Ten years and Halifax Metro Transit still wont fix these bus stops

Below you can see the photos with descriptions and see how Halifax metro transit just does not care

to do the necessary work to remedy the problems with these bus stops.

Metro Transit put corporate profits from signage before the rights of the disabled.

Please see this related article about the same bus stops in winter.

Metro Transit Deliberately Blocks Wheelchair Access – See Pictures




Laura Ludwig says

Darn it Daniel, have a heart. How are these politicians going to pay for their drugs, prostitutes, yachts, cars, mansions, big parties, etc. – if they are wasting their money on the little useless eaters like us. I hope there is a nice warm spot saved for them all in H3ll.

Daniel J Towsey says

I am sorry..  I should find a hole to crawl into.. But I have to make sure it is close to their offices and be sure the hole is open so the stink of my rotting body can give them a pleasant scent….


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