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Metro Transit Deliberately Blocks Wheelchair Access – See Pictures


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Ten years and Halifax Metro Transit still wont fix these bus stops

Report by Daniel J Towsey

February 4th 2011

I am writing this report and posting it to my Internet wheelchair rights websites

to serve as a public notice and record.

I will provide you with some background information as to how this situation

has been knowingly going on.

First I need to explain the significance and importance about this bus stop and

people in wheelchairs.

This bus shelter is the stop just before the main bus terminal at the bridge in

Dartmouth (Halifax). So this bus stop serves a very large

part of Dartmouth and many different bus routes.

Metro transit refuses to allow any wheelchair user to access any buses at the

bridge terminal. Claiming that the bus terminal is not

level and that the slope is to steep.

This is absolutely false. If you were to look at the bus terminal at Penhorn Mall

where wheelchair users are permitted, you would

discover that it has a very steep incline and does not prevent wheelchair users.

If you look you will discover that the bridge terminal where the buses stop has

almost no slope at all and that any wheelchair user

can easily access any bus while on the platform.

But metro transit refuses to arrange it so the wheelchair designated routes pull

up to the platform. Instead they stop in the driveway

away from the elevated platform.

Now they claim that those buses are to high off the ground to safely lower their

ramps because the incline to the ramp would be to

steep. So why not have the designated wheelchair access buses pull up up to

the elevated platform?

But again every time I communicate with metro transit my problems and offer

solutions they just keep making excuses and absolutely

refuse to provide any solutions.

Then they claim that the bridge terminal shelter is to small and narrow and does

not have enough room for the buses to drop the ramps.

Again go look at the Perhorm terminal. It has the same dimensions and also has

the same bus shelters.

So why is it that I can manage to get on and off buses there and not at the bridge
terminal? Because metro transit just stubbornly

refuses to listen to me and anyone else in a wheelchair.

My being blocked from accessing buses at the bridge prevents me from having

access to most of Halifax bus routes and also most

important bus routes in Dartmouth.

So now Metro transit claims that some routes are designated as wheelchair

access routes and that all other bus routes wheelchair

users are not permitted to us them.

This eliminates my access to more then half the bus routes.

Metro transit claims that the designated wheelchair routes have every bus stop

on that route accessible for wheelchairs.

Again that is not true. If it were I would be able to access these designated

route at the bridge terminal.

Another note. They have a major Halifax wheelchair designated route

number one. With the new Nova articulated buses.

The Nova buses are not accessible for wheelchair users as they only us two

tie downs attached to the front of my chair

and I have to back into a spot facing back wards and behind me their is a

padded wall that is supposed to brace the chair

in the event of a sudden stop.

This padded wall hit my headrest post and pushes it against the back of my head.

So the number one route is also not accessible and again metro transit cares not

to hear me or to remedy this serious problem.

I have told them that my chair needs to face forward so I can see where I am

going and know when to ring the bell.

I also explained that my seven hundred pound chair needs to be secure safely to the floor with the four anchor points and not

just two which would allow my chair to slide sideways on the wet (snow & rain) floor.

So now I will show you some pictures of how metro transit clears bus stops.

I believe that they have done this deliberately because they know I need to use this stop and that I have filed a human rights

complaint against metro transit.

These four pictures are self explanatory with the notes on them.





Below you will see a couple of images from January that shows they never clear these bus stops.



This report accompanies my February 4th 2011 HRM complaint reference number 4659532.

Where I was advised that Dave Beaudreau of Metro transit will be following up and contacting me on this snow issue.

I am also emailing this report to Metro Transit at

So that they can receive the pictures.

This article will also be posted at