Please Help Me This Is Do Or Die for REAL

This is for real. I need someone  or any humanitarian organization to help me and to get public exposure.

This is a very real drama that may cost me my life if you do not help me. I am known as ‘A Truth Soldier’ and ‘The Visionary Folk Photographer”

My audio-video testimony for photo below .

Please Help Me ‘This Is Do Or Die’ for REAL

Click on image below for full size and right click to download.

Copy of IMG_7691

At the link below you can hear and see the full documented history and record of how real this is and what those in the government  have done to me for being an activist and blogger..

 Please scroll down for viewer comments.

“Truth is absolute

and the farther you

go from truth.


The sooner you

arrive at the

opposite absolute.



Those who avoid

truth are INSANE.’


My heart goes out to you with a special prayer for your plight. I feel you have suffered and are being persecuted. I hope for you, that you get the support and respect you deserve. I live in Australia and am not informed regarding your laws and regulations. I cannot believe that there is not one compassionate, caring human in your country that will step up for you and make a stand to help you!


Thank you..prayers is what I need

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