All Wheelchair Access to Halifax City Hall New Years Eve Event Deliberately Blocked

All Wheelchair Access to Halifax City Hall New Years Eve Event Deliberately Blocked

This afternoon I went down to the Halifax City Hall’s grand pared to check out the set up of the stage and to see what he wheelchair access is like. I wanted to see if I would be able to find a go spot to sit in my wheelchair from which i would be able to view the bands and fireworks so that I could done some photos and videos.

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Below you can see the videos I did today that will help you to see what I am writing about.

Before I did these videos I had come down the sidewalk to where the stairs are the lead down to the Grand Parade in front of the city hall.

I was really upset to see that all wheelchair access to the Grand parade and the sidewalks were blocked.

Please understand that the side walk with the stone wall will be complete filled with people later today. This means that no one is wheelchair will be able to come down that sidewalk.

The crosswalk would be the only access to that sidewalk and the city allowed them to put up a temporary sign and huge concrete block blocking the sidewalk and the only crosswalk to the event.

Why would the city block the crosswalk that will be needed for the thousands of people who are going to show up.

To make things worse they blocked the other access to the main sidewalk on the other side of the grand parade.

Even even worse yet. If you look at the opposite side of the court yard from the front of the stage you will see tat they erected those huge towers and also put up a sound tent and completely blocked the possibility for anyone to stand of the field in front of the church to watch the show.

Tonight there will be many people who come here and will not be pleased when they see that the audience area this year has been made much smaller and their will be many people who will not be able to see the show.

Yesterday I was talking with one of the stage hands that was setting up the stage and I asked him why are they blocking all the areas for people to watch the show. And he said that is because this event only cares about providing for television. He made it very clear that people and especially people in wheelchair was not their concern of priority.

Please watch the videos to see how the City Hall authorities actually went out of their way to deliberately block my access.

So earlier today when I express my concern about the crosswalk being blocked. I spoke with the guy from the city hall who authorize this blocking of the sidewalks. He absolutely did not give a damn and then called the Police on me. The Police did nothing to me and understood my protest for accessibility..

stay tuned the videos are uploading and I will post them here tomorrow..Thank you for reading and maybe you can call the Mayors office to express some support for disabled wheelchair users.

New Years Celebrations at Halifax City Hall Not Accessible for Wheelchairs

Later that night I was able to find a spot and here is what I had to deal with.

New Years Halifax (3of8) Ignorant People threaten me in a wheelchair


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