Vehicles Blocking Sidewalks

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Below in the photo gallery are just a few of my many photos showing how people continuously block sidewalks so wheelchairs can not get past. This is occurring because the police never give out any fines to people blocking and parking on sidewalks.

IMG_1621 Have a look at this post. 

City worker parks and blocks busiest sidewalk in Halifax in front of Public Gardens

Wheelchair Report – Nova Scotia Power Blocks Boardwalk at Halifax Ferry Terminal

Corrine Dauphinee Mischiek need of this!!!

Joshua Eaton No need of this going the way it is…. this guy needs to calm down…. they are not mistreating him… he is verbally assaulting them and uttering threats…. its a criminal offence…

Nicole States I think this guy, like many others, is a accurate representation of the deep, deep anger towards Nova Scotia Power. This affliction runs deep for Nova Scotians, in many many ways, we are being criminalized in our own communities. The great multitude of ways that this is affecting our province and it’s people has not even begun to be internalized as an actuality by the majority of Nova Scotians. Could he have moderated his anger a little better? Ofcourse, and so could many members of this group. The truth about this video, is that it is a reflection of how many people are feeling.

IMG_7471IMG_4297Just another vehicle blocking the sidewalk Wheelchair Cam

Certainly Cinnamon_2350

I will continuously be adding more photos.

Click on images for more options.Press F11 for full screen.


Tracy Lynn says, I have a son that uses a wheelchair. & I parked behind a truck in front of the Midtown that was parked in a wheelchair spot unloading stuff for the tavern & I dropped my son off in the metro center & when I came back out I had gotten a ticket because my van wasnt completely all in the spot!!! That’s because buddy that was delivering in the truck took up all if the wheelchair spot!!! Couldn’t believe that this happened!!!


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