Time To Empower Private Security To Issue Handicapped Parking Violations

There is a a huge over sight by governments concerning Handicapped parking spaces provided on private properties, this also includes on government properties.

At present there is no way to enforce the handicapped parking spaces laws by issuing parking violations on private property.

Private property owners can not call on the local Police as the local Police will do nothing because there are at present no laws to empower the Police for that same reasons I am indicating.

Another reason the private security needs to be empowered is to facilitate and create a means for private property owners to be able to enforce our laws in an easy way that does not require the management to be involved. Management has more important this to do.

At this time management does nothing about infractions because the local governments have not enacted the necessary regulations, bi-laws procedures or ACTS, to make it possible for private security to write up parking violations..

Many people do not know or understand why special extra wide handicapped parking spaces are necessary.

It is very simple.. Many disabled people like me use large walkers or us folding wheelchairs that require the car doors to be opened all the way to get these devices out.

Another reason that people are more familiar with are vehicles that carry power wheelchairs need to be able to drop their wheelchair ramps…

Also there needs to be a notice on the handicapped parking signs indicating the amount of the fines violators will receive for infractions.

Thank you for reading this… Sincerely Daniel J Towsey


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