Halifax Police Involved In My Attempted Murder

Halifax Police and The Waterfront Development Corporation has now again Banned me from the Halifax Waterfront..

Just a side note here as to why the waterfront is so important to me. Halifax is a small town. I moved to downtown Halifax to be close to the waterfront because I can not travel on Halifax Metro Transit buses because they do not have  tie downs to secure wheelchairs. Halifax is almost complete not wheelchair accessible. I have no way to go visit anyone either to to socialize or due to the bus issues. So that all my socializing is done outside. In perticular on the waterfront. Many have sen all my photography and especially my folk videos of performers and buskers and also any outdoor news events that I have done videos of. http://TheVisionaryFolkPhotographer.com

So banning me from the waterfront where most people of Halifax go to enjoy life and to do their busker performance, deprives me of any ability to have any social life at all. Banning me is very cruel.

Learn much more about Canada’s History of the Corruption and Corporatization of all our governments and the outright theft of Canada, Here. http://CanadianSituations.wordpress.com

I am now wheelchair bound since the Halifax Police were complicit in the attempted murder of me when they were involved in driving a car over me several times, two and a half months after I witnessed the Halifax Police involvement in the death and robbery of a man on the Halifax waterfront during the Aug 2009 International buskers festival.

See scans of the documents they gave me below. You can click on the scan photos for full size and then right click to download them.

Below you can see and download the full high resolution photos of the official civic address and properties map of the Halifax Waterfront. You can view each photo in the manual slideshow and there you will be able to download the full 4000 by 3000 pixel images.

If you compare these photos to the scans that the Police gave me you will see that the maps I received form the Police are not correct and deliberately deceptive. That is because the Waterfront Development Corporation gave those scanned images to the Police. So this is a criminal offence by the waterfront development corporation to deceive the Police and The waterfront development corporation should be charged criminally.

If the Police do not charge the The Waterfront Development Corporation Limited for crimes of again submitting false documents to the Police. Then the Police are also engaged and involved in crimes  that obstruct justice.

Today, The day the Halifax Police Handed me this barring notice, they again violated my constitutional rights and committed a crime against me. I was standing in the area of scan M3 where the Police force me to leave and escorted me away. If you look at photo number 9 0f 19. You will see the property identified as 40536006 and 1617. This area has the tourist information center, The monument known as The Wave and the huge flag pole of the Canadian flag. If you look at the Police scan you will notice that they have provided me with false information. The official Halifax map shows beyond any question that the area I was standing on does NOT belong to The Waterfront Development Corporation Limited, and that the area is actually public property and not Private property.

All the photo scans that The Waterfront Development Corporations Limited provided to the Police are all fraudulent.

Yesterday I was at the same location where I was surrounded by many Police officers. I had my video camera recording our 25 minute discussion only to discover that the Police used some kind of electronic device to sabotage my camera so that my video was unviewable.

I was accompanied by this officer Cst Shawn Currie. He walked with me all the way to Spring Garden Rd. He assured me that I was not going to be banned from the waterfront.

In this video play list you will see the videos I was able to retrieve that I video taped before the police arrived. In the last two videos you will see the security guard harrassing me and following me. In the video where I was talking about the bagpipe busker, please understand that the the Waterfront Corp had used this busker to deliberately cause an issue by doing what he was told to do so that there would be an event to cause me to be banned from the waterfront.

Halifax Waterfront Developement Corporation Negligence


Clicking on this first video will play each video automatically.


Last year the Police also banned me from the waterfront for six months. Severed me with almost $1000 in fines for their claim that I returned to the waterfront to an area that I was banned from. I went too court earlier this year where they the court was completely rigged to that I could not submit my own full plea, I could not be heard on the recorded audio transcript, When I tried to speak about important issues I was spoken over loudly by both the judge and the dreadful prosecutor at the same time.

The trial was ended early and the judge assured me that there would be two more full days booked for my defense where I would then be able to question the Police. The next time I arrived at the court I was in front of a different judge and the prosecutor told the new judge that I was not guilty and I was denied due process and a chance for the first judge to continue my trial.

So now the Police and the waterfront development corporation are doing it all over again… Now they banned me for a whole year. Take notice that no reason is given in the paper the Police gave me for me being banned from the properties they fraudulently claim is privately owned by the waterfront corp.

Also please not that in the photos below of the official map. There is no deeds for any of the boardwalks. The boardwalks belong to the people just like any other sidewalk in the city. They are NOT private property.

Since last year I have tried everything to have justice done. All justice has been denied and subverted by all and including these people and organizations.

Fred Sanford. Director, Policing Services at the Provincial Justice Ministers Office.

James Butler Staff Sargent Halifax Police

Sgt. Sean Martin.

Legal Aid Jean Morris.

Mayor Mike Savage

Jennifer Watts HRM Councillor

Every Member of the Provincial Legislature.

MLA’s Contacts http://nslegislature.ca/index.php/people/addresses/

Leslie, Megan(New Democratic Party) Halifax, Nova Scotia  Leslie,M@parl.gc.ca  Federal

REGAN, Geoff (Liberal) Halifax West, Nova Scotia Regan.G@parl.gc.ca Federal

Federal Minister MACKAY, The Hon. Peter Gordon peter.mackay@parl.gc.ca

Federal and Provincial Members Contacts http://www.clcns.com/find%20your%20mp%20mla.htm

AND Many more including the Police Chief.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Manual slideshow. Please click on first image for more options. These are the full sized high resolution downloadable photos. Click to view full sized, you may need to click on image again for full size. Then right click to download it.

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Man Drowns at Halifax Buskers.pdf

Metro – Dartmouth man alleges ‘atrocious’ police response.pdf

You can also go to https://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com for many more articles about what the government of Nova Scotia, The Police, Metro Transit have done to me since I witnessed and reported on the event of the man drowning in August 2009.


How to assassinate a cyclist.pdf

Here is how Government Corruption Works in Nova Scotia.pdf

WARNING all visitors to Halifax Nova Scotia.pdf

Nova Scotias Protection of property act Is an act of communism.pdf

Beware of the Halifax waterfront deadly gang.pdf

Nova Scotia is not and has never been a democracy.pdf

No Truth Justice and Liberty in Nova Scotia.pdf

The barring documents below were given to me by Bicycle cop Cst. Shawn Currie.

PPA June 2013_0001

PPA June 2013_0002

PPA June 2013_0003 PPA June 2013_0004 PPA June 2013_0005PPA June 2013_0006

Readers comments;

Keep Em Straight says, Unbelievable my friend, no on second thought I do believe it. The nature of the beast often transcends all boundaries.. What you are talking about and asking to be fixed is only obvious, what’s wrong anyway. Are they displaying brain damage from some ailment like power & authority in the wrong hands.. Sounds familiar to me.

Nadia Stepanek says, Even in Canada are satanists.

Gary Smedley say, No matter what country, or what time in history, it all comes down to “who’s got the money honey”. My heart does go out to you. Don’t let it get to you.

Susie Tweed says, I can believe that. As I have experienced police brutality in the UK and I was the individual being harrassed BUT the local police knew and were friendly with my harrassers AND turned it onto me, trying to discredit myself and my family to cover an attack on myself. I have nt gone legal yet with it. Hope you are OK?

Daniel J Towsey Only my continuing of getting the publics attention can help me..

Susie Tweed Ok., fair wind be with you. I ll keep an eye out SHARED this info for you anyway. take care xx


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