Access To Properties

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Here you will find photos and some videos reports of access issues to properties.   Much more coming soon!

See all Wheelchair Rights Videos at this play list link.


CIBC Wheelchair Access Report

Located on Spring Garden Rd. in Halifax



the fastest way to get things changed for the handicapped is have tons of wheelchair users be seen going to a particular business, I went to sears every week for years and they put powerdoors in and power bathroom doors as well from seeing me there every week.
The people in this town are brain dead..I can not get anyone nor wheelchair users to get involved in anything..
youtube hides my on reply to see it..

Wheelchair Report – Dartmouth Ferry Terminal Exit

Halifax Shopping Center Wheelchair Rights Report

Published on Sep 3, 2014

Wheelchair Report – Dangerous Door at Halifax Public Gardens Bathroom


Wheelchair Report – CycleSmith on Quinpool Rd

Wheelchairs can not get in Dartmouth Bus Terminal

Wheelchair Report – Parklane Mall Concerning Telus Signs

Wheelchair Report – The Welsford Access Report

Please see the full report here.…

Wheelchair Report – Tim Hortons Mistreats Wheelchair Users

The Lord Nelson Hotel Disrespects People


Most photos in this gallery do not have accompanying videos.

Click on any image in gallery for more options. Press F11 for full screen.


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