CTV NEWS Wheelchair Protest Spring Garden Rd Halifax


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This post is still under construction. I will insert a photo gallery and videos that show them deliberately blocking the sidewalks.

In this video you well hear the complete CTV NEWS interview that was not reported to the public.

They unblocked the sidewalk. Faked a CTV news story. Just another cover up.

and almost got away with hiding the fact that they have been constantly and deliberately blocking all the sidewalks with snow so I could not go anywhere…
If you go to http://WheelchairRights.wordpress.com you will see the post with the same title as this video where I will post other videos and photos to prove that they have been deliberately blocking all the sidewalks around the area of my apartment building with snow.

I am also denied the ability to use any public transit services or wheelchair transportation services.

Then go see my reports about them endangering my life by sabotaging my power wheelchair. add to that my being denied ALL medical care..

You will begin to see the picture of what is going on here in this SO corrupted place…
I am an activist and they are targeting me..
If you keep searching my history you can read my previous article “How to assassinate a cyclist”
There you will learn how they drove a car over me several times trying to kill me but God had other plans.

I am now having to use a power wheelchair to get out of my home.

Want to know when they started targeting me and why?

Please read my article “Corrupt Canadian Elections” where you will learn why they are targeting me.

You will learn how they rig our elections, stole our country by taking it over by corporate criminals…

Please see this previous report that has photos and videos showing the blocked sideswalks.


In this video below you will see videos I did just before arriving at Spring Garden Rd.

Halifax Citadel High School Snow Plows Block Public Sidewalks

Snow at Curbs Blocks Wheelchair Access in Halifax


All Sidewalk Curb Cutouts Always Blocked With Snow in Halifax

Snowplows Deliberately Block Sidewalks In Halifax

Wheelchair Report – Bobcats plowing sidewalks



Halifax Bus Drivers Union In violation of human rights and endangering the disabled


 Please HELP listen to disabled wheelchair user on telephone pleading for his life and safety


Filmed by  Daniel J Towsey, The Visionary Folk Photographer is A Truth Soldier

http://HempTruth.wordpress.com Cancer Cure.

See my Model Photography Portfolio at

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articles in whole form only.
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CTV NEWS Wheelchair Protest


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