This Is Why Power Wheelchairs Need Highly Visible Flags



As most people have seen. Most electric wheelchairs are equipped with after market visibility flags.

So now I will explain why they are absolutely necessary for anyone who goes outside while riding an electric wheelchair.

I am an experienced truck driver.

I have noticed that most vehicle drivers are very dangerous drivers for when they are about to make a turn onto another street.

They will quickly scan from left to right and will then enter into an intersection.

Many will then just keep looking in one direction because they did not see anything coming to their left like that bicycle.

Then the driver floors their accelerator and run over the the cyclist they did not see. Dumb drivers never look both ways again before pulling out.

This is why many bicyclists get hit, run over and often killed.


Because the drivers do not look for or see cyclists.

When a cyclist is coasting along, like when coming down a hill. The cyclist is not moving their body and if the road is perfectly smooth. The bike is not bouncing.

So when drivers take quick looks. They do not see the cyclist because there is no visible movement noticeable when a car driver only takes a very quick look.

These drivers never take a second look around to be safe. If they did, they would most likely notice that something has changed.

They would then notice that there is a cyclist much closer now.

As some of you may know. I was riding my mountain bicycle down a hill on November 22nd 2009 and was hit and run over by a driver making a left turn.

Leaving me with very serious multiple internal injuries that I now require the us of a power chair to get around outside.

Just like the scenario I presented above. Wheelchairs are the same.

When I am coming down a sidewalk or down a road towards a driveway, street crossing. Drivers will not notice me if I am in a wheelchair that at a quick glance does not appear to be moving (forward).

Which is why flags are absolutely necessary.

People using electric wheelchairs are often forced to go on the street when sidewalks do not have proper and safe curb cut out ramps at intersections.

Or when drivers park their vehicles on and obstructing sidewalks. Delivery trucks do this all the time.

Pedestrians pose serious hazards.

Now I also would be in serious danger of people walking right into my chair and landing on top of me when I am coming towards them on a sidewalk.

The biggest hazard is the brain dead texting and walking zombies. They wont even see the warning flags.

But when I am on a very busy sidewalk with people walking in front of me in the same direction I am moving.

The other people on the sidewalk walking towards me can not see me sitting in my chair because the people in front of me are blocking their view of me.

So those people coming towards me will usually step around the people in front of me and then will walk right into my chair because they could not see me.

My head is much lower then the people in front of me. Which again is why flags are absolutely necessary while on busy sidewalks.

Wheelchairs are also in need of these other necessary safety devices, as reflectors, driving and rear lights. As well as high and low volume horns.

crosswalk curb_0753Sears_4478IMG_5554AAIMG_1621FedUpWithFedExIMG_2495


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