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Deadly New Sidewalk and Curb Cut Out near Halifax City Hall

 Please note that I will be doing a compiled report of the previous work done by Tracey’s Landscaping around downtown Halifax. This will show that Tracey’s Landscaping has numerous times before been advised and notified as to the dangerous to wheelchair users work they have been doing and have chosen to ignore my reports and are now willfully endangering wheelchair users.



I have sent a notice of this post to these institutions:

The Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association (NSCSA)

A. Bruce Collins General Manager abcollins@nscsa.org

Better Business Bureau
Media Contact: Don Mackinnon, CEO e-mail: info@ap.bbb.org

 Landscape Nova Scotia

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Valerie Payn, President & CEO valerie@halifaxchamber.com

Mike Savage Mayor of The City of Halifax

I have previously spoken with Mike Savage in person and advised him of the dangerous work being done on the curb cutouts and he ignored me


Tracey's Landscaping

Please scroll down for photo gallery.


Deadly New Sidewalk and Curb Cut Out_0523Deadly New Sidewalk and Curb Cut Out_0517Deadly New Sidewalk and Curb Cut Out_0512

Click on any image in gallery for more options. Press F11 for full screen.


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