The Welsford Apartments Nightmare (CAPREIT)

The Welsford Nightmare_009_

UPDATE May 15 2015

CAPREIT just served me with a quit order and has given me 15 day to move out… They did not like that I had Global television here when I was on the news about being imprisoned all winter because they would not keep the entrances clear of snow all winter long..I just spent 7 months trapped in my apartment…

The Welsford is a ticking time bomb and soon people will die in this building all because CAPREIT is criminally negligent.

JOIN this facebook group. CapREIT: Canada’s Landlord of Negligence


This post will be staying online for reference and to serve as a guide for disabled people, concerned citizens and property owner. end of update.


The coroner had ruled that construction faults, improper repairs, and infrequent maintenance all contributed to his death, which could have been avoided.


In the numerous reports below you well see undeniable proof of the constant endangerment of the health and safety of all tenants at The Welsford Apartments at 2074 Robie St in Halifax Nova Scotia.

CAPREIT is mainly concerned with cosmetic appearances rather then having qualified experienced responsible professionals promptly doing proper high quality work for the safety and care of the tenants of The Welsford Apartments..

UPDATE Dec 2014. We now have a new building manager and a new maintenance guy. The manager is much better and is slowly making better changes… So hopefully that well mean that I well have to do less reports about this building… But I will leave this post up for future reference and to aid property owners and anyone else who cares about the needs of disabled people.

UPDATE March 20 2015.. things have not improved much..the problem is with the regional manager Tracy Lilly being completely incompetent and never doing here job to oversee the care and maintenance of this property…

After you review all the evidence I am now in the process of uploading and posting below, I think you will be in agreement with me in thinking that maybe this building is unfit to live in and maybe it needs to be condemned.

I am posting this to warn anyone that have mobility issues NOT to move into The Welsford Apartments building on 2074 Robie St in Halifax.

I will do continued updates if and or when events warrant it..

This building is owned by CAPREIT.


11 Church Street, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1W1
Tel: (416) 861-9404
Fax: (416) 861-9209

Here is the link to their executive offices and phone numbers in Toronto Ontario.

Corporate Officers


Please be advised that there is a CAPREIT in the USA that is also in the same type of business as CAPREIT in Canada. The US company is not affiliated with the Canadian CAPREIT.. They are two completely separate corporations.

Below is a series of documentary videos and many detailed testimonials by me of the dangers of living at this almost sixty year old ‘The Welsford’ apartment building in Halifax Nova Scotia..

I will be compiling  some of my previous Wheelchair Rights Video Reports  and photographic documentation I did previously with this series.

I will also be including issues that are not necessarily related to wheelchair users or disabled people but still impacts everyone.

You are about to see the evidence of floods in the underground garage, huge cracks opening up the whole length of the underground garage ceiling,

rotting food and garbage debris in the underground,

Old furnishings piled up constantly in the underground garage that they leave there for months at a time,

The garbage shoot having garbage backed up to the sixth floor stinking out the whole building for two months,

Constant break downs of the elevators,  people frequently being trapped sometimes for hours in the elevators, and the emergency telephones have not functioned for three plus years. The were repaired as of Nov 2014.

Frequent  water and power interruptions  occurring several times a a month, no clearing or salting of snow and ice on the exterior walks and drives.

Broken glass on the underground ramp that they refuse to sweep up immediately.


The Welsford Apartments Nightmare Continues… April 28 reports.

March20 2015 collage

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare Series – Nails and Screws Causing Flats

Published on Mar 26, 2015

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare – The Horror Continues

Published on Mar 21, 2015

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare Series – Be Warned

Published on Mar 21, 2015

Trapped in my Apartment Building Can not go outside with my power chair

Published on Feb 20, 2015

Stay tuned I am now doing another report. I am now trapped in the building for an indefinite time because it is raining outside..

The elevators have been turned off and well stay off for an unknown time..stay tuned I am putting together a video report to be upload soon, it is now December 10 2014 evening.

Please note that I am very fortunate that I was not trapped outside of the building.

Trapped in Apartment Building – The Welsford Apartments Nightmare

(video coming soon) UPDATE.. I have decided not to make my  video report public, but  can provide the unlisted link to the video for some  select people if need be, here is the title of the report. ‘I Am Trapped In The Building – The Welsford Apartments Nightmare‘ .

Instead I will do a write up about this incident that appears to be an unpreventable flooding event and I am still at this time trapped and I have not seen anything for my self. This has now been over 24 hours.. I have contacted city safety inspectors to look into this situation… to be con’t.

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare Series – No Heat in Common Areas

Here is what is needed.


Chronicle Herald: Low-income tenants demand Halifax license landlords

Posted May 14, 2014

Nova Scotia ACORN


Nova Scotia ACORN

ACORN Canada is an independent national organization of low and moderate income families with 59,000+ members in 20+ neighbourhood chapters across 9 cities. 

We believe that social and economic justice can best be achieved with a national active membership who are invested in their organization and focused on building power for change!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your campaigns decided?
ACORN Canada’s organic organizing process allows community based chapters to identify local concerns and run campaigns on neighbourhood issues.  Each of the neighbourhood chapters elects a leadership that sit on one of our city wide boards; this body identifies and plans city-wide campaigns.  Each city-wide board elects members to the national board to sets our national agenda.

What makes ACORN Canada different than an advocacy organization?
Whereas Canada has many great and successful advocacy organizations, ACORN Canada provides something different: a membership based organization of low income families.  We are based on more of what you could call ‘community unionism’ than an advocacy approach.

How is ACORN Canada funded?
ACORN Canada is primarily funded by our membership through member dues.  We also receive some foundation grants, labour union funding, and support from individual donors.

How does ACORN Canada relate to ACORN International and countries like India, Peru and Mexico that have “ACORN” offices?
ACORN Canada is a member of ACORN International, an international federation of organizations that utilize ACORN-style community organizing to build democratic organizations of low and moderate income families.

How does ACORN Canada relate to ACORN in the United States?
ACORN Canada is an independent national organization in Canada, but we draw on the proud history and tradition of ACORN USA.

see multiple reports here:

Nova Scotia ACORN Members Demand a Strengthening of Tenants’ Rights

An Open Letter to MLA Candidates
ACORN members and their allies are coming together to demand a strengthening of tenants’ rights in Nova Scotia. We have identified three key changes that the next government can enact immediately:
·      Bring back rent control to Nova Scotia by re-implementing the Rent Review Act.
·      Revising the Residential Tenancy Act to allow to tenants’ to file a collective complaint against their landlord.


Here I will be posting updates if things are being repaired.

November 15 2013 ……Loose mats on elevator floors were removed and new proper permanent flooring installed.

November 22 2013 …..Electric wall receptacle with an independent circuit installed in my living-room for my electric wheelchair.

                                      Thermostat moved to shady wall but after trying it. The heat still can not be controlled. It still stays to cold or the heat still goes to full power and stays                  there and over heats my apartment. 

November 28 2013. I still can not use the electric heat in my apartment.


Bedroom window_5586

Outdoor lighting that constantly is not on, windows with broken seals, no heat in the hallways,out dated electrical system with aluminium wiring.

CAPREIT, as is standard for them have done a cosmetic upgrade to the light fixtures, and wall receptacles 

I am afraid that they have been attaching copper wired fittings directly in contact with the aluminium wiring.

There is not enough wiring circuits and the ones here are to long and the plugs are to few and to far apart.

Forcing people to create electrical spiders of extensions and power bars.

That puts a big demand on this old and unsafe aluminium wiring with their new receptacles and fixture made for copper wiring.

That is a fire time bomb.

If you read this article at this link you can learn why this is so very dangerous and creates a firetrap.

Is it Safe to Connect Aluminum and Copper Wiring? 

I have been trapped in the elevator when it stopped between floors. I think the loose rubber floor mat moved under the door and caused the elevator to stop.

People often being trapped in the elevators for hours, the emergency phones in the elevators do not work. It gets even worse.

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare Pigeon Shit on Balconies

About the fire drills and being in a wheelchair.

They send out notices about when they are having fire drills and give instructions as what to do in the event of an actual fire. But to my surprise there was nothing to advise wheelchair users who can not go down the elevators, as the elevators turn off when the alarm sounds.


Another problem with freezing cold in the halls and heating costs. I repeatedly asked management to turn off the powerful fans in the elevators that all winter long blow cold air into every floor where the doors open. The fans draw in air from the freezing cold unheated elevator shafts.

Some people my not know that with most of the tenants in this building having to pay for their own heat. This apartment building owner saves a lot of money. All other apartment buildings I have ever been in have a central heating system.

So that here these owners are making a much bigger profit margin on their very expensive rental fees. I live alone in a one bedroom and my power bills are prorated at $250 a month. That is a huge cost.

balcony window_5587

Please watch these videos if you care about the endangering of people in a building that has continuous problems due to poor managements and hazardous electrical repairs, just to name a few.. I highly recommend that no one move into this 60 year old 23 story building.

This is a public notice I have been given permission by head office of CAPREIT in Toronto to ahead and publish everything I know. I advised them and gave due notice before publishing this. They are now aware of all the content I am about to reveal and CAPREIT does not care….about the safety, well being and security of its tenants.

The Welsford Nightmare - Dangerous Drain Cover

Soon I will give you a list of all the names and phone numbers of all the government inspectors who were made aware of the problems with this building.

So far over the past three years all the government inspectors that have come here on these issues have not resolved anything.

So I will give you detailed information as to who came to see and what they did or did not do.

Most have done nothing to fix the numerous hazards and problems of the, structural, heating, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, safety, health, accessibility, and building code violations.

I have created this detailed post of evidence to aid the inspectors, notify the tenants and a legal document for the record of negligence of the owners of this building.


There will be more photos and videos coming.

Please scroll down to see evidence photos of floors sagging  and many other photos of structural problems.

The Welsford Nightmare – All the walls and floors are crooked


The Welsford Nightmare – Electric Heating Not Usable


The Welsford Nightmare – Elevator Dangers for Electric Wheelchairs

The Welsford Nightmare - Entrance door4

The Welsford Nightmare - Wheelchair ramp

The Welsford Nightmare - bicycles on ramp

The Welsford Nightmare – The Welsford Access

The Welsford Nightmare - damaged lighting

The Welsford Nightmare - Glass and leafs on garage ramp

The Welsford Nightmare – The Welsford Underground Garage Entrance

TheWelsford_4496 TheWelsford_4499 TheWelsford_4505 TheWelsford_4506 TheWelsford_4524 TheWelsford_4525

The Welsford Nightmare - Green Bins and water


The Welsford Nightmare – Lobby Flooding

Published on Dec 30, 2013

The Welsford Nightmare – Icy Garage Ramp Entrance

The Welsford Nightmare – Noise in bathroom ceiling

The Welsford Nightmare – Outside front view

The Welsford Nightmare – Nice and nasty manager

The Welsford Nightmare – Illegal Unprofessional plumbing

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare Pigeon Shit on Balconies

The Welsford Nightmare – Serious structural problems

The photos below show signs of structural problems with this building.

(Much more photos, information and details coming. I will remove this notice when all photos are uploaded)

The Welsford Nightmare - apt 1901 drafts

The Welsford Nightmare - Apt 2002 door

The Welsford Nightmare - Apt 1402 door

The Welsford Nightmare - Apt 2105 door


The Welsford Nightmare - Garage Columns Gap

The Welsford Nightmare - Column ceiling gaps


Below you will see a news story that shows what happens when CAPREIT refuses to fix the water problems in their underground garages. Over time the constant moisture will weaken and deteriorate the steel inside the concrete pilars..  

UPDATED: Supreme Court refuses to hear case of man killed in garage collapse

The family of a man who was crushed to death when a parking garage collapsed on his car in November of 2008 is devastated by the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear their appeal.

Saleh Khazali, 36, came to Montreal in 2006 hoping for a better future. He was making a pick up at 135 Deguire for his courier company when a concrete slab fell on his car and killed him.

His family tried to sue CAPREIT, the owner of the parking garage, for damages, but Quebec Superior said the incident was a traffic accident, therefore covered by Quebec’s no-fault insurance programme, which prevents people from suing for punitive or compensatory damages.

Now the Supreme Court has upheld that decision.

Khazali’s cousin, Abdelkhadre Bichara, says the family has not received any compensation from CAPREIT. The company hasn’t even apologized.

He says the man was sending money to his two son’s back home in the central African nation of Chad, and they need the money.

“He has two sons back home, his mother, his father, who is going to take care of them?”

“The law is not fair, it needs to change, even in my country if something like this happened the owner of the building would have to pay.”

His lawyer, Bricka Stanislas agreed.

“The law should be revised to protect victims,” he told CJAD.

The coroner had ruled that construction faults, improper repairs, and infrequent maintenance all contributed to his death, which could have been avoided.


Special Note;

I am writing this for management to understand.

Being physically disabled is a horrific experience.

But what is more horrific is when those around are mentally disable to use their heads.

Two days ago I was stranded in the lobby sitting in my wheelchair for three hours.

I was sitting there in my full body winter suit over heating and in a lot of pain.

I needed to get out of my wheelchair.

Three days before that I mentioned to the manager the difficulties I had in the elevator because of the loose carpet causing my wheel to spin and slamming my wheelchair into the wall of the elevator and that I almost could not get out of the elevator. I clearly described to the manger what my difficulties were.

I also mentioned to her that there was a really strong odour of cleaner in the elevator.

She then told me that the cleaners had been cleaning the stainless steel.

So today two day after my being stranded in the lobby I decided to try getting into the elevator. I thought that maybe they fixed the carpet.

To my surprise the carpet did not move.

just as I was about to get into the elevator I saw the manager and I asked her if they had fixed the carpet.

She said that they did nothing.

Just then I began to understand what had happened.

The cleaner had soaked to the underside of the rubberized carper with cleaning liquid when the liquid dripped down the wall.

I figured that out when I looked at the walls inside the elevator and noticed that it was not stainless steel.

So that is when I realized what had happened.

Because as I remembered when the police officer pulled the carpet back to see if it had any glue on it which it did not and I saw the underside.

To me it looked very shiny as if it was wet.

So the manger told me that they had done nothing, I then thought that if there was no glue ever before at the back corner of the mat then what happened.

That is when I understood everything. It was the soap that made the carpet slip.

Because today after several days the underside of the carpet had time to dry.

If I was not disabled none of these difficulties would of happened.

If some people were not mentally unable to think none of this would of happened.

If the manager had made even a tiny bit of effort to try and find out why the carpet was moving and listened to me when I told here there was a strong odour of cleaner in the elevator.

If the manger had come out to the elevator to try if figure out what was different today in the elevator from before.

If she had treated with any due respect and dignity and trusted my judgement.

She might have done what the police officers did.

I being physically disabled. I could not reach done to see if the glue had let go.

If the handyman that live in the building had also been mentally able.

He would of also tried to understand what was going on.

He the handyman never told anyone that the carpet had never been glued down in the back corner.

So now I understand why it is that the carpet did the same thing several months before.

The cleaner does not take the carpet mat out of the elevator when the elevator is being cleaned.

That is because the handyman had applied a bead of silicone the whole length of the carpet along the edge of the doorway.

So before when the carpet slipped and moved and went under the closed elevator door.

Then again the cleaner had soaked floor under the mat.

The handyman before also did not lift the carpet to see that it was wet and soapy.

So all this difficulty is because your handyman has no common sense  power of deductive reasoning.

All of this could of been avoided if the elevator cleaning person had taken the mat out and made sure the floor was completely dry before putting the mat back in.

But if this cleaner is one that cleans many different elevators.

They would have never known this problem because no where that I have ever been has anyone ever been so foolish as to put a loose mat down instead of just replacing the elevator flooring.

As I have mentioned before.

The mindset of CAPREIT management is to always do things the cheapest as long as they keep up the superficial cosmetic appearance of their properties.

Cutting corners at the cost of safety for tenants is what this whole post proves.

Doing things right is always the way.

There is always a cheaper way to do it wrong.

Quality work in the end is always cheaper.

Shame on you CAPREIT for doing things on the cheap at the cost of safety.

If the manager and handyman of this building always put the dignity and respect of all the tenants first above all.

All would be well at The WELFORD.

WEL and FORD are in the name. Can you CAPREIT aFORD not to do things WEL for your tenants?

Because I know for sure that we the tenants can not afford you doing things on the cheap.


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  2. love it. welsford is a nightmare. wish i had seen thing before i moved in. i encourage people to comment on yep.


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