The Welsford Wheelchair Access Report (Video)

The Welsford Wheelchair Access Report (Video)

Below you will see a video report I did of the Welsford Apartment Building in Halifax that is owned by Capreit out of Toronto.

At this time I do not recommend that wheelchair users come and live here.

As the Welsford management puts the access needs of the disabled wheelchair users as a last thought. I have lived in this building for two years and not one day in the past two years has the wheelchair entrance been properly maintained and safe to us. Management will keep me waiting for months and months and always give me excuses as to why they wont fix the maintenance problems in a speedy and prudent fashion.

Add to that the elevators having serious problems  a weekly and even daily. Many people have been trapped in the elevators because the elevators would stop moving entrapping people. I have also been trapped in the elevators several times.

The maintenance done in this building is very poor. Management always keeps making excuses. Add to that the frequent lost of water. Due to leaks in the building.

Then also consider the very high and costly power bills because the this fifty plus years old building having antiquated heating. Where the temperatures will constantly fluctuate from very hot to very cold.

The very drafty windows and wind blowing through the building.

The elevator shafts and hallways are not properly heated. People in this building have to having door seals all around their apartment doors because the building is so cold and drafty.

My power bills in cold months average up to $700 a month. I am not kidding. The felt seals on the huge sliding windows and balcony doors are worn out.

So if you are on a disability budget and have health problems that require that you stay, DO NOT MOVE HERE.

This building has very old aluminium wiring and the apartments do not have enough electrical recepticals. Which means that everyone has to use multi plug devices. Also the 250 volt baseboard heater in this building are unusealbe. I have to run my own portable  heaters. Considering that this building has aluminium wiring and not enough plugs..that is a serious hazard. I am not the only tenant using portable electric heaters.

The garbage compactor at the bottom of the garbage shoot. Has not worked properly for almost one year. The garbage was usually backed up to the sixth floor. The stink going through the building went all the way to the 23rd floor because the garbage shoot acted like a huge chimney with alot of wind coming up.

Also this building is supposed to abide by the recycling laws. about disposing of electrical appliances, computers, printers etc. Tenants always bring their microwave ovens, old televisions and such down to the underground parking near the garbage cans. But management, instead of calling in a proper disposable recycling company. The maintenance guy always just throws the recyclables into the garbage bins. They also throw their renovation materials into the garbage bins.

Also, The underground parking is usually full of old furniture, stoves, beds, televisions and more garbage. Management refuses to dispose of such quickly. This stuff has often sat piled up in the underground for up to eight months.

So what do you think of the Welsford now?

Stay coming soon. And from now on I will keep doing videos and photos.

I decided to write this report because the manager in this building is now posing a serious danger to me. They probably want to evict me because I can no longer take their excuses. I was yelling at them yesterday. I can not accept their treating me a disabled wheelchair bound person as if I am just trash.

Stay tuned many photos coming..scroll down below video for photos. The reason why I am aware and am reporting about the underground garage is because for more then two years I have had to use the underground garage to get in the building with my electric wheelchair because the wheelchair ramp entrance has always had very serious hazards for me.

The Welsford Wheelchair Access Report TheWelsford_4499 TheWelsford_4500 TheWelsford_4493 TheWelsford_4506 TheWelsford_4496 TheWelsford_4504

The big problem with the flooding is that the whole garage gets wet and stays wet for months at a time. Because the water collects in huge pools in the uneven areas. The floor in the garage is filthy when wet and this causes my wheelchair tires to take this dirt all the way to my apartment. My Apartment has a white carpet and now it is all dirty and stained. When the garage floods. They never clean up the water in the pools and it just sits there for months.The cars and people spread the dirty water. People getting in and out of their cars get all the dirty water into their cars.

Unfortunately the wheelchair entrance doors have never worked properly in the past two years plus the wheelchair ramp at the entrance is usually full of snow and ice in winter and unusable. So I have had to use the underground garage to get in the building.TheWelsford_4505

TheWelsford_4509 TheWelsford_4524 TheWelsford_4525


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