A Plea for help I am disabled and trapped in my home UPDATED

A Plea for help.I am disabled and trapped in my home.UPDATED

written by Daniel J Towsey

January 28 2012

(Please see pictures Viewer comments and my responses at bottom of this post)

As some of you may know I am seriously disabled from having
a car deliberately drive over me several times back on Nov 22 2009.

I am writing this because I need help.

The government has refused to provide me with a s safe electric wheelchair.
They gave me one that now no longer works.

I am now imprisoned in my home and I can not go anywhere.

My wheelchair has been deliberately sabotaged.

The other day they took my wheelchair out and said it needed new batteries.
They brought it back and they never replaced the batteries.

The connector for the batteries (cable) has been arching
like an arc welder would do. My chair could of blown up or caught on fire.

Right now my wheelchair no longer has power.

The government wont fix my chair. I live in
Nova Scotia Canada where we have public health care.

The health care is supposed to provide electric wheelchairs for those
that need them.
I need a custom made wheelchair from the American
manufacturer called Bounder.

The chair is expensive but will last for
at least 15 years.

The chair cost $40,000.

The insurance company of
the woman who drove her car over is refusing to pay for anything.

The insurance company is ‘Economical Insurance’ I have enough food for
several weeks but in the event on a emergency I can not go out.

I live up high in a skyscraper. I can not use stairs. I can walk slowly for
short distances in my apartment. I can not walk out doors on slopes
with my walker.

I have a T8 compression fracture of 90%. yes this is
for real. I am in two pieces. I should be dead or paralyzed.
I could become paralyzed anytime if I fall.

I have a prosthesis in my right upper arm so most of my right upper
side muscles are dead.

I have more then nine broken ribs.
I have spinal neck injuries.
I lost my large intestine.
I have many other serious injuries.
I lost my large intestine.
I have many other serious injuries.

My life is filled with constant pain, discomfort and difficulties.

So please if you have any ideas on how you can help please contact me. at
thevisionary@rocketmail.com Thank You.

Please read this 15 page article that describes how horribly I have been treated by the governemnt and how

my wheelchairs has been deliberately been left in an unsafe ci=ondition. Also you will learn that my

chair has been deliberately sabotaged by so called wheelchair mechanics…




Also please note that I have been having these electrical problems with my chair for at least six months.

The authorities (government) have refused to listen to my concerns and they have refused to repair my chair properly.

I have advised them all along that I did not believe that my charging problems and the problems with my power indicator (remaining power indicator) on my chair not working properly is due to some connection problems between the charge plug and the batteries.

I asked them to check the connections and they ignored me.

They gave me a new $400 charger and it stopped working completely.

The company doing the repairs then said I needed new batteries that they bill the government $2000 for.

The wheelchair repair companies contracted to the government to do repairs are only concerned about profits.

My chair has had proximately $10,000 in shoddy or unnecessary repairs done in the past year.

The whole time I have had to deal with a very dangerous and uncomfortable chair.

The government is refusing to provide me with the new custom made chair I need..

They would rather make their insider crooks  have huge profits.

They are stealing money from the people.

Instead of providing me with a chair that has a ten year warranty and is made to fit my disabilities and injuries..

I need the safe and dependable  Bounder wheelchair.

I submitted the quote from Bounder for the custom made chair with all the information as to the customizing and why I need the customizations, to the government. They refused to even look at why I need this chair made that way.

Correction: I just found a picture taken about nine months ago of the batteries.

The batteries have been replaced but the bottom of the new batteries have alot of

rust on them so I wonder if they actually put new batteries in..

Stay tuned I will be unloading the pictures later today.


Claudia Zunker We would love to be able to help, but we live to far away,

so I have shared this story in the hope that someone in closer proximity can be of assistance.

Keep the faith my friend, help always arrives when you need it the most!

Daniel J Towsey I have been on the phone all day… no one cares and the company called

‘Medichair’ 902-484-2002 that fixed my chair refuses to do any more repairs..

Lawtons in Dartmouth is the only other repair shop and they to are criminally incompetent

and I can not do any business with them. So I have no place in Halifax Nova Scotia that can do

wheelchair repairs. Which shows why I need a new wheelchair.

I have spoken with Global television 902- 481-7400,

CTV news 902-454-3200,

and CBC news 902-420-4100…

They all have not indicated that they will do a story.

My Member of Legislative Assembly (provincial) Howard Epstein 902-425-8521

and Federal Member of Parliament Megan Leslie NDP 902-426-8691 have not returned my calls….

The situation is dangerously bad.. I am a prisoner in my home..


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