CBC Radio Interview Nova Scotia Violates Human Rights Of The Disabled

Trying to access Metro Transit in an electric wheelchair

The CBC radio story below and Tiffany Chase Metro transit representative response confirms that metro transit cares not that their NOVA bus fleet is not equipped with necessary safe four point tie downs for my wheelchair. Her response is all the proof needed to confirm that Metro transit is knowingly denying disabled wheelchair users safe and useable public transit. Leaving me unable to participate in society. I presently never use public transit and now Metro transit is denying me from using the access-a-bus service. They are doing this deliberately to further harm me for being out spoken and fighting for my human rights.

Here is the CBC story;

Daniel Towsey raises concerns about how Metro Transit accommodates electric wheelchairs, and Tiffany Chase of Halifax Metro Transit responds.

Here is the link to the CBC audio track that was played repeatedly on live radio starting Monday November 5, 2012


Full Raw CBC Radio Interview

Nova Scotia Violates Human Rights Of The Disabled



This interview is brought about because Halifax Metro transit refuses to provide public transit buses that have safe, secure, fit and proper four point tie downs for the heavy electric wheelchairs. Metro transit has be continuously buying NOVA buses that are completely unfit and completely unsafe for power wheelchair users. So that now wheelchair users have almost no access to most of the bus routes. Meaning that our human rights are being violated.. Please listen to this interview done on October 17 2012 with me, Daniel J Towsey.

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4 thoughts on “CBC Radio Interview Nova Scotia Violates Human Rights Of The Disabled”

  1. It is very hard to get around Halifax with a wheelchair especilly the sidewalks.People are more then willing to help but there are areas in the city where even abeled bodied people cannot help.It is dangerous to cross streets because drivers don’t even see you.


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