with things that I could not physically do.


my physical deterioration again

Unfortunately now I am again losing any physical strength improvements as I am again imprisoned in my home and I can not walk outside anywhere. The only time presently that I do very limited walking with the aid of my Walker is when I drive my car to a location where I can get out and walk very short distance from my car.

But soon the ability to drive any where will be lost due to Social Services decisions in taking away the $604 monthly business income I set up for the next four years. I made this investment with Ed of PMV Mobility house to make sure that I would have enough money to pay for my motor vehicle insurance, maintenance and fuel costs so I would then have the mobility I need to be able to survive where I presently live.

One more important reason I need my vehicle is to be able to tow my wheelchair trailer in the event that my wheelchair may need servicing as I would have to bring it to Eds Waverley warehouse. My extra tall wheelchair does not fit in the van that Ed uses for his wheelchair business.

I am now financially destitute and things are looking very bad for my future.. Social Services decisions are ruining my life.

(section 7)

PMV Mobility House

owned by Mr. Edward James Schijns

For starters have a look at this video

PMV Mobility House robbed me and ruined my life – Daniel J Towsey testimonial


Since I started doing business with Ed in December of 2014 he has cost me well over $50,000 in losses and damages.

What I am about to write is a small part of my litigation I am now in the process of doing. Unfortunately all the troubles I have gone through in dealing with the issues with Community Services has delayed my litigation process with Ed.

This is going to be an abbreviated write up of the issues I have with Ed.

If you read (section 2) My intentions and goals you will know why I had not other choice but to do business with Ed.

I new what I needed to do do, and my first priority was getting a suitable power wheelchair for my needs. I went to the few major wheelchair services business in Halifax and they told me that they do not do cash business with the public. They told me they get their business from social services and insurance companies.. They refused to get the chair for me that I wanted.

So I found Ed through a Kijiji advertisement.

So he agreed to help me and to get the expensive Magic Mobility Frontier V6 chair parts so we could start building my custom special needs outdoor power wheelchair.

He agreed to have it all completed as I requested for the beginning of June at the latest.

He also told me that he would take my present one year old Alex power wheelchair back to the manufacturer in Toronto. The manufacturer had agreed to fix the defective suspension for free.

Ed told me he often goes to Toronto so it would not be a problem for him.

So since it was the beginning of winter, a time when I never go out side, I would have little use for my power wheelchair for the next four months.

please see (section 8) My mobility needs, that describes why I need a power wheelchair that a medical doctor prescribed for me. also see (Section 6) My present physical condition that describes my physical condition and why I need a Power wheel and and a motor vehicle.

So I gave Ed over $25,000 in total to order and get the wheelchair parts to start assembling my chair. I paid in advance as I knew Ed running a small business could not pay for the parts up front.

After this I paid Ed for many more parts such as the seat cushion, backrest, headrest, 2 Lithium Ion batteries, Controller knob, charger, programmer, spare tires and more. These added costs were over $5000.

I also bought wires, lights. horns and many more electrical parts and accessories that cost me more than $3000.

So soon I realized that I needed to get a cheap in door wheelchair since I was having difficulties doing things around inside my apartment building.

So Ed sold me a Quantum indoor wheelchair which I also had to buy batteries and seat for it. So this chair cost me approximately $5000.

Never did Ed ever properly assemble this Quantum chair and never did this chair ever function properly.

This Quantum indoor chair spent most of its time in Ed’s Waverley warehouse where it is at still today.

Ed’s retail store is just down the street from my home. so way back in April 2015, I returned the Quantum chair to him to work on it. Never did he work on it.. I repeatedly went back to his store over the next several months only to see my chair still siting there and wondering why it had no power and why every time I came over I saw that the power to my chair had been left on which drained the batteries..

Then I discovered that the new batteries could not hold a charge which is why the chair had never left his store and was never brought out to his warehouse to be serviced.

It seems to me that his laborer Stephan stole my new batteries out of my power wheelchair and they were sold to someone to use in a mobility scooter.

So Ed received the base parts for my new wheelchair and months went by where it seemed that Ed had done no work to assemble my new chair. So as April came I began to be concerned that Ed was not going to have my new custom outdoor chair ready for the beginning of June as had been agreed.

At this time I had no wheelchair nor did I have any mobility. I had no way to get to his out of town warehouse to see what progress he was making. I repeatedly asked Ed to send me by e-mail photographs that showed the progression of the building of my new wheelchair.

Ed repeatedly assured that he would send me photos and he never did. Until late May, where I discovered that he had not made enough progress. I then realized he was now jeopardizing my having any possibility of my being able to be in a position to go into business for the summer in doing my aerial photography.

Please note that in May I had to move into a new apartment that had no local services where I could do my groceries or anything else. This new location also meant that I lost all my friends I knew in downtown Halifax.

And please remember that as I mentioned before that most Halifax transit buses do not have the necessary four point tie-downs to secure my power wheelchair while being transported leaving with no means to do the things that are necessary for my survival.

So this added a new complication and cost to my intentions. I now had to get a motor vehicle that I could drive with my disabilities. I then bought a 2008 Chev HHR from Ed.

I paid him $3500 for it and he also fraudulently charged me another $500 for GST/HST, which I had to pay again when I registered the vehicle.

Ed assured me he would pay me back for the taxes he illegally took from me and he never did.

Also Ed would not give me the ownership and registration papers for my vehicle until several months later. So this put the nail in my coffin of ever being able to have any possibility of doing any paying photography jobs this last summer. My opportunities for doing paying work can only be during the warm seasons.. I can not do any photography work in the cold seasons.

During this time of delay I saw Ed put a vehicle license plate from his van onto my HHR vehicle and that he was driving it around town for several months without insurance or registration after I owned it. During this time he had done damage to my vehicle with scratches and dings.

I had to really get upset at Ed and I started telling everyone at his place of business that he would not give me my ownership papers and was driving my vehicle illegally. Final this pressure forced him to give me my ownership papers..

Later I paid Ed in advance to customize the rear bumper to be able to install the class 3 hitch and I paid him $2600 for a wheelchair lift. These Items I paid for cost over $5000. The wheelchair lift was never installed and he never gave me back my money.

Ed had repeatedly assured me and even aggressively argued with me when I told him that The trailer hitch mounted wheelchair lift could never work safely with the type of vehicle I had.

I could not buy a full sized van as I would not of been able to get into it, nor physically be able to drive one.

Ed had told me that he had installed all new brakes on the HHR. I later after I got my vehicle on the road his other laborer by the name of Thane who had also done a dangerous installation of the class 3 trailer hitch which I had to spend several weeks to have redone properly. Thane told me that he had been the one that did the work on my HHR’s brakes.

So Ed lied to me again and never had a qualified licensed mechanic do the brakes. I had a concern about the brakes when one day a driver had cut me off and drove through a stop sign at full speed, at that moment I discovered that my brakes were defective and unsafe.

So I had to go to Canadian tire to check my brakes. It turned out that I had to replace both the front and back brakes at a cost of approximately $2000.

Another consideration why I bought a smaller vehicle was that the apartment building that I now lived in, outside parking areas were all slanted so that I had to park in the underground parking. But the underground parking has a height limit which also meant I could not buy a large enough vehicle that was tall enough to be able to carry my wheelchair inside it.

Please know that Ed had to keep driving me to his warehouse until I was able to get my HHR vehicle on the road which did not happen until middle of July 2015.

In the meantime I was very concerned about the very limited progress Ed had done on my power wheelchair was defective.

Please know that I am a skilled and very experienced Master automotive mechanic and welder and that I had previously owned 2 Towsey’s Welding and Auto Repairs businesses.

So I realized that the work that Ed had done to my vehicle for the trailer hitch and wiring was all done very unsafe so It all had to be redone under my supervision and guidance.

During these months a very limited amount of work was being done on my new power wheelchair. And much of the work done by Ed was defective and unsafe. So I then took control of the planning, engineering and construction of my new wheelchair. I then took over and actually did most of the work to build my new wheelchair. I had get Ed or Thane to do some of the work I physically could not due to my disabilities.

Ed’s Waverley warehouse is a huge dangerous mess. Is completely disorganized and I am amazed that it has never been inspected my the government for workplace safety violations, the other government agencies should also be very concerned.. That place is horrifically dangerous.

One more not I have to make is that I had to buy all my tools to be able to do all the work I had to do for my chair and motor vehicle as Eds tools were all lost, missing, broken or not available.

Ed thinks his work is worth $85 an hour. That is not true.. That would only been true if he ran an efficient business. Every time Ed had to do work on anything to do with mobility vehicles he would never be able to complete anything because he could never find the tools or parts he needed to get the work done.

Ed should never be in the mobility business that requires trained and skilled people who can safely do mechanical and electronic work on mobility vehicles. The lack of government regulations is permitting crooks like Ed to rob and endanger all disabled people that go to him for their needs. Which 95% of those customers usually end up having their lives ruined by PMV Mobility House.

I saw a lot of what I say during the six months I spent at Ed’s Waverley warehouse.

I also want to mention that I had bought over $2000 worth of small parts such as lights, wires, switches etc for assembling my power wheelchair. But during those months Ed’s laborer or others had often stolen my supplies which delayed the work on my chair and that meant I had to keep replacing the expensive supplies.

Another thing that was delaying the assembly of my power wheelchair was that I did not have the parts as Ed kept giving me multiple excuse for the delays. I then realized Ed was lying to me again and that he had not ordered the parts which is why he had cannibalized my Alex wheelchair for parts without my approval.

If I was not very intelligent and did not have a life long of experience doing professional mechanical work, I would I have been unable to function in Ed’s insanely crazy dangerous place of business.

See (Section 6 part 8) My present physical condition, about improvements to my walking and physical strength that made it possible for me to do this work on my wheelchair and later my building the wheelchair trailer, which I will speak about below.

It is now February 20th 2016 a year after Ed started building my custom outdoor wheelchair and just yesterday he final brought me the two armrests for my chair.. many other optional customization that I had requested have not been completed and never will be.

I never did get the two lithium ion batteries that would of given me much greater range with my chair.. At present my chair can only travel for approximately one hour before it gets low on power.. That is terrible…

So now it is October 2015 and my power wheelchair is still not in my home and I still have no way to transport it.. So I had to do what I had to do.. I had to spend my remaining moneys to build a wheelchair trailer so I would be able to get my wheelchair home and out of Eds warehouse.

NOTE: please understand that the information about my dealings with Ed that I am writing about in this appeal letter are only a very brief summation of all the difficulties I had with dealing with Ed the con man criminal thief..

So finally I was in a position to take control.. On October 28 2015 at 11:00 pm I tried again to reason with Ed about all the money he owed me and again he got loud and threatening.

But this evening I had turned on my video camera before I started speaking with him.

Over the next 6 hours I had called the RCMP.

I was able to get Ed to bring my three power wheelchairs out of his warehouse, until this time I had no access to my wheelchairs nor could I prove that Ed even had them in his warehouse and in what condition they were in.

Below is a series of videos I did of this traumatic experience..

In these videos you will get to see the mess his warehouse is, you will see that Ed is everything I said and much more.

In these videos you will hear me narrating commentary about the my situation with Ed..

See the full post here. https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/see-raw-videos-of-ed-schijns-of-pmv-mobility-house-and-the-crimes-he-committed-against-me/

Between the months of May and September I spent will over 45 full days sitting at Eds warehouse doing nothing all day but waiting for Ed to show up as he always told me he was going to do.

Each time we actually had an appointment with Each other as Ed was telling me he would be there to get work done on my chair, again over and over again he lied.

From May till end of December I never spent enough time in my own new apartment to even have time to unpack my stuff. The whole of those months I had to eat in restaurants as I was not home and I had not even done any groceries except for the bare minimum.

Eating in restaurants (take Out) was expensive and not healthy.

Over the many months Ed often said to me that he hates to work and wants to make his money by having others do the work.. But Ed had no good workers, Ed had a warehouse full of at least a million dollars worth of the defunct Rascal brand wheelchairs that he had acquired from his previous business partners who had paid for it, all of whom lost everything while doing business with Ed..

In the (section 10) below (Recommendations for the special needs of disabled people) you will find out much more as to why I had all these difficulties with PMV Mobility House and how the lack of government regulations and oversight pertaining to businesses that sell and service the expensive power wheelchairs is the cause.

All through the month of October I spent all my time building my wheelchair trailer that cost me approximately $8000.

This price also includes my having to buy approximately $3000 in tools to be able to do the work.

It has been over ten years since I have done any mechanical and welding work.

I was very weak and I had many limitations in my physical abilities and endurance.

But the warehouse had that huge advantage.

There was never anyone there and so I was able to move about slowly and carefully without having to worry about the difficulties I would of had had there been anyone there.

Some have said to me, “Why are you doing business with Ed if you have so many difficulties with him?” People just do not understand just how bad it is being disabled where you are at the mercy of the likes of Ed.

I had no other options available to me as I still do not.

Think now if I go out and my wheelchair breaks down. Who would I call? Like I said before the major wheelchair business will not do business with anyone that pays their own way…

Another thing, yes I have the ability to do much of the maintenance on my wheelchair.. Unfortunately no one in the business will sell any parts to anyone that is not in the wheelchair business. That is also an injustice and difficulty which is also why I had to buy my parts at very high costs since I have to buy everything through a middle (con-man).

I am aware that all members of society who are not disabled can never understand all the complicated social difficulties that are involved.

I hope that who ever reads this report will develop some compassion and understanding..

You can learn about PMV Mobility House here.



in (Section 4) My present external income. you will find information about my $20,000 investment I have with Edward Schijns

If you read Section (2) My intentions and goals. You will see information as to why I had no other choice but to go to PMV Mobility House for my mobility needs.

(section 8)

Needed Legislation

This video I recently did from my apartment building shows one of the reasons why I need a motor vehicle to get around in winter.

Curb cuts never kept clear of snow in Halifax WheelchairRightsReport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AU_Y1vQHbs see part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvNg7k5kv08

See (Section 6 Part 8) my physical deterioration again That describes what the loss of the use of my motor vehicle will do to destroy my future and my health.

So far in this document I have made many references as to why I need a Motor Vehicle for my mobility. unlike able bodied people who enjoy the whole realm of social and business life.

I like many disabled people face overwhelming obstacles and in this article you can clearly see that most of the issues I have written about are all due to the actions and inactions of those we elect to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Unfortunately governments have completely and willfully ignored the special needs of all disabled people who are wanting to try and live the best life they can by living free and as independent as they can.

In a free society governments are supposed to be working for the people, that is never achieved if all those that are in the government structure ignore the needs of the people and if they ignore the notices that the people present to their governments.

You may have noticed through my writing that I am very bitter about all the issues that require me to be writing this very article. That is because I have been a victim of government people that clearly appear to be in violation of the very purpose of out Common Law Government Parliament.

Our first sittings of our Legislators put into place a Common Law Government. All legislators ever after are supposed to also uphold our Common Law infrastructure. All those historical common laws have never ceased to be laws.

Unfortunately the Legislature has over time been completely corrupted by those who serve only the special interests of the monied.

 In doing so the Legislators have circumvented our basic common laws by creating “Acts” which are not laws.

They are basically ‘Acts” against our Common Good Laws.

So if you want to understand our society as operating by act and not common laws, then are government is acting criminal..

That criminal activity began when they corporatized our governments, for there is only one law that governs the activities of all corporations.

Corporations under law have to do everything possible to make profits for its share holders. That is it, that is the only law for corporations.

Our common law governments in Canada where never created as or to be corporations…

Legally then we presently do not have our governments.

In the section above about my expenditures, I clearly explained as to the fact that most of my $300,000 went to the corporate government interests such as the compounding taxes..

If you read this article you will understand that not till after the second world war was there any taxes on the labors and the products of those labors on any Canadians. There actually were no taxes, so ask yourself then how did we build this once wonderful country without taxes?

Read this. https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2010/08/20/income-tax-is-a-fraud/

Here are the links to the government ACTS and Regulations.


Municipal Assistance Regulations


Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations


Assistance Appeal Regulations


Senior Citizens’ Financial Aid Regulations


Canada Assistance Act information

The Act was written in 1968 which is why the provincial social assistance agencies fees paid for necessities are unrealistically too low for anyone to survive souly on social assistance and this act makes no mention of the needs of disabled peoples..


(section 09)

My financial and mobility needs.


+ taxes

here is my present minimal monthly needs expenses.



Home voip telephone that functions on the internet.



Apartment rent



Basic Cellular telephone



Transportation (public)






Toiletries, stationary and medical






Basic internet









Wheelchair maintenance and emergencies



Vehicle and wheelchair trailer maintenance, insurance, government fees





Now here is a chart of what community services is presently taking from me and giving to me.



PMV Mobility House investment, payments received monthly

Below receiving from Community Services



Basic requirement



Special diet



Excess shelter







-$1595 = -$220.00 deficit plus the value of taxes not included in this chart

ITEM 1 is a necessary home phone that functions on the internet. I chose that type of phone because it is cheapest home phone I could get. That phone can not be canceled as it is a three year contract that is automatically withdrawn from my bank account. See ITEM 8

ITEM 2 Rent falls under special needs provisions as you know that I have been prescribed by a medical doctor a barrier free apartment and an apartment that is accessible for my wheelchair.

Which very much limits my finding an apartment.

All low rent apartments are never in an accessible building nor are they large enough to house a large power wheelchair.

Also the barrier free is to make it possible for me to be able to walk without bumping into furniture.

My medical records and all the documentation you have in my file clearly states and proves that I am a permanently disabled person with special needs.

See ‘Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations’ Personal and shelter allowances Rent Section 39 an applicant or recipient who pays his or her rent accommodations shall be allowed 100% of actual amount of rent paid monthly as an expense.

ITEM 3 A cellular phone is a life saver when I am out of my home whether in my wheelchair or vehicle. If for any reason My vehicles broke down without contact with emergence services or my wheelchair mechanic I could parish.

Many times my wheelchair has broken down or got stuck in snow.

Going out without my cell phone be too dangerous.

My cell phone falls under the provisions of special needs as it directly pertains to my being disabled. Just think if someone was trying to rob me or do me harm.

I am completely unable to defend myself nor get away from the danger. A cell phone is not a luxury for me.

ITEM 4; First I would like to mention that in my previous community services income prior to December 2015, There was always a minimum for transportation that equaled the cost of a Halifax Metro transit bus pass… Which you have not included in this budget.

Upon talking with Mr. Laurie Jaclyn the supervisor I mentioned to him that it was previously deemed a necessity that I get the transportation allowance for the value of the cost of a Halifax Metro Transit bus pass

He said to me that it is only permitted for medical appointments.. That is false for that prevision is for taxis to get to medical appointments which again had been deemed previously to be a necessity for me and was also in my previous budget..

I am on the access-a-bus service as listed as a client, that required a Medical doctor signing the application which was also done. So the Bus pass applies to such…

And just for you to get some understanding why is it I can walk with my Walker and not use public transit without my power wheelchair.

My wheelchair is custom built to give me full support while I am in a moving vehicle.

First I can only walk very slowly and very short distances.

My condition is to frail, Buses ride to rough, I have no ability to stay balanced standing or sitting in a rough moving vehicle due to my broken spine.

I can not sit back on the hard seats with my broken ribs and the seats have no lateral support for my spine.

I can not reach up to grab the safety rails nor could I hold on with my prosthesis.

I do also have serious injuries to the spine of my neck which I have not spoken much on.

The rough ride would require me to wear my prescribed neck brace.

ITEM 5 also relates to ITEM 17 another high cost I have in my diet is having to constantly all day every few minutes keep swallowing fluids such as juice or milk, not having a large intestines means that it is very difficult to stay hydrated.

When I do not eat or drink often I will very quickly and suddenly get very dizzy and weak like a diabetic.

ITEM 6 One of the usual expenses I have is having to buy more than 40 rolls of toilet paper every month. Before I had a motor vehicle I had to order these items online and that was expensive since I had no other way to get they items home.

Not having a large intestine means that after I eat (often) I have to continually got to the toilet every five minutes.

This can go one for up to an hour. See ITEM 17

ITEM 8 Internet is a necessity, without it I would go insane considering that I spend most of my time trapped in my home without television service. Without the internet I would no way to keep my mental health and sanity.

I would loose all contact with other humans.

My disabilities have completely made having a social life impossible.

I would also not be able to set up and do my photography business that I planned to get up an running this spring.

ITEM 9; Second You also previously paid approximately $300 monthly for my power bill. A power bill is a necessary utility.

Electric is a utility which listed under the Municipal Assistance Regulations Section 1 (i) Electric is a necessity of life that no one can live without.

My taking money out of the other allowance that you give me for means that I am being deprived of those things that is deemed to be covered by your decisions.

See ‘Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations’ Personal and shelter allowances. Electricity costs. Section 41 an applicant or recipient who pays for his or her electricity supply shall be allowed 100% of the actual amount of electricity costs paid monthly as an expense.

ITEM 11 I being an ace mechanic I made sure I built a very well made wheelchair that will do for me what is necessary and will last me the rest of my life with very little maintenance required.

Also do consider that in the past Social Services has paid for two power wheelchairs both of which had to have the added costs of being customized to suit my special needs.

These chairs were very expensive and defective.

They had to of cost social services over $50,000 over the five years.

Now this cost will be eliminated for social services except possibly small regular maintenance costs or emergency repairs and rescue in the event my wheelchair breaks down such as getting a flat tire. But if I get my aerial drone photography business literally off the ground I will never again need social assistance. Pun Intended.

ITEM 12 my specially customized vehicle is a necessity for multiple reasons. One to take my wheelchair out.

All through this document I have clearly explained why I need it considering that I would never be able to go out get and bring home the heavy groceries without it My wheelchair would not have enough battery power to get me to the store and back home with the extra weight.

Plus If I could I would have to make trips very often since my chair could only carry a bit at a time.

I also mentioned that most public transit buses do not have the four tie downs needed for my wheelchair.

Also in ‘Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations’ Appendix “A” prescribed allowances Clause 2 (f) (iii) a motor vehicle can not be deducted as an asset and this then would have to include to costs to operate it which is what ITEM 15 is for.

Also (iii) relates to tools or equipment related to a trade or profession. Which is my photography. I needed my motor vehicle for such Which explains why I was unemployed the whole time I was disabled since November 22nd 2009.

I was before this accident working towards a career in photography.

I also had a job waiting for me doing roady photography for bands.. after becoming disabled I never stopped my photography but without a motor vehicle I would of stayed without an earnings income.

Now as to the letter that Social Assistance states its decisions in, you are jeopardizing my chance of ever being employed again. which is morally and legal wrong.

In the above mentioned Act under Special Needs Section 24 (v) applies to transportation and (vii) implementation of an employment plan.

The employment plan is my Aerial photograph plan of business which you at Community Services have ignored which again is an unjust and unlawful act by you against me. Especially when you consider that I have been self employed all of my life and those businesses I previously owned went out of business by being robbed by experts of the corrupt government. Please prove to me that not everyone in government is immoral. evil and corrupt!

Also under section entitled ‘Allowances and Expenses- Expenses to be considered in determining eligibility Section 29 (1) (b) actual transportation costs up to $150 per month for employment, preservation of health or safety of the applicant.

ITEM 15 also stated in ITEM 12 If you read (section 2) My Intentions and Goals you will understand better why I made this financial arrangement with PMV Mobility House. I made this investment to make sure that I would be able to always, for at least four years be able to afford to keep my motor vehicle on the road.

This money is for all costs, insurance, maintenance, licensing etc for both my vehicle and my trailer.

This is to be an investment into my being able to get my aerial drone photography off the ground.

So as I stated in ITEM 12 about Clause 2 (f) social service not being able to deduct a motor vehicle that is to be used for employment, that has to also apply to this sum of money you are deducting.

Your deduction is going to endanger my security and health..

Another very important thing I need this money for is to be able to sue Ed of PMV Mobility House for destroying my $20,00 Alex wheelchair, For taking my money for taking more than $5000 for the Quantum wheelchair I purchased from him that I have never received and which he still has in his possession a year later.

I have at least five lawsuits I need to file against him in small claims court each of which will require approximately $500 for court costs from beginning to end. My lawsuit will total more than $50,000.

See ‘Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations’ Employment plan expenses Section 43. A caseworker shall allow as an expense the necessary and reasonable costs incurred by the recipient in relation to the recipients participation in a employment plan…

In my special needs case that is my Aerial photography self employment plans…

See ‘Employment Support and Income Assistance Regulations’ Net profit from business Section 50 (2) Where a business is part of a recipient’s employment plan, subsection (10 does not apply to net profit from business during initial period of operation of up to 18 months, as decided by a caseworker.

ITEM 16 requires a detailed list for me to know how you come up with that sum. Considering that Social services has not increased payments for food in over 30 years which is why able bodied people now have to starve and go to food banks if they are not disabled from doing so. Even with food banks they are still starving.

Social Assistance has not even kept up with the increase in the cost of living for over 30 years.

ITEM 17 relates to ITEM 6. Not having a large intestine means that I do not have the natural mechanism to be able to absorb nutrients from what I eat as the food normally takes up to 24 hours to go through the large intestine which converts the food to nutrients that the body absorbs. Which is why ITEM 5 is at $250

ITEM 18 excess shelter. Again you at social services are doing me an injustice. For the five years between November 22nd 2009 till December of 2015 I had been receiving subsidized housing where they paid the excess housing costs.

Do note that the apartment I now have costs $500 less per month than my previous one that had very expensive electric heat and a rent that was also $100 a month more.

My permanent disabilities and my special needs have not changed so why is it you have not done the necessary paper work to reinstate my subsidized housing.

One more issue about you claiming an over payment charge.. How do you justify that, and why are you not applying my $604 income to the over payment of my rent?

ITEM 20 is a very big problem for me…Where do you see in ITEMS 1 through 10 that I can not pay for?

What do you think there is there that I truly can do without? There is nothing..

That is why I said your decisions are endangering my life which contrary to the letter of the law in all the government Social Assistance Acts and regulations.

All the Acts are written is such a way to give you any all necessary flexibility to avoid doing the individual harm especially a disabled elderly person like me..

(section 10)

Recommendations for the special needs of disabled people

Also see (section 8) Needed Legislation

I really think that the time has arrived that a new Ministerial position need to be created in each and every legislatures across Canada, Provincial and Federal for a Minister for the Needs of the disabled.

Please also notice that nowhere in all the Income Assistance Legislative Acts, is there anything written in that deals with the needs of the disabled.

Therefore it is now time to correct this injustice and to create this long over do Legislated Act.

An ACT entitled ‘Social and Financial Assistance of the Disabled ACT”.

At present there are not even any agencies in any governments across Canada that deal specifically with the very complex needs of the disabled. Be they government agencies or departments that considers the needs for those who want to live free and independent in our society.

This report I am doing here now clearly proves that such is needed. I would be going through all the numerous overwhelming difficulties I am in just trying to have some quality of life.

“I have discovered that the words Wheelchair are not written anywhere on any and all government documents that pertain to the policies, procedures, directives, guidelines, standards, legislation’s, laws, building codes, product manufacturing and safety, Tenancy Board, Regulated job qualifications, transportation, Motor vehicle department, taxes, by-laws, and etc etc etc..

That which therefore clearly points out that across the board violations of the Human rights of the disabled people are ignored by all able bodied peoples..”

A major reason why society does not do anything for the disabled is that most disable people are so busy and occupied with the difficulties of being disabled that I have been write about here, that they either do not have the time, the physical means, the social means or any means what so ever to do the research and reporting I am doing. More the reason why you should really pay attention to what I am showing you..

Another reason you do not hear from the disabled is because most have given up since no one is listening to them.

Below you will find numerous previously published reports I have done that clearly proves the lack of care for the disabled in every aspect of society.

It is time for our elected members to address these serious injustices.

It is time that Community Services has a department dedicated specifically for the needs of the permanently disabled members of our society and that this department be staffed by trained professionals especially from the medical health industry. And there be a community services office location centrally located in Halifax to facilitate the accessibility for the needs of the disabled.

As I have mentioned before the present location of the Lower Sackville Social Services Office being not in the City of Halifax but 50 kilometers out of town is not acceptable nor is it just..

I searched the Province of Nova Scotia government site, and nowhere did I find any regulations nor Legislated Acts pertaining to the Needs of the disabled.



This article clearly proves what needs to be done for power wheelchairs to be properly and safely secured on all public transit vehicles.


The links below indicate that I have taken Halifax Metro Transit to the Humans Rights Commission, I have published reports, I have notified the Bus drivers Union, I have been on the NEWS, I have notified previous members of the Nova Scotia Legislature, I have been in contact with previous and present Mayors of the City of Halifax.. I have contacted many departments of the Nova Scotia government about accessibility issues..

Final ruling was

Halifax Metro Transit has historically been discriminating against wheelchair users







Stranded all night from 8:30 pm till 7:00 am and still not able to get home..No tiedowns in public transit buses



Yes there are no public fully wheelchair accessible bathrooms.. Many bathrooms have the wheelchair logo but the bathrooms are not constructed properly and are only suitable for the small manual wheelchairs


This link speaks of their being no trained professionals that could rescue a power wheelchair bound individual that may find themselves unable to get home if their wheelchair or mobility scooter breaks down.


This links explains how their are no standards nor safety standards about the installation and operation of power doors




This link sums it up very clearly as to why I am even having to write up this Appeal Letter and report.




(section 11)

Government policies are endangering my physical and psychological health


see these videos

No family doctors accepting patients in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Family Doctors Denied to Disabled Man – Daniel J Towsey testimonial


 Are you expecting me to live in an apartment with no power, and no transportation, and not contact with the outside world? I am quite tired of writing this appeal.. You mistreatment of me has been causing under trauma and stress.. Is not my disabilities hard enough to deal with? Why are you not civilized and not working to help as your job requires?


(section 12)

Social Services policies to leave me completely destitute

Another issue about the letter you sent me claiming you want to charge me for over payment. How do you come to that idea? I have now clearly stated my whole situation, I have shown that you at Social Services are deliberately denying me the bare necessities of life and you are ignoring my efforts at gaining an income which I have the right to do and the Legislated ACTS mentioned above are clearly in line with all my efforts and that you at Community Services are not following the regulations listed from those Legislated ACTS pertaining to my Employment Plan.. It does not say excluding self employment.

(section 13)

Copy of letter from Social Services

IMG_9731 - Copy


Photo below show the government stamps indicating they received this document.

Daniel vs N.S.Gov


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