Heritage Park Wheelchair Report

I just recently visited Heritage Park on Bisset rd in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia.

Public transit to get to this is route 61. But where you have to get off the bus is far away from the entrance to the park. Go to Portland St then cross over to Bisset Rd.Then go down the sidewalk on Bisset road until you reach the end and then go across the street to the gravel driveway. That is an entrance to the park. Then follow the gravel dust path.

The park is absolutely huge and beautiful. It has excellent trails, most of which are wheelchair accessible.

But there is a great danger to wheelchair users in this park.

All the relatively low slope and level paths are covered with fine smooth gravel dust.

But there are several very steep grades on some of these paths.

The problem and danger is as follows.

The steep slopes are poorly built and have larger rough gravel that is very slippery for wheelchairs and very rough.

These large gravel slopes cause the the wheelchairs to spin their tires in the loose rough gravel making it very dangerous.

Please understand that wheelchairs are maneuvered by a balancing act. If one wheel looses its traction. The other wheel will immediately cause the chair to turn, as the wheel that still has traction means that the wheelchair user will have no control over the steering of the chair on loose rough gravel.

Also these slopes need to be straight and not with turns. If the slopes are not straight, that causes the casters on the front of the chairs not to be able to stay going straight, meaning the  lose of control. Also the slopes are not horizontal which means that because the path is beveled from right to left. So that again the wheelchairs casters will turn sideways and go off the path.

If a wheelchair user arrives on the top of a downward slope and starts going down they suddenly realizes the danger they are in. They can not stop, back up or turn around to go back up the slope to avoid the danger. Once the chair is on the loose gravel slope it is impossible to back up or even stop as the gravel is too loose. This can actually cause serious danger of injury since there is no way to control the chair. Even if you have people trying to help you they also will not be able to get enough footing or be able to hold the weight of the wheelchair.

Please I am warning anyone in wheelchairs to understand the dangers of the sections of steep sloped paths in Heritage park. I think that the park should be avoided by wheelchair users until these sections of slopes are made safe.

Please note that all the sloped parts of the paths with gravel are too dangerous and offer almost no traction for electric wheelchairs and some have large rocks or tree roots obstructing and interfering with traction for wheelchairs.

There are several wooden bridges on the trails and some of which need to have gravel put down to make them level so wheelchairs can get up on the wood.

So I unfortunately have to advise wheelchair users to not go to this park.

Heritage Park_3201Heritage Park_3177The bathroom is excellent and wheelchair accessible but it is located far from the main entrance and there are no signs in the park that point to the location of the bathroom. So if you need to go, you will not know where the bathroom is unless you come by it by chance. And you need to bring your own toilet paper. Also the park has no drinking fountains.

Bathroom_3086 Bathroom_3093

Other wise please go to this link to see the photo gallery and videos of this beautiful park.



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