Halifax Harasses Me and Bans Buskers at Busker Festival

The video below is a compilation of three videos that I recorded while sitting on the Halifax waterfront during the Halifax International Busker Festival where The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation falsely claims that they own the public boardwalk.

Halifax International Busker Festival Bans Buskers

In the video you will see me speaking to their representative that wanted to ban Busker Andrew Lopatin of Toronto from performing on the boardwalk.

They are continuously arbitrarily  banning all buskers from performing on the boardwalk that The Halifax Development Corporation falsely claims to own. The boardwalk is a public walkway (sidewalk) that has no deeds on it.

Then they impose an unconstitutional act known as PPA or Protection of Property Act.

Banning anyone from anywhere including public properties then imposing penalties and fines with no due process of law and justice or having  any just cause being necessary on anyone they want any time they want .

The whole process of which is completely corrupt.

Below you will find my many previous articles and about my going to court over this issue and that the trial was illegally cancelled and so to prevent my ability to present all my evidence that would prove the criminal activities that The Waterfront Development Corporation engages in.

All charges and fines against me were dropped.

Then in this video below, you will hear and see the Nazi security guard telling me I am not permitted to speak freely to anyone on the boardwalk.

Then you will hear my conversation with the Halifax Regional Police.

Further below you will see links and more videos to previous posts I did reporting the history of harassment I have been a victim of by The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation.

Harassment because of my reports about the Waterfront and that The Waterfront Development Corporation is irresponsible in their management of their falsely claimed property..

Andrew Lopatin – Classical Gas – Halifax Buskers Festival  

Here is a video of Andrew Lopatin just before the security showed up. In this video you can see the Bubble Busker that was banned just after I did this video.

Also this busker was also banned from the waterfront.

The Bubble Wizzard Busker on Halifax Waterfront

Wheelchair Report – Halifax Waterfront Security Harassment

Wheelchair Report – Halifax waterfront blocked by vendors customers

This shows how The Waterfront Development Corporation does not care and do not manage the waterfront properly.

Wheelchair Report – Busker Blocks Halifax Boardwalk

This busker was told to deliberately block my path so I would react and then the Police cam and surrounded me with 10 officers..

Wheelchair Report – Saulter St Obstruction (01) Halifax Nova Scotia

Here is yet another report showing how The Waterfront Development Corporation thinks they even own public roads and sidewalks then blocking all wheelchair access..

Wheelchair Report – Halifax Waterfront Dangerous New Deck

 Wheelchair Report – Halifax Waterfront hazards 




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