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My frozen wheelchair at PMV Mobility House See Thane’s Comments

I did this post because of the comments that Ed’s laborer put on it on my YouTube. His name is Thane Hamilton, have a look at what he had to say..

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If you want the whole story about what is happening to me see this.

Freedom of Speech Illegal in Canada

Your are the jury hearing these testimonials..You the people decide and judge in this peoples court

Youtube blocking these videos in Canada.

The parameters of English-Canadian defamation law have been described as arbitrary, capricious, absurd and otherwise illogical. Radical reforms to the common law of libel and tort of defamation were initiated in the United States and elsewhere in the Commonwealth after major court rulings expanded the definitions of qualified privilege, reportage, and outlined the public interest value of criticism of politicians and corporations. Calls to reform Canada’s “antiquated libel laws”[10] began to appear in the 1990s, continuing to the present.

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Daniel J Towsey testimonial 21 Inside Ed’s warehouse and my Quantum wheelchair

Published on Mar 7, 2016

My frozen wheelchair at PMV Mobility House’s Waverley warehouse in nova Scotia

My frozen wheelchair at PMV Mobility House See Thane’s Comments

Here is a strange thing about Thane being able to post an unmoderated comment on my video. I have my Youtube channel automatic presets, set to always hold comments for moderation.

Even this video was set that way. As I had to approve the other comments. But Thane created a new channel with just his name on it and no other information. He created his channel to post his comment.

Someone with Youtube had to change the setting to permit Thane in.. I had to respond since his comment had already been posted to my video below..

Published on Dec 23, 2015

See more about my frozen wheelchair here.


why would the guy leave the chair outside? that’s crazy
+SurviventheOnslaught he previously left it out in a rain storm overnight..
Thane Hamilton
no what’s totally sickening is to have someone foolishly squander a large accident settlement and then try to screw someone who done nothing but try to help him and talk him out of doing it. ya like the thousands of dollars wasted on a sterio for your are a sinfull man Daniel the money you were awarded should have lasted you yrs now your trying to suck money out of other people to pay for your mistakes. what’s sickening to me is the way you drag Ed’s name through the mud because of your own short comings as a decent member of society.
+Thane Hamilton Hi Thane are you still in Yarmouth? …Good of you to show up…

You made a mess of my car when you did not weld the trailer hitch onto the back of my car properly and it had to be redone with my instructions.

You put a bunch of dents on my door because you did not know how to adjust the door hinge.

You welded up my trailer axle bent and now my wheels do not sit straight and horizontal..

How many times did the wiring you did need to be redone because of your mistakes?

Why did it take a year for my new wheelchair to be done and why did I have to do much of the work myself? Because all the work you and Ed did on it was full of errors that I had to fix..

Why was I told Ed could put a wheelchair lift on the back of my car when it was impossible for any car to hold up and carry my large heavy wheelchair?

Why did you tell me you put new brakes on my car ? Only for me to later find out that the brake job was unsafe because my car could not stop in an emergency and I had to spend several thousands of dollars to have all the brakes redone..

You and Ed are not qualified to do auto mechanical, wheelchair mechanical or electronic electrical work for such..

If you bothered to read my other reports, you would now why Eds delays bankrupted me and why I had to spend a huge amount to build a wheelchair trailer so I could get my wheelchair out of Eds warehouse..

And why did you ignore the topic of this video? Why would anyone leave a good wheelchair outside to freeze and why after 12 months does Ed still have my quantum wheelchair in his warehouse?

You should know how dishonest Ed is after all you told me he bankrupted you because he told you that he had paid your income tax from your employment then the Federal government sued you for taxes that were not paid by now you work for cash..

Ed has cost me approximately $90,000 and how would you know anything about that unless you were in it?

The rest of my story about Ed is published if you care to know..I avoided mentioning you.. but now I wont hesitate since you chose to attack me by writing your comment.. Thank You..

Thane Hamilton
your an idiot you don’t have a clue what you are talking about you asked me to look at door because you took it to someone that dented it now that’s my fault?  the welding I done was flawless as always your nuts
+Thane Hamilton Really.. Will like I said..Your public attack on me now gives me the right to now defend myself publicly..  I will now do a video of my trailer axle that you welded crooked.. and also mention why the the axle had to be welded because you measured the original axle and your measurement was to short and the new axle was to short.. Which is why it had to be welded..Because you did not measure it properly… Stay tuned the video is coming soon..

Oh lets not forget you screwing up the tongue jack bracket that you welded that I had to rebuild because after you finished it the jack was all crooked and not vertical when it had a load on it..

Thane Hamilton
goodbye nutbar hope life is all u expect it to be wherever u are now but I’m sure in a few months everyone around u will be conspiring to get you just like everywhere else
+Thane Hamilton So you ignored everything I said and just want to attack me.. like the times you threatened me and I was very scared of your attitude..You would not of spoken to me the way you did if I was not disabled..

People are not so stupid to believe you and can clearly see what your attitude is from the comments you left below.. By the way do realize that anything that is published in a public domain like my videos and the comments are admissible in any court of law.. Do you have anything else to add?

punched and dented it because You said you could fix the misaligned hinge.. I took it to someone else after you dented it..

So you must be one of the conspirators..that is why you are so sure