Nova Scotia Government Will Not allow Me To Get The Specialized Power Wheelchair I Need

Nova Scotia Government Will Not Allow Me To Get The Specialized Power Wheelchair I Need

Written by Daniel J Towsey

March 25, 2012

Hello Reader.

I am writing this as a public record of my continuing difficulties with the Government of Nova Scotia and all other Government agencies and services at any level. Be it provincial or municipal.

This will be to show that the Policies and actions of all governments are knowingly and deliberately violating my human rights and the human rights of all disabled people in Nova Scotia.

As Canada is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on Human Rights of the disabled. You can learn more about it at this link.

The issues and difficulties I have experienced with dealing with governments here, have been very long, difficult and very cruel.

The governments here have historically been discriminating against the rights of all disabled peoples to be able to live and free and independent life.

I am writing this particular article of truth about my need for a specialized wheelchair.

It would take a book to write everything I have been through in dealing with the government and my trying to get a safe power chair to use.

I will try my best to keep this article short. But that will be very difficult to do and not lose the context of this article.

I will now give you a few serious examples of how the government here knowingly violates my human rights and does not care.

The more I try to as-cert my human rights the more the government further violates my human rights.

Trying to write here and now about my need for the specialized Bounder wheelchair that is not mass produced and is not made by any other company would take to long to explain.

Please understand that I live on my own, by myself and I have no relatives in this country except two daughters. I have no one to give any help.

So I have to appeal to the people of this world to do what they can to help me get the wheelchair I need and must have.. I presently have an indoor wheelchair that I am using outdoors. This wheelchair is injuring me every time I use it as it has no shock absorbing suspension, is not water proof, etc, etc.

There are many other very serious problems with my present mass produced and defectively produced wheelchair.

You can learn much about it if you read my lengthy article here . You will learn about the criminality and theft of the peoples money and how the government is involved and refused to remedy the situation. I have now contacted the Auditor General of Nova Scotia and they have begun an investigation in the serious unaccountability of spending money on services for power wheelchairs costing millions of wasted dollars.  I will be writing an article on that issue soon.

Below you will see some scans that will show just how horribly the government and community services has been treating me and how they are doing every thing they can to keep me from getting the wheelchair I absolutely need.

The chair I am using now is posing  a very serious risk of leaving me paralyzed as my T-8 spine is fractured by 90% so that means I am in two pieces. I can not take the violent and painful jolts my present wheelchair is causing me. I am now more at risk because my present chair has caused me more injuries.No matter how carefully I try to drive this chair.

This scan below is a combination of the front and back of the letter they sent me very recently. They sent me this as a result of my submitting to them the fully completed quote from the Bounder wheelchair manufacturer. That quote was completed in October 2011.

Community services is refusing to assess this quote and  will not acknowledge anything that indicates that I need this chair. They also will not accept that no one else can make this specialized chair.

I will soon be writing my letter of response to community services about this letter they just sent me and I will be publishing it online. So stay tuned it will be a very revealing letter.

Please note that the front page of this letter below was basically blank and did not indicate who sent it. I superimposed the back side to the front side. So where the line starts saying “We have” is the paste from the back of the letter.

It is obvious that no one at community services wants to he held accountable for their actions in sending me this letter. But I can tell you now that it was sent to me after my recent conversation I had with the supervisor at Community services (Tammy Hamilton) which the location is indicated at the bottom scan (below) of them banning me from entering their property.

Here is the first scan. I will further explain what you are seeing in this scan below the picture of it and in my up coming response letter about it. So please read on. Thank You.

Any who read this letter (above) can clearly see that it is an impossibility for anyone to do everything they claim is necessary to achieve my goal of getting the wheelchair I need.

Plus dear readers do understand that most disabled people would never be able to do everything that is noted in this letter.

If the government here really wanted to abide by the U.N. treaty for people with this disabilities it would assign, hire, and pay for any and all of what it is requesting.

I can not accept that the government that is supposedly run by highly educated professionals, can not provide the means for me to get the chair I absolutely need.

So this letter (scan) proves beyond any anything that the government is deliberately not providing the means for me or anyone else that is disabled and handicapped to receive what they need to protect their health, lives, and their ability to live with the same freedoms and dignity that everyone else has.

Please be sure to read my response letter i will be writing after this. It will really explain things will.

So now below is the scan of their banning  me from entering the building where Community Services is Located.

I very rarely go to this property as getting there for me is very painful and I usually can not get there due to weather conditions.

I went there in person because getting the supervisor Tammy Hamilton on the telephone is almost impossible. She NEVER answers her telephone. Will rarely if ever answer my messages and if she does it can be a week or more later.

Over the past several months most of her recordings always indicated that she would be out of the office for a week or more. So that in the past she seems to work maybe ten percent of the time.

So upon arrive at Community services they advised me of their rule that no one is permitted to see anyone at this community services office unless they already have an appointment with that person.

But as you can see from my comment. That is impossible.

I have a crushed rib cage and breathing is very difficult so that I have to breath very aggressively to speak. The more I speak the louder I get has my breathing gets more difficult. I have to use my controlling my volume to be able to force my lungs to open and close.

Anyway no one at the community services would serve me or see me.

So I was very upset about this impossible situation and then the security guard further adds to the situation by screaming at me and threatening me.

He like everyone else at community services just do not care about peoples rights.

The security guard called the Police and then I went outside to speak with them.

I was then handed the notice below that I am now banned from the property. And again the Police like all other government agencies showed me again that they care not what so ever to remedy any difficulties anyone has with the government.

To be a real peace officer, one needs to be able to be a mediator and not a dictator. But the Police are not peace officers. They are just agents of a tyrannical and oppressive government. A government that is not the peoples democratic government. The governments here are corporations and their only interests is to serve the dictates of corporations.

So this notice shows that the government only cares about itself and please know that all government employees only care about the wonderful standard of live they receive for being paid by us the people. So why are they permitted to live such a wonderful life and are refusing to alow me to even get the wheelchair I need so I can also go outside and participate in social activities?

This is so unfair. I hope you the readers will start telephoning the Nova Scotia government and ask them why they are violating my human rights and why policies make it impossible for me to live free and with dignity like everyone else has.

We in Nova Scotia have a public health care and as such anyone who needs a wheelchair must get it from the public health system.Please ask the minister of health why it is that my health is being endangered by not providing me with the specialized wheelchair I need. Than You.

Minister of Health for the Province of Nova Scotia 424-4310

Wheelchairs and all other health devices for the disabled are paid for by community services which is a provincial department.

Please be advised that the government deceives the people into believing that people here can only get wheelchairs from charities.

So the government here operates and fully funds its cover agency. That being Easter Seals. Easter Seals is a government agency for all intents and purposes.

Please contact the Nova Scotia government Minister of Community Services office and ask them why they are not providing and paying for the means for disabled Peoples to get the things they need.

Minister of Community Services (902) 424-4304 or try 424-4325 

 Contact Easter Seals at (902) 453-6000

Dear readers please note that most disabled people are so disabled that they can not even use a computer do any of the things I am doing here to try and receive what I need.

So my efforts here are not just for me they are for the rights of all disabled persons in Nova Scotia or any where else.

United Nations Human Rights Commission in Toronto 1-866-342-2873 

Thank you everyone.


Nova Scotia Government Will Not allow Me To Get The Specialized Power Wheelchair I Need.pdf


Jordan McDonald Then make it happen yourself.

Daniel J Towsey So I have now been banned from entering the Community services office buildings…

Daniel J Towsey make what happen myself?

Jordan McDonald The elimination of dependency on a government.

Daniel J Towsey Oh really…the government controls you are not understanding that i am disabled and unable to work or do most for you knowledge..the wheelchair I need costs $40,000. it is expensive because it is not mass produced..

Jordan McDonald The government controls what you let it control. Can you grow weed? 40k is only 20 pounds 🙂

Jordan McDonald My point is you will have much more success reaching out to people/hearts in your life than a soulless institution.

Daniel J Towsey Oh …well why do you think I wrote this..otherwise if you have any ideas on anyone that will pay that chair then please let me know..I am all ears

Daniel J Towsey Grow are not getting the point you not understand what diasbled means..duhhhhhh

Daniel J Towsey News..they do not give a dam……this is Nova Scotia..where there has never been any activists or protests to help the disabled until I came along..I am all alone doing this..

Lynda Peckham My sympathies are with you Daniel,having worked with with people with disabilities,who are confined to wheelchairs and fully dependant on the help and goodwill of others.This is the way of our cruel,desensitised,mercenary world.These little,soulless people could not spend one day in your situation,perhaps they should!! Wishing you well will send love and Universal Healing to you………..Eternity is Now

Jordan McDonald Well you can play with dirt from a chair. You seem to be able to operate a keyboard. I don’t really know the limitations of your condition.

Get me a pre formatted e-mail and subject line and I will send one with you. With enough focus you may get some tv attention 🙂 Clearly the gov doesn’t wanna hand over 40k cause they are broke.

Daniel J Towsey I provided the telephone numbers to phone and no one phones….

Daniel J Towsey Jordan you need to use your own words and ideas when contacting the media..not my words.. I have written enough that explains things.. I can do nothing about you not being able to write or communicate your own words of support.

Jordan McDonald Humans have turned into visual learners. This is why seeing something on a television screen works better.

Jordan McDonald Get a youtube interview with yourself up. Make your own news report if possible. Sadly I am not in the area or I would help 😦 People connect with you when they can see you. If 300 people e-mailed them the same thing they would pay attention. 1 e-mail will get tossed out.

Daniel J Towsey emails to news media is a waste of time.. the media will not report anything if no one is involved and no one cares.

Daniel J Towsey Thank you Lynda Peckham

Daniel J Towsey Jordan I truly am not enjoying your comments…

Daniel J Towsey Jordan deletted is comments..but good thing I have them..You can read them at my post to see why i did not like them…He really did not offer anything but criticism even if he thinks they were good intentioned.


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