Why are there no consumer protection laws for power wheelchairs

I became disabled and started having to use an electric power wheelchair to go out.

Over the past few years,

I have been horrified to discover that once I became disabled I no longer had any rights and protections under law.

I thought that this can not be possible.

So I began to think on it.

I soon discovered the horror, that yes there really are no, rules, regulations,

licensing, inspections, standards, certifications, fines, no criminal negligence laws, to training, nothing, nah dah..

I am not kidding.

Yes it may seem to those that are not disabled that the government and society cares about the rights of the disabled.

I assure, if you become disabled you will discover this to be very true.

The whole industry for public equipment, services, and products really is completely unregulated.

Talk about not caring and taking advantage of the most vulnerable in our society.

This has gone on for ever because most disabled people are completely unable to have their voices and concerns heard.

That is because non of their legal rights and human rights issues are protected by any regulatory legislation’s of any kind.

Even the pricing of equipment and products for the disabled is horrifically too expensive because,

again, no one has been regulating anything pertaining to the disabled consumer products.

No quality standards, no guarantees, no refunds… nah dah…

We have consumer protection laws on bicycles, strollers and every other imaginable product, but not for disabled products..

At present it is a free for all of criminality, theft, unaccountability and total disrespect for disabled people.

Please help the disabled and start getting involved in this horrific injustice.


Daniel J Towsey

 Please see this product review that explains much more more. https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/warning-defective-future-mobility-healthcare-products/







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