Out of Control Alcohol Consumption In Halifax Commons At Charity Baseball

This is a big report with much evidence of this baseball event that uses the charity thing to have permission to get drunk in a public park right beside the children’s swimming pool, play grounds and skate park.

There was no control mechanism in place to control people bringing in their own alcohol or leaving with open alcohol in their hands.

Nor was their any control mechanism in place for age restrictions.

Then also these people who were drinking getting into their cars and driving down the the pedestrian trail endangering everyone. No proper security to control access to this event, letting underage people come in. permitting people to bring coolers full of their own alcohol. Selling alcohol to minors. etc.

4 Commons beer july 20 2014_1167

Municipal Alcohol Policies



Liquor License_1179

The Alcohol and Gaming Division of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations is the regulatory body charged with administering Part II of the Gaming Control Act, parts of the Liquor Control Act, and the Theatres and Amusements Act. In broad terms, the Division is responsible for licensing and regulating liquor, gaming, and amusement activities, and ensuring these activities are conducted with honesty and integrity and in the best interest of the general public.

The links below will help you find the information you need related to the licensing and regulation of liquor, gaming, and theatres and amusement activities in Nova Scotia.



Liquor Licensing Regulations

made under Section 50 of the

Liquor Control Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 260

O.I.C. 2007-445 (August 17, 2007), N.S. Reg. 365/2007

as amended up to O.I.C. 2014-28 (January 28, 2014), N.S. Reg. 15/2014

Table of Contents



7 Commons beer july 20 2014_1173

Please note that I will be doing screen captures and video timeline lists notes of the videos below so you will be able to easily find relevant information from these videos.

Most videos below were taped at approximately 9:00 AM on the 20th. Before the event was fully in operation.

NOTE: More videos to be uploaded.

Out of Control Alcohol Consumption In Halifax Commons At Charity Baseball

This first video done at 9 am July 20 2014

3:45 interview passerby

Drinking Alcohol then driving on The Halifax Commons Pedestrian Trail

The beginning of this second video was done at 9 am July 20 2014 and the clips of vehicles was recorded at the end of the day on July 19 2014

This video is early in the day before the crowds fill the pedestrian path, but this video shows many people and children crossing the sidewalk and entering the path which proves that cars driving on this path is a serious safety hazard.

2:05 Car coming out onto crosswalk

2:25 another vehicle driving on trails while pedestrians were there.

2:48 another vehicle driving over crosswalk

01 Commons beer july 20 2014_1121

Cars Driving on Halifax Commons Pedestrian Trail

2Halifax Commons beer july 20 2014 passerby interview

Lense cap on till 1:59

I am speaking to the operators that are behind the fence, telling them I am not pleased with people drinking in the park, getting in their cars and driving on the trail in the park after drinking alcohol.

3Halifax Commons beer july 20 2014 giving beer to minors

 4Halifax Commons beer july 20 2014 Police Conversation 

This video recorded at approximately 9:45 am

One phone talking to Police dispatch until

3:26 when Police van arrives and I start my conversation with the officers.

Wheelchair Cam Speaking To Halifax Police About Beer At The Halifax Commons


5Halifax Commons beer july 20 2014 Talking to Police

Click on any image for more options. Press F11 for full screen.



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