City worker parks and blocks busiest sidewalk in Halifax in front of Public Gardens

Below you can see the photos and videos of this situation that I believe was a set up to entrap me. That may sound nuts. Because they have set me up before by deliberately blocking my access on public sidewalks. Like they had the bagpiper do on the waterfront public boardwalk. When I complained I endded up being severed with a Protection of Property Act barring me from most of the Halifax waterfront for one year. The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation LTD is an evil corrupt institution.

The first video is a typical wheelchair video report that I routinely do when I encounter situations. But just on the other corner there was three police officers. So before doing the video I choose not to speak to the city worker and instead I asked the Police if they could get this truck off the sidewalk as it was illegally parked and was blocking the sidewalk. The Police said they would speak to him. But never did. Then as I sat talking with some of the witnesses. The driver came out. So I asked him why was he blocking the sidewalk. He just kept smiling and just did not care nor respect the people of Halifax he was blocking. He said he did not want to blocking people from taking photos in front of the gates. I told him there was more then enough room to park his truck out of the way and that it would not block or interfere with anyone taking photos. He thinks people taking pictures is more important then blocking wheelchairs and people using the public sidewalk. So I told him I was going to turn on my video and record him.  See the second video. Then the Police came because I got loud to get peoples attention. The Police came and refused to give the driver a fine for illegally parking on the sidewalk.

Click on images for full size.

Public Gardens Pick up on sidewalk_2819Public Gardens Pick up on sidewalk_2820Public Gardens Pick up on sidewalk_2821Public Gardens Pick up on sidewalk_2822–cU

Below in gallery are just a few more of my photos showing for example how sidewalks in downtown Halifax are continuously blocked.

Click on images for more options.


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