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I Daniel J Towsey (The Visionary Folk Photographer) was filmed in early 2017 in Montreal Canada by a french lady tourist from France. This video uploaded to Creative Commons – attribution

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Published on Mar 20, 2018


Federal Police on Montreal’s waterfront Assaulted me while in my wheelchair

Quebec's Truth Soldier - See

The only reason they did not do me more harm is because there was a guy not far behind me that decided to start video taping the Police..The Police backed off because there was witnesses there…

Montreal Police assaulting afterwards conversation with witness.

Here is the link to the video with the witness.…

any help you can offer to my is greatly appreciated…… see more here.

A Truth Soldier Homeless In Montreal Reports

Also see https://quebecstruthsoldier.wordpress…

Please go to this link to see my testimonials I did before I became homeless in Nova Scotia and why. about tne Corruption of Canadas elections voting process…

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Disabled non-Muslim denied apartment in Muslim-only building

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