Parklane Mall Wheelchair Access Report Concerning Telus

The video below explains the serious hazards posed by these Telus signs being put on these very busy glass doors.

In the video you can see where the button is and why wheelchair users can no long safely get in to this mall. Also what I did not mention in the video is that when I am inside and trying to come out. Pushing the button opens both the inside door and the outside door at the same time. Often there are people standing outside in front of the power door. In the past I could see if anyone might get hit by the power door and vise versa, people out side could see me trying to get out. I could wave to them to alert them that I am going to open the doors.

Now I have to push the button and am surely going to hit people standing there with the power doors. The Telus signs also removed the stickers indicating that the doors at the end are automatic power doors.

If you read my previous power doors report, you will understand that all wheelchair power doors do not have electronic eyes to sense if someone is either standing in the way or is coming through the door.

I have informed Telus about this and I tried to notify Parklane Mall on Spring Garden Rd.


One thought on “Parklane Mall Wheelchair Access Report Concerning Telus”

  1. Update.. After speaking mall management, They have improved the situation slightly by removing some of the signage at the middle point of the doors.. But the other issues have not been resolved.

    Also I would like to mention that this mall does not have proper wheelchair accessible bathrooms..


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