Access Video Reports

Below you will find many videos with links to the full articles for wheelchair access reports at different locations around the city of Halifax.

Obviously More reports will be continuously added..since nothing is getting better..


See all Wheelchair Rights Videos at this play list link.


HopScotch Festival  – Wheelchair Rights Report

Tim Hortons Horrible at Scotia Square in Halifax

keep up the good work man!!! I shouldn’t be but I’m shocked at how disabled people are treated. I have a disabled daughter and NEVER would have thought people could be so cruel in their treatment and comments!!! And btw, every Tim Horton’s I’ve been in across Canada are 100% wheel/electric chair inaccessible. Time for some changes.
stay safe!

jayden thompson

Oooooh a whole six fews ur popular now lol – the sarcasm blows through the roof- ahahahahahaha bud shut up


Wow, such ignorant jackasses there!

Wheelchair Report leads to Conversation on Halifax Waterfront

Published on Sep 1, 2014

Lord Nelson Hotel Public Sidewalk Always Blocked By Their Customers

SurviventheOnslaught says
that was cool just like the old days

The Lord Nelson Hotel Disrespects People

John van Gurp

In addition, if you lock up a bike on one of the three CITY owned light poles in front of the hotel they will cut the lock and steal the bike and hide it inside.

Dollarama Store Isles are always blocked – Wheelchair Rights Report

that pisses me off when every isle is blocked, you gotta shop half the isle then back up go around find a way through then shop the other half……..complete bullshit over laziness
I think they do it deliberately.

Wheelchair Report Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser on Halifax Boardwalk

Dollarama Wheelchair Rights Report


You’ll be happy to know, I shared this video in my Twitter account. This behavior needs to be made very public. Shame on them!!

Honey Huts Portable Toilet Wheelchair Report

Published on Sep 1, 2014

Wheelchair Report Halifax Commons International Picnic

McDonald’s On Spring Garden Rd in Halifax Wheelchair Rights Report

Wheelchair Report at Aboriginal Day Halifax Live Concert

Canadian Tire Store Owner Very Threatening To Disabled Man In Wheelchair

See full detailed report here.

Wheelchair Report – Nova Scotia Power Blocks Boardwalk by Halifax Ferry Terminal

Wheelchair Report – Dangerous Door at Halifax Public Gardens Bathroom

Wheelchair Report – Police Memorial at Halifax City Hall

New Halifax Metro Transit Bridge Terminal Published on Jul 14, 2013

Wheelchairs can not get in Dartmouth Bus Terminal Published on Jul 14, 2013

Durty Nellys Wheelchair Access Report Concerning Sidewalk

Published on 19 May 2013

The owner of Durty nellies told me he would aplly anti anti slip coating on high patio stones and he never did..

Parklane Mall Wheelchair Access Report Concerning Telus

Full report here.

Parklane mall eventually removed all the ads from their doors.

The Welsford Wheelchair Access Report

link to full article here.

All Wheelchair Access to Halifax City Hall New Years Eve Event Deliberately Blocked

Not one truly wheelchair accessible public bathroom in Halifax Region

This Is How Tim Hortons Mistreats Wheelchair Users

Tim Hortons never changed anything at this place. Tims does not care about the needs of the disabled wheelchair users.

Link to full article

Trying to access Metro Transit in an electric wheelchair

CBC Radio Interview Nova Scotia Violates Human Rights Of The Disabled

Full report.



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