This Is How Tim Hortons Mistreats Wheelchair Users VIDEO

This Is How Tim Hortons Mistreats Wheelchair Users

This is on the Halifax waterfront in Nova Scotia Canada.

I would like to add another comment. That is that this place is actually the only Tim Hortons that even has a power door for the disabled. If you go to any Tim Hortons in the Halifax area you will discover that Tim Hortons makes no efforts to accommodate the needs of the disabled and also people who need to use manual or power wheelchairs. That also includes not providing wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

I have previously done and written a very detailed report for the disabilities commission on issues pertaining to power doors. My very accurate and detailed report has been ignored by the city of Halifax and the building inspectors.

The city of Halifax government and the Nova Scotia governments have absolutely no desires or wishes to look into their lack of caring for the needs of the disabled.

Downtown Halifax only has two accessible bathrooms and they are located miles apart in two malls.

Have a look at the horrible sidewalks and curb cut outs in Halifax. Trying to have a social life and to get around in Halifax is almost impossible. The city does not care at all. The attitude of the City of Halifax and the people is absolutely terrible when it comes to the needs of the disabled.

The sidewalks in Halifax are HORRIBLE for wheelchair users.Tim Hortons Mistreats Wheelchair Users

The city is actually paying someone to walk around and spray paint white outlines of all the hazards on the broken sidewalks.

Everywhere you go in Halifax all you see is white paint everywhere.

What really amazes me is that the sidewalks never get fixed and I watch as the years go by and the white paint markings being to fade and disappear.

The City, even after being notified of very serious holes in the sidewalks will not go out and do any temporary repairs.

This City is disgusting how they do not take care of the sidewalks and also if you look where there are curb cuts outs for wheelchairs.

The curb cut outs are not safe to use. Are not properly constructed and most times the asphalt on the street at the cuts has huge holes. So trying to come down the overly steep cutouts and then having your small wheelchair wheels go into those asphalt holes is so very dangerous and scary.

If a wheelchair tips over, the weight of the chair will crush and disabled occupant and possibly cause death.


Readers comments and my responses.

  • L.J. Queen Good luck to you, that employee was a jerk
  • L.J. Queen Shouldn’t this be a building department or by-law enforcement issue?
  • Daniel J Towsey reply to L.J.Queen…. yes it should be but the building department has no clue and does not care what so ever to listen the disabled needs and concerns. This situation is a perfect example. Like I said in the video, it is not just my wheelchair rights but that also the set up in this Tim Hortons poses a danger to anyone else who comes to this place.
  • Like the doors swinging out and hitting people who come walking out from around the corner. While I am inside and trying to come out. I can not see if someone is coming around the corner. Not only that I can not wait to press the button for the second door because the timer on the first door is very quick and will not permit me to wait. There are no electronic eyes to see if I am in the doorway unlike what elevators doors have. Power doors should have safety systems built in and they do not.
  • Dimitri Dee Your in halifax? nice little town
  •  looks like there is a sky train rail behind the place? since when did halifax get sky trainss? or is that something else?
  • im all for these rights but this guy sounds like a dick, wheel chair or not, this guy thinks the world should stop for him.
  • maybe the people were busy. ever work in a restaurant? seriously? sometimes you just cant leave what your doing..unbelievable..this guy has every right to be upset, but hes going about it all wrong and in turn hes the one who looks like the idiot
  • Daniel J Towsey says… Dimitri your comment is just to stupid for me to respond too.
  • Veritas Luminarias It’s a private establishment… I was just debating about this sort of thing earlier when it came to minorities not having the same rights back in the 50’s and prior. Government has NO right whatsoever to dictate over individuals regardless of race, sex, creed, religion or background on how to play nice with others.
    However, any business also has the right to fail because of their bias towards or against individuals. For instance if a mom and pop store refuses to do business with Blacks then they can also deal with the general population not doing any transactions with them and thus fail. It’s really that simple. Forcing others at gunpoint to play nice with others is not only immoral but also just plain wrong.
  • Daniel j Towsey reply to Veritas Luminaries.
  • Yes it is a private establishment that is doing business with the public. This public place has to respect every ones rights that are guaranteed under law. The right for the disabled to be treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else. That means the right to be able to enter and leave with the same dignity afforded to able bodied that the disabled can safely enter and leave with no risk to to anyone. No business has any right to endanger any ones safety. The set up at this place is dangerous for anyone if a wheelchair tries to enter and leave.
  • Nadia Stepanek We are with you. Anyway high counters like in banks, pharmas have reason to make people feel small and now NWO most people will not make it, because of this poisoned, unhealthy world – elite wants only the strogest to be their slaves… And too many people dying from cancers, and other man made sickenesess.

    MaikeruDiron says
  • That’s a sin, this really should be updated =(
  • FolkPhotographer in reply to MaikeruDiron
  • what should be updated? Do you mean the way this place is set up?
  • Bob Renner says i agree ,you and just regular people can be hurt,for sure ankels,elbows are gonna get banged,and if two wheel chair operators are there at the sams time,well that situation would be very complicated,things will have to change.your a great man with so many obstacles just to do normal things thx for the info,very sad but interesting and can’t waite to see their solutoin to this

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