Self defence is not permitted in Nova Scotia

Self defence is not permitted in Nova Scotia


Below is a post from The Coast local Halifax publication. From reading this it basically makes it a crime to carry anything to defend yourself.. So what are disabled wheelchair users supposed to do?

Daniel J Towsey

The best self-defence isn’t always a good offence

Go too far fighting off an attacker and you might be the one facing charges.

It’s dark. You’re moving briskly through the north Common. You think you’re alone, but then again…sometimes Halifax doesn’t seem like the safest streets to walk. Having something in your purse or pocket to offer some protection sounds great, but be careful before you go buying any peace of mind.

In Canada it’s illegal to carry a weapon for the purpose of self-defense. And according to the Criminal Code, a weapon can be anything designed, used or intended to cause death or injury or even just to threaten or intimidate another person. Since that’s pretty much anything, the legality of what’s allowed in your pockets hinges on intent. If you’re carrying a blade to open a can of apple juice at a picnic, then you’re fine. If you’re carrying a blade to open a can of whoop-ass on a potential assailant, then you’re in trouble. Same deal for pepper spray, which you can carry to protect yourself from rabid canines but not from overzealous exes. Likewise for tasers, stun guns, batons and probably ballpoint pens.

“You have the right to defend yourself but you can’t be carrying pepper spray or knives or guns for that purpose,” says Halifax Regional Police spokesperson Pierre Bourdages. “If your intent to carry these weapons is to either defend yourself or to harm someone, you could be charged with carrying a concealed weapon.”

Since no permits allow someone to carry anything that can be used for self-defense, Bourdages recommends an inexpensive, attention-grabbing device: air horns. Of course, burst your assailant’s eardrums and you still might face charges.

“If you’re carrying that in your purse, that’s fine,” Bourdages says, “but if you’re carrying that and you actually assault someone with that item, the item becomes a weapon.”

See, self-defense allows you to use as much force as possible to stop an attack, to break free from an assailant. But if you keep attacking after you break free?

“Then it would be excessive force,” says Bourdages. “Then you could be charged with assault.”

Perhaps the best option for personal safety is making your body into a lean, mean, self-defense machine. There are several self- defense classes all around Halifax, or, if money is no object, you could always hire yourself a professional bodyguard. Outfits like Source Security can arrange for your own personal Kevin Costner at an hourly rate.

“The price varies anywhere from mid-30s up to several hundred dollars per hour, depending on who it is and what all is entailed in the work,” says Source’s Ian Hamilton.

The moral of the personal-safety story? No knives, no sprays, no guns, no anything, really. It’s unfortunately just you and your air horn out there.


Gottingen 250 Years _1620wheelchair

Wheelchair Rights Report at Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival

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It was a total disappointment to discover that no thought went into the Mayor Savage comment that they are doing everything they can to take into consideration the needs of the disabled wheelchair users.

I had a discussion with Mayor Savage and I asked him if he has ever looked at the wheelchair reports I put on is Facebook page. He said he never uses Facebook but that he is a twitter-er.

Here is Mayor Savage’s twitter.

Well I have posted some of my reports on his twitter and he never mentioned them.

Then I asked him about the numerous sandwich sidewalk signs littering and blocking all the sidewalks and that only two businesses have paid the $100 permit.

So I asked him why is it that there are no bi-law enforcements and fines for all the illegal sandwich signs on the sidewalks.

He did not answer me.

Have a look at this video where I talk about the sidewalk sandwich signs.

A Message For Mayor Savage of Halifax about Spring Garden Rd Traffic

Below you will see in the video and photos just how horrible the situation was at the Gottingen 250 year street Festival

This is so because no one in government has ever done any research, spoken to any disabled wheelchair users about how to make their event truly wheelchair friendly and not just accessible.

I have offered my help and these reports for guidance and they just ignore me and anyone in a wheelchair.


Wheelchair Rights Report at Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival

Gottingen 250 Years _1651wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1723wheelchair

Gottingen 250 Years _1716wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1617wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1720wheelchairGottingen 250 Years _1626wheelchairsSee full Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival post with videos and photos here.

 Click on thumbnail to view slideshow. Press F11 for full screen.Right click on thumbnail to download.


NoMore TimHortons

Tim Hortons SPECIAL Wheelchair Rights Reports

No More Tim Hortons Special Wheelchair Rights Report

Published on Sep 4, 2014

This new Tim Hortons is on Spring Garden Rd in Halifax Nova Scotia

NoMore TimHortons_0721

Going into Tim Hortons for the last time Wheelchair Cam

Tim Hortons Horrible at Scotia Square in Halifax


keep up the good work man!!! I shouldn’t be but I’m shocked at how disabled people are treated. I have a disabled daughter and NEVER would have thought people could be so cruel in their treatment and comments!!! And btw, every Tim Horton’s I’ve been in across Canada are 100% wheel/electric chair inaccessible. Time for some changes.
stay safe!

Wow, such ignorant jackasses there!

Wheelchair Report – Tim Hortons Mistreats Wheelchair Users

Published on Jul 6, 2012

This is on the Halifax waterfront in Nova Scotia Canada.
I would like to add another comment.

That is that this place is actually the only Tim Hortons that even has a power door for the disabled. If you go to any Tim Hortons in the Halifax area you will discover that Tim Hortons makes no efforts to accommodate the needs of the disabled and also people who need to use manual or power wheelchairs.

That also includes not providing wheelchair accessible bathrooms.


I’m disabled too and you hit the nail right on the head there when you said nobody listens to disabled people.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to be taken seriously and be heard and am just about ready to give up as it is exhausting and feels totally pointless.

Like you, I’ve in different parts of the world and it seems to be almost the same everywhere. I recently went to France and a restaurant there had no sink in the disabled bathroom to wash my hands! Unacceptable!

Everyone I know, who has seen this video agrees with you. It’s all about money. And then the way that man disrespected you about filming.

That’s bad. I’m going out of my way to help you spread the word. Because when your right, your right!

chantel s.
Well ive watched the full think now I kinda get wat ur saying and I agree but dude be glad there is actually a tim hortons to get to im dying to try timmys for the first time and I cant bcuz I live in another country LOL

in reply to MaikeruDiron
what should be updated? Do you mean the way this place is set up

brandon currier
Really pisses me off when places not accable

theres a tim hortons in scotia square up the street….if u cant get up the hill. use the pedways/elevators. easy

brandon currier

in reply to jennifer171986
You have no idea what you are talking about.. The other has a step.. No wheelchairs can go out that door..And just because I am holding a camera does not mean I can open a door.. hat planet are you from

It took you about 20 seconds to get in the building. I’m pretty sure you’re just an idiot. It is built to standards, you should be grateful you live in a country where these laws are in place for the handicapped, not act like a whiny bitch.

That’s a sin, this really should be updated =(

brandon currier
Wot if ur left headed

in reply to jennifer171986
Why should I have to go any where else for the same service everyone else receives.. What an inconsiderate comment.. Your comment shows exactly what the disabled have to deal with…

also, could of went out the other door, like ive seen people in chairs do, numerous times. they just know how to open doors, i guess. you’re holding a camera, im sure u can open a door

in reply to thecrackinwindow
I permitted your stupid comment to show people the kind of idiots the disabled have to deal with…Your an idiot and you make me sick..Do not bother posting a response. I will not permit it.. and there is no standards on power doors for the disabled..

@FolkPhotographer ur right. im sorry. i am in a pissy mood everyday. just came back from quebec. was suppossed to be a vacation, but what a bunch of assholes they were. im still pissed off about it and its been 2 days.

brandon currier
People dont see this i would never go there

sebastien friolet
Alrigth sure it is all about money but timmys stores are diffrent owners some of them care and some dont the one that im at rigth now would work perfecly for a wheel chairs .. and timmys aint bad because you couldnt get a coffee..

Everyone I know, who has seen this video agrees with you. It’s all about money. And then the way that man disrespected you about filming.

That’s bad. I’m going out of my way to help you spend the word. Because when your right, your right!

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