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Please Help to get Halifax Transit to Provide Buses that are Properly Equiped

Only 2% of Halifax buses have the equipment to safely secure electric wheelchairs so that wheelchair users can not use public transit and they are deprived of their guaranteed human rights...Here is the city number to place your concerns 902-490-4000
Please read this related article.
Halifax Bus Drivers Union In Violation of Human Rights and Endangering the Disabled

CTV NEWS Wheelchair Protest Spring Garden Rd Halifax

March 30, 2014
CTV NEWS Wheelchair Protest

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This post is still under construction. I will insert a photo gallery and videos that show them deliberately blocking the sidewalks.

In this video you well hear the complete CTV NEWS interview that was not reported to the public.

They unblocked the sidewalk. Faked a CTV news story. Just another cover up.

and almost got away with hiding the fact that they have been constantly and deliberately blocking all the sidewalks with snow so I could not go anywhere…
If you go to you will see the post with the same title as this video where I will post other videos and photos to prove that they have been deliberately blocking all the sidewalks around the area of my apartment building with snow.

I am also denied the ability to use any public transit services or wheelchair transportation services.

Then go see my reports about them endangering my life by sabotaging my power wheelchair. add to that my being denied ALL medical care..

You will begin to see the picture of what is going on here in this SO corrupted place…
I am an activist and they are targeting me..
If you keep searching my history you can read my previous article “How to assassinate a cyclist”
There you will learn how they drove a car over me several times trying to kill me but God had other plans.

I am now having to use a power wheelchair to get out of my home.

Want to know when they started targeting me and why?

Please read my article “Corrupt Canadian Elections” where you will learn why they are targeting me.

You will learn how they rig our elections, stole our country by taking it over by corporate criminals…

Please see this previous report that has photos and videos showing the blocked sideswalks.

In this video below you will see videos I did just before arriving at Spring Garden Rd.

Halifax Citadel High School Snow Plows Block Public Sidewalks

Snow at Curbs Blocks Wheelchair Access in Halifax

All Sidewalk Curb Cutouts Always Blocked With Snow in Halifax

Snowplows Deliberately Block Sidewalks In Halifax

Wheelchair Report – Bobcats plowing sidewalks

Halifax Bus Drivers Union In violation of human rights and endangering the disabled

 Please HELP listen to disabled wheelchair user on telephone pleading for his life and safety

Filmed by  Daniel J Towsey, The Visionary Folk Photographer is A Truth Soldier Cancer Cure.

See my Model Photography Portfolio at

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CTV NEWS Wheelchair Protest

Please HELP listen to disabled wheelchair user on telephone pleading for his life and safety

February 28, 2014
Wheelchair rights youtube

Scroll down below and have a look at all the previous videos I did about this cahir and tell me I am wrong when I say this is deliberate willful actions by Home Safe Living Shop to do me harm.

Very serious conversation about endangering wheelchair user in Halifax Nova Scotia
Telephone conversation between wheelchair user me Daniel Towsey on Feb 28 2013 with the manager of Home Safe Living (902) 404-7233 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Here is the phone number to the Nova Scotia Provincial Minister of health (902) 424-3377 where you can request that laws need to be introduced to protect wheelchair users.
Laws requiring that wheelchair mechanics be properly trained, licensed and certified. and laws same as all other motorized vehicles laws have to protect the drivers of power wheelchairs… PLEASE help..make a call..

Driving an improperly manufactured or maintained power wheelchair on a busy sidewalk is just as dangerous to everyone as someone driving and improperly manufactured and maintained car on the street.

Getting hit by a power wheelchair that weighs up 800 pounds is just as dangerous as being hit with a slow moving car…

This conversation is being published for legal evidence that is now witnessed by the public making this recording then admissible in any court of law as a public document.

If you go to this link you can view the previous videos describing all the difficulties I have had with the Alex wheelchair and Home Safe Living  and below the videos about the Handicare Alex wheelchair are Wheelchair Rights related videos from around town.

Here is some more background information.

The very first day I tested the Alex wheelchair Hank from Home Safe Living brought it over. I did not drive it for more then a minute before there was a serious problem with the right rear drive wheel making a lot of noise.

The chair can have the seat over the drive wheels or over the casters. It had to be reconfigured to have the seat over the drive wheels.

So the first day I received the chair Hank brought it over to my place. I could not drive it. The chair drove backwards. Hank did not know he was supposed to adjust the joy stick programing to a rear wheel drive chair.

He had to take the chair back to the shop. He did not know how to program the chair.

A week later I got the chair back and I have continuously had  problems controlling the chair because Hank does not know how to properly adjust the computer inside the joy stick.

On top of that the right rear drive wheel has had continuous mechanical problems.

If you watch the following videos in the series it wont be long before you understand how bad the situation is and how they never assembled or maintained my chair safely.

Hank and Home Safe Living claim they know how to fix and maintain my chair. Then if that is true then all that I have gone through with my chair and it seriously endangering my life has been done deliberately.

After all Hank states they are qualified, experienced and know how to do the work on my chair.

So what is going on here? Is it criminal and willful?

One thing that was really serious and scary was that my chair was off balance and my seat was way to far back causing the chair to do a wheelie and ride on the safety little wheels on the back.

This chair almost killed me many times. It would pop wheelies where the from caster wheels would come right of the ground and the chair going flipping over backwards when ever I went up onto sidewalk curb cut outs.

I told Hank about this and he would not fix it by moving my seat forward. I had to move the seat my self. Hank claimed it could not be moved forward. I moved ot forward and I had to drill two holes in the seat frame so I could position the seat properly.

When the seat  was originally moved over the drive wheels the manufacturer did not put in the necessary holes for positioning the seat on my optional extended frame that I need due to my height.

There were many other serious problems as you will see in the videos.

Please learn more at

Alex wheelchair (01) has very dangerous design flaws

Alex wheelchair (02) Defective tie downs and controller

Alex wheelchair (03) Can not steer chair when going fast and on slopes

Alex wheelchair (04) Flipped backwards on acceleration and almost killed me twice.

Alex wheelchair (05) Backrest Issues and Poor Quality Tires


Bob Renner i would say you should sue them for putting you in harms way,,,that if they are doing shoddy work on your wheelchair then that alone is grounds for a suite against them,,,i would say get a hold of other customers,see if they have such claims too,,no doubt they do and therefore fortify your claims as to their incompetence and your endangerment-safety by their actions of making shoddy-improper repairs to yours and others wheelchairs,,,

A Truth Soldier no one gets sued in this corrupt town and especially businesses that earn their money from the government..the shoddy work is deliberate sabotage

Canada Post’s decision to end home delivery will affect millions

December 20, 2013

Please scroll down for many articles.

Canada Post’s decision to end home delivery will affect millions, and will be felt most by those with reduced mobility. Urge them to reconsider.

  • Susan Dixon
  • Petitioning Canada Post 

Canada Post: Keep door to door delivery


Have you ever tried to push a wheelchair or a stroller through the snow?

Last week, millions of Canadians were surprised and angry to learn they may have to travel kilometers to get their mail.  If Canada post go ahead with the plan to end home delivery, the impact will be felt most by people with young children, the disabled, the elderly, and the people who care for them. It would be especially difficult and dangerous in the winter.

I wonder, did the government or Canada Post really consider how people in difficult circumstances might be affected? I am the mother of two young boys. My youngest has cerebral palsy and uses a walker or wheelchair to get around. For me, Canada Post’s decision would mean having to bundle them up and struggle through the snow with a wheelchair just to get our mail.  And I am just one of thousands of Canadians who must already overcome mobility challenges on a daily basis.

That’s why I started this petition urging Canada Post to reconsider the plan to end door-to-door delivery, and think about how all Canadians would be affected. Please sign it and share it with your friends.

My grandfather, a WWII veteran, worked as a mail deliverer for many years. He took his job very seriously and was tremendously proud of providing what everyone considered an essential service to the community. I know my current mail carrier, who I consider a friend, is just as proud of her work as my grandfather was.

I cannot understand why we would we abandon such a vital service to Canada’s communities, cutting 8000 jobs in the process, and instead impose a system of so-called “super mailboxes” that are less safe and more difficult to access, especially for anyone dealing with reduced mobility.

If you feel the same way, please sign my petition and tell Canada Post and the Canadian government that we need our mail back.

Thank you!

Susan Dixon

Sign Susan’s Petition

This email was sent by Change.orG

Canada Post recorded 4,880 incidents involving community mailboxes, ranging from vandalism and arson to mail theft, between 2008 and 2013. The problem is worst, and growing, in the Lower Mainland, especially when identity thieves go on sprees at tax return time.Welcome to less secure mail. Waiting for a check in the mail that you need to cover rent? Be a shame if it never got to you, eh? more words here. it’s because of declining mail volume that Canada is told we can’t have door to door mail service anymore. Indeed, we are apparently the only industrialized nation that somehow can’t make it work. Let’s be honest about those numbers a little, shall we?

“The Conference Board of Canada predicts a steady increase in losses at the post office. Let’s see how those numbers match up to reality. The report projects a $250 million loss for 2012. But wait, Canada Post actually reported a profit of $98 million for 2012, just a few days before the report was released. Amazingly, they didn’t even get current numbers correct.

How is such a staggering oversight even possible? Well as they say, the devil is in the details. Part of the problem is that the authors of the report estimate the decline in mail volumes by comparing year over year numbers between the third quarter of 2011 and 2012. They don’t account for the fact that 48,000 CUPW members, the bulk of Canada Post’s employees, were locked-out until the end of the 2nd quarter of 2011. So the mail volumes of the 3rd quarter were artificially inflated as workers cleared the backlog. By basing their projections on these numbers, they make the situation look drastically worse than it actually is.”

This is also worth reading on the subject:

And unsurprisingly, the places to be most affected by the change are (surprise!) not people who voted Conservative in the last election, i.e. Canadians that, as far as our current government is concerned, really don’t count at best, and are seen as adversaries at worst.

Canada Post ending door to door mail delivery is clearly not simply about costs. It’s about jobs, and contempt for labour, and constantly telling Canadians to expect less, and us quietly taking it. We can afford to give enormous tax breaks and subsidies to the wealthiest entities in the history of money (fossil fuel companies) to make it ever more profitable to destroy the climate, but we can’t invest in people being able to get mail? That’s not about being able to afford it, that’s about priorities. Union busting is a priority for those with power today, and what you personally think about it isn’t. Does anyone remember what started the postal workers’ strike in 2011 to begin with? is it possible that even a cursory examination of the issues around it might offer some useful perspective?

Every time the back of another union is broken, we all lose. Without unions, we would never have ended child labour, created workplace safety legislation, established a theoretical 40 hour work week, or created the weekend. For being a strong union that demonstrated actual clout, the postal workers have had a target on their backs for a long time. To my mind, this is a direct assault on them, no more justified than labelling environmental activists terrorists. Their crime: believing in a world where people who work hard get fair pay and have hope for their quality of life. That’s not a dream we are supposed to have any more. The fact that getting a birthday card or your bills in the mail is going to become more inconvenient is just a side show.

 — atEverywhere in Canada that receives mail.

Cutting Canada Post: It’s about more than mail

| DECEMBER 18, 2013

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I admit it — I probably don’t use the post office as often as I could. But there’s no doubt I appreciate that it’s there when we all need it, regardless of our socioeconomic situation or location. I also appreciate the fact that it provides good, steady, well-paid employment with benefits to so many men and women across the country.

The recently announced changes to Canada Post impact us all — and some more than others. But we should all be concerned about what it means for our national commitment to universality, and how it will further contribute to the slow erosion of our democratic institutions and sense of social cohesion. Especially when the justification for the radical restructuring of Canada Post relies on such weak arguments.

Sure, it’s nice to have someone deliver the mail. But we just can’t afford it anymore.
Actually, no. Canada Post has turned a profit in each of the past 17 years except in 2011 when a labour dispute resulted in rolling strikes and an eventual lockout. A pay equity settlement also impacted the 2011 bottom line. It literally makes money for Canadians (even though it is a public service). Yes, mail volumes are down — although there are more addresses being serviced – but package delivery as a result of online shopping is increasing exponentially, as Canada Post bragged in a recent mediarelease.

But I hear the pension fund is unsustainable.
Unless Canada Post has to wrap up its pension plan tomorrow because the entire Crown corporation is going under (which we’ve established is not the case), the pension fund is fully funded. If, however, Canada Post is shut down, the pension fund will indeed be in deficit and taxpayers will be on the hook.

Door-to-door service is obsolete.
Obsolete? You sure? Because Canada just became the first country (woo! We’re number one!) in the G7 to eliminate door-to-door mail delivery. And rather than implement cuts that are much more likely to lead to its eventual demise, there’s certainly room for Canada Post to pursue expansion and development opportunities such as postal banking.

Come on! Nobody uses the mail anymore. Because technology.
Look, the interwebs are awesome (emoticons have added so much to our lexicon). And I admit in my house we do a bit of the online banking from time to time. But try as I might, I simply have not figured out how to get packages delivered through my computer screen. And (’tis the season, after all) my kids are stoked when they get their letters from Santa that the postal workers volunteer their time to write each year. They also love sending their school photos and hand-drawn cards to relatives — and we look forward each month to getting the magazines we subscribe to. Clearly the reports of the death of mail delivery have been greatly exaggerated, even by those who should really know better.

But only one third of Canadians even get door-to-door service.
According to a handy table on page 21 of Canada Post’s 2012 Annual Report, fully 63 per cent of Canadians have their mail delivered to their homes, apartment building lobbies, laneways or driveways by either a letter carrier or a rural route mail carrier (and another 12 per cent use PO boxes or another form of general delivery). Only 25 per cent currently use superboxes. As others have already pointed out, this decision is not about bringing a small minority of indulged Rosedale homeowners in line with current trends, as the debate has currently been framed. Phasing out direct delivery not only impacts businesses, it will affect a tremendous number of Canadians across the country — and as a result, already-vulnerable populations will be further marginalized.

But no one’s losing their job: 15,000 postal workers will retire within five years.
Even if it does not directly result in layoffs, we will all be affected by this decision to radically downsize. As many as 8,000 decent, secure, well-paying jobs will be eliminated, resulting in less money collected in taxes, less money being spent in local communities, and the continued reinforcement of the trend towards further job market precarity and socioeconomic inequality.

Eliminating door-to-door service for elitist urbanites just makes everything equal.
For the record: universality is about ensuring we all have access to the same quality services; not scaling back services to the bare minimum leaving us to make up the difference based on our abilities (or, you know, our privilege). Making things “the same” does not ensure “equity” — in fact, it undermines even the pretense of it.

Don’t be so lazy! Superboxes will encourage people to get out of the house and meet their neighbours.
While I agree that our sense of cohesion is being decimated through the steady erosion of social programs and the rise of precarious work, I somehow doubt — in light of increasing inequality, more job market precarity, and the continued undermining of our democratic institutions — that a superbox on the corner is going to restore our spirit of community.  Not even if they throw in wi-fi and foosball.

But: unions!
Postal workers have among the highest rate of injuries in the federal sector. They also make a decent, solidly middle-class salary and have benefits and a pension. These are good things, and we should fight to ensure more of us have access to them because they enable people to have a decent quality of life and work-life balance, savings and a house, as well as allowing them to contribute to their local economies and not retire in poverty. Yes, there have been strikes — two in the past 20 years (one of which was rotating, so service was not suspended until management locked out its workers), to be exact. And thanks to their job action in 1981, postal workers won top-up pay for maternity leave — which has since been adopted by many public and private sector workplaces, benefiting thousands of families. Turns out their fortitude (and foresight) was worth it for a whole lot of Canadians.

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Photo: Adam Fagen/flickr

Canada Post is not on life support, it is being murdered

 | DECEMBER 17, 2013

You can change the political conversation. Chip in to rabble’s donation drive today!

Canada Post’s recent announcement that they intend to end door to door delivery has shocked many. After all, Canada would be the first industrialized country to do so. Every other G8 country seems to be able to deliver their mail from door to door, but Canada Post has other plans.

The Harper government and their lackeys at Canada Post would have you believe that mail delivery is no longer financially viable. In fact, the company has only lost money once this century, and that was the year they decided to lock out their workers.

A quick look at the numbers shows that their arguments just don’t add up.

The Canada Post Group made a before tax profit of 127 million dollars in 2012; after 2011’s lock out and after being forced to settle a 200+ million dollar lawsuit they posted a loss of 327 million dollars; in 2010 they made a profit of 443 million dollars; in 2009 the corporation had a net profit of 281 million dollars.

Anyone can see these numbers for themselves in the financial reports on Canada Post’s website. Year after year, Canada Post makes profit, and yet year after year they cry poor. For postal workers, this is nothing new; it is the same old song and dance.

Having been challenged on the profitability of the corporation, Canada Post has scrambled to find a new excuse for eliminating door to door delivery. The new line is that the Canada Post Pension Plan is running a 6.5 billion dollar solvency deficit, forcing them to make these changes. This argument is patently absurd.

It is true that there is a solvency deficit with the Canada Post Pension Plan, but what does this mean exactly? It means that if Canada Post were to suddenly disappear, the pension plan would be 6.5 billion dollars short of being able to pay everyone’s pension.

In short, this is only a hypothetical scenario designed to test the stability of the plan. Other pension plans are not forced to meet this test and many would not pass it. On a going concern basis, Canada Post’s pension plan has no problem meeting its obligations.

Federal regulations require that Canada Post make special payments over a period of five years in order to eliminate the solvency deficit. But Canada Post has just been given a four year reprieve from these payments. This means that this pension deficit will not cost them a dime for at least four years. Again, their talking points do not hold water.

What’s more, the only reason for this solvency deficit is the federal government’s policy of keeping interest rates low to stimulate the economy. The Canada Post Pension Plan had no problems before interest rates hit historic lows. Rates will not stay this low forever and just a two per cent rise in interest rates would solve this problem. It is likely that the solvency deficit in the pension plan will take care of itself.

Canada Post is creating a crisis to justify its agenda. They talk of saving money with this plan, but they aren’t being forthcoming with the costs of implementing it.

How much will it cost to purchase, install and maintain community mailboxes for over 5,000,000 addresses? How about the thousands of new vehicles they will need to purchase, insure and maintain? Are they going to need a capital injection from the government, or do they plan to borrow more money as they did to finance their two billion dollar failure they call the Modern Post?

Canada Post’s main talking point is that they don’t want to become a burden on tax payers. Notice that this in itself is an admission that they are presently not a burden on tax payers — quite the opposite!

Canada Post Corporation has actually returned one billion dollars to the federal government over the last decade in the form of dividends and corporate taxes. But what neither the Conservatives nor the corporation seem to want to admit is that eliminating 8,000 letter carrier jobs will cost the federal government as much as 50 million dollars a year in personal income tax. That isn’t counting the spinoff effects of good jobs being eliminated in communities across the country.

It is funny that the right wing defends trickle-down economic theories when they are justifying profits, but refuse to apply the same arguments to the economic impact of cuts.

The Conservative government has insisted that the only option for Canada Post is cuts. They refuse to entertain the idea of expanding services to bring in additional revenue as post offices around the world have done. This is because of an ideologically entrenched idea that a crown corporation shouldn’t do anything that the private sector is capable of doing.

This nonsense is the reason they refuse to consider postal banking as a viable alternative, despite a recent report from Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives explaining multiple options for how they could do just that. This is the reason they refuse to sell a broader range of products in their stores, despite having the largest retail network in the country. The Harper government is more concerned with protecting the profits of private companies than ensuring the viability of the public post office.

Why would Canada Post want to impose such measures on itself if they weren’t absolutely necessary? It is no secret that Stephen Harper isn’t a big fan of the public sector. So when he needed a new CEO for this crown corporation, he hired the head of the Canada and Latin America division of Pitney Bowes.

For those who are not familiar with Pitney Bowes, they are the largest private mail supply company in the world. They are also a company that specializes in picking up the pieces of privatized postal services. Earlier this year, Pitney Bowes published a study urging the privatization of the United States Postal Service, and have been lobbying heavily to do exactly that.

Now, one of their top bosses is running Canada Post. His predecessor, Moya Greene was also a privatization expert. She oversaw the privatization of CN Rail before coming to Canada Post, but she moved on to the Royal Mail in the UK before she could finish the job here. The Royal Mail has just been privatized.

Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra was not hired to fix the post office; he was hired to destroy it. The simple truth is that the public post office is one of the most valuable assets in the country. It occupies prime real estate in every city in Canada. Its retail network is the largest in the country, with over 6,000 locations. Its distribution network is also the largest in Canada, with thousands of delivery vans and tractor-trailers.

The private sector is salivating at the prospect of getting their hands on this network precisely because of the money they could make with it. But in order to do this, they first need to slash the service and push it over a financial cliff. When they finally move to privatize Canada Post, they want to get it cheap.

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Mike Palecek is a National Union Representative with Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

Photo: flickr/Pleuntje


Tatjana Johnston Not good for young Moms with babies or the elderly or the disabled.
Dan Cancade Affect “millions”?
Daniel J Towsey yes millions..they are cancelling ALL home delivery. Did you sign the petition?
  • Nadia Stepanek I wish you had some truthers there to help you more.
  • Daniel J Towsey Not in this military town…
  • Nadia Stepanek Maybe you would like to try other place?
  • Daniel J Towsey I can not go anywhere and I sure can not go outside..I can not even use public transit..they do not have the tiedowns to hold my chair..I have no way to leave this place..

SPECIAL WHEELCHAIR REPORT Canadian Tire Very Threatening To Wheelchair User

December 5, 2013
Canadian Tire Quinpool Rd_7283

Please scroll down for videos and photos

Canadian Tire Quinpool Rd_7276

I had no option but to do this report for my protection.

If the Manager, If the Owner, If the Corporation of Canadian Tire had at anytime shown me due respect.

This report would not have been done or published.

This post has a video that has a part of my recording the owner of the Canadian Tire store on Quinpool Rd in Halifax, in which he clearly shows that truth means nothing to him, he lies out loud in the store about my previous behavior to lie to the customers in the store and mislead them, then near the end he threatens me and says

“If I was not in a wheelchair” Insinuating to do me physical harm.

The owner can even be heard saying that

“he cares not nor does it concern him that I am disabled”

Which is exactly why I am having to do this wheelchair report.

Then I said, “If I was not in a wheelchair I would not of had this problem”

When you listen to this video, you will hear the narrated part I did at the beginning.

You will know why I got loud with the manager.

I did that because he moved in very close to me and leaned over me in a very menacing way.

Where I was parked in my wheelchair, I could not back up or move anywhere to get away from him.

Which is why we were in that spot to begin with.

I was showing him how I could not move past all the obstructions.

He had me trapped and was smirking and laughing when he realized that I was afraid of him.

When I asked him to move away from me he would not.

At that point is when I became very scared for my safety and is why I began to speak loud until I left the store.

I needed to make sure that other people were watching what was happening.

I felt very much in danger for my physical being from the moment that manager leaned into me very close and would not move away from me.

I even told the manager that I was speaking loud to make sure that the customers in the store would see and hear what was going on.

Being disabled and in a very fragile condition I am in. The only defense I have is my voice by getting other peoples attention.

In this video you will hear the same menacing and threatening behavior from the owner.

But first I want you to take notice that the first thing I said to the owner of the Canadian Tire Store Franchise, was that I was talking with the corporate offices of Canadian Tire in Toronto.

Take notice that immediately the owner made it very clear that he absolutely did not care to talk about or know what I was talking to head office about.

He made it clear that the Corporation of Canadian Tire’s involvement is of no concern to him.

Showing that his attitude should definitely be of serious concern for The Canadian Tire Corporation.

Immediately you can hear that this owner had absolutely no intention of being civilized and reasonable.

So now you the viewers and readers of my post here can understand that the owner is the problem.

He made that very clear from the start.

When his voice gets very loud is because he was leaning up really close to my face and was very threatening by his being overbearingly close to me.

Again I was trapped. Because in the entrance of the store to the left is the customer service counter.

The only way I can get close to it so I can reach the counter is by backing up in a very tight spot and put the back of my wheelchair against the post that holds the security sensors for the anti theft alarms when people enter or exit the store.

So this owner did the same thing. He became very threatening when I was trapped.

I had many witnesses at this time and I was recording the sound. SO I did not need to get loud to draw attention to me for my protection.

If this store was wheelchair accessible it would not have the customer service counter blocked to wheelchairs.

So later that day when it was dark out I decided to do a Wheelchair Report about the conditions of the outside grounds of Quinpool Mall and the adjoining properties that are also owned by Quingate Properties.

(I will be posting a separate wheelchair report for Quinpool Mall – Quingate Properties)

So at the end when I was done. I ended up at the front of the Canadian Tire Store where I was speaking with some friends.

Then the security guy comes out of the Canadian Tire store yelling at me and telling me that I have to leave.

So then I turned on my camera and caught a few seconds when the security guy ran back into the store because he did not want to be on video.

This report will also include  video wheelchair rights reports to other issues about the Quingate Properties at Quinpool Rd in Halifax that this Canadian Tire is on.

Canadian Tire Quinpool Rd_7283

There is also a Superstore, Liquor Store, a Wendys, a Shoppers Mart and a few other smaller stores on this property.

All the reports I have done about this property shows that the Quingate Property owners do not care at all about the safety of people who have to use mobility devices, nor do they care about any pedestrians that are endangered every time they come in from the neighborhood on foot. As the interior lot of this property where the parking lot is located and all the store entrances are dose not have any safe sidewalks and many parts have no sidewalks at all.

Like all Corporate Property owners in Halifax. They do not care if you are disabled and upset about something.

Do not dare to speak up as the managers will not listen, and if you continue to speak up for your safety. You will be banned under the Tyrannic Law “Protection of property act” that violates any due process of law by being arbitrary and gives you no mechanism to have your day in court. Even if you accept their fines and go to court to fight against the fines, as I have already done about the “Halifax Waterfront Commission”

You will discover that courts of justice do not exist in Halifax. Everything here is completely 100% corrupt… MAFIOSO

The Provincial government of Nova Scotia, The City of Halifax need to create legislation, rules, guidelines, inpcetion, and every other departments of government no need to have effects in place to abide by The International Human Rights of the Disbled’ enforced.

Presently the second you become disabled in Nova Scotia, you discover that unlike able bodied people.

There are no laws of any kind at any levels of any governments to protect the rights and safety of disable people.

There are no rules, regulations, guidelines, standards etc etc in any government documentation as to how to construct, build or maintain anything for the special needs of disabled mobility challenged people.

City, Provincial and even Federal inspectors have absolutely no power to do anything, nor do they know how to do anything about, for example, building proper and safe wheelchair bathrooms. doors, ramps or anything else.

Like I said disabled people are completely ignored are every level of society.

But I have to add a disclaimer.

When I did the research for some of my previous reports. I asked many property owners and developers why was it that what they built is not done properly or safely for the needs of wheelchair users. They told me that the city and it’s inspectors are the ones who supervised and authorized things to be done wrong.. Many developers or business owners are good caring people who want to do what they can to make things good for the needs of the disabled. But there is nothing anywhere to guide them as how things should be done or built.

That is exactly why I created this Wheelchair Rights  website. To be a research site for concerned people.

One more note.

We are a civilized society and the government is not only to blame.

People are to blame for allowing mistreating and violating the human rights of mobility challenged people.

Third Note:

Please notice that I had no intention of naming publicly nor doing a video to identify who the owner of the store is. Nor did I give out the last name of the manager.

I did this because my intention here is to show everyone involved and the general public what disabled people face when dealing with totally ignorant business or property owners.

I could of easily written here the names of the people involved, that includes the names of the people at the head office of Canadian Tire.

When I contacted head office, it was a courtesy call and I explained everything to them as to what was going on here at the Canadian Tire franchise store on Quinpool Rd. in Halifax Nova Scotia.

All I asked of head office is to look into this situation and to send their regional supervisor to go candidly into the store and see if what I said about the way the store is, is true or not. I asked head office not to speak to the store owner so that they could find out objectively what is going on.

And when they found out what is going on under their name at this franchise store, to just let me know when it would safe for me to return and that an apology is due to me.

But head office also completely disrespected my humanity.

This report about Canadian Tire shows clearly what the problem is.

It is a universal attitude of total ignorance…

I am disabled and I do not accept being treated with total ignorance by Corporate people..

Canadian Tire Corporation Very Threatening To Man In Wheelchair 

Published on Dec 5, 2013

Canadian Tire Quinpool Rd_7291 Canadian Tire Quinpool Rd_7296

I these two videos are showing the dangerous conditions around the outside area of Quinpool Mall.

This a report below I did earlier. After which the property owner kept this sidewalk blocked all day for several months.

I did not complete this post with the photos and follow up videos.

Wheelchair Report – Quingate Place (1of2)

Wheelchair Report – Quingate Place (2of2)

The Welsford Apartments Nightmare

November 8, 2013

The Welsford Nightmare_009_UPDATE March 20 2014

There is now new management in the building and slowly some of the issues below are being resolved. This post (above) will be staying online for reference and to serve as a guide for disabled people, concerned citizens and property owner. end of update.

CAPREIT is mainly concerned with cosmetic appearances rather then having qualified experienced responsible professionals promptly doing proper high quality work for the safety and care of the tenants of The Welsford Apartments..

This post is under construction. I will remove this notice when I make enough progress on this post. Please scroll down for documentary videos and photos.

After you review all the evidence I am now in the process of uploading and posting below, I think you will be in agreement with me in thinking that maybe this building is unfit to live in and maybe it needs to be condemned.

I am posting this to warn anyone that has mobility issues NOT to move into The Welsford Apartments building on 2074 Robie St in Halifax.

This building is owned by CAPREIT. Here is the link to their executive offices and phone numbers in Toronto Ontario. Corporate Officers

Please be advised that their is a CAPREIT in the USA that is also in the same type of business as CAPREIT in Canada. The US company is not affiliated with the Canadian CAPREIT.. They are two completely separate corporations.

Below is a series of documentary videos and many detailed testimonials by me of the dangers of living at this almost sixty year old ‘The Welsford’ apartment building in Halifax Nova Scotia.. I will be compiling  some of my previous Wheelchair Rights Video Reports  and photographic documentation I did previously with this series. I will also be including issues that are not necessarily related to wheelchair users or disabled people but still impacts everyone.

You are about to see the evidence of floods in the underground garage, huge cracks opening up the whole length of the underground garage ceiling, rotting food and garbage debris in the underground, Old furnishings piled up constantly in the underground garage that they leave there for months at a time, the garbage shoot having garbage backed up to the sixth floor stinking out the whole building for two months, constant break downs of the elevators,  people frequently being trapped sometimes for hours in the elevators,frequent  water interruptions, power shut off and on at least once a month, no clearing or salting of snow and ice on the exterior walks and drives. Broken glass on the underground ramp that they refuse to sweep up immediately.



I am posting this video at the top. Please understand that this video is done after I posted the remainder of this post below.

last week I had a discussion with the fire Marshall and told him about my situation of not being able to use the heating system, about the circuit breaker tripping when ever I am charging my electric wheelchair, about my having to use portable electric heaters, and especially important. I asked him to come and do an inspection in my apartment about the dangerous fire hazard of having new copper wall receptacles, and light fixtures improperly attached to aluminium wiring. I advised that the whole building is now an electrical fire hazard because Capreit replaced most of the electrical fixtures in this building with ones made for copper wiring, but this building has aluminium wiring.

So now they send me this message under my door. I advised management that I would be video taping anyone coming into my apartment and that I would post the videos on my website. Because I told her that I can not possibly physically able to move all my furnishing for the electrician.

The manager of the building Annette I was speaking with then just hung up on me.


Here I will be posting updates if things are being repaired.

November 15 2013 ……Loose mats on elevator floors were removed and new proper permanent flooring installed.

November 22 2013 …..Electric wall receptacle with an independent circuit installed in my living-room for my electric wheelchair.

                                      Thermostat moved to shady wall but after trying it. The heat still can not be controlled. It still stays to cold or the heat still goes to full power and stays                  there and over heats my apartment. 

November 28 2013. I still can not use the electric heat in my apartment.


Bedroom window_5586

Outdoor lighting that constantly is not on, windows with broken seals, no heat in the hallways,out dated electrical system with aluminium wiring.

CAPREIT, as is standard for them have done a cosmetic upgrade to the light fixtures, and wall receptacles 

I am afraid that they have been attaching copper wired fittings directly in contact with the aluminium wiring.

There is not enough wiring circuits and the ones here are to long and the plugs are to few and to far apart.

Forcing people to create electrical spiders of extensions and power bars.

That puts a big demand on this old and unsafe aluminium wiring with their new receptacles and fixture made for copper wiring.

That is a fire time bomb.

If you read this article at this link you can learn why this is so very dangerous and creates a firetrap.

Is it Safe to Connect Aluminum and Copper Wiring? 

I have been trapped in the elevator when it stopped between floors. I think the loose rubber floor mat moved under the door and caused the elevator to stop.

People often being trapped in the elevators for hours, the emergency phones in the elevators do not work. It gets even worse.

About the fire drills and being in a wheelchair.

They send out notices about when they are having fire drills and give instructions as what to do in the event of an actual fire. But to my surprise there was nothing to advise wheelchair users who can not go down the elevators, as the elevators turn off when the alarm sounds.


Another problem with freezing cold in the halls and heating costs. I repeatedly asked management to turn off the powerful fans in the elevators that all winter long blow cold air into every floor where the doors open. The fans draw in air from the freezing cold unheated elevator shafts.

Some people my not know that with most of the tenants in this building having to pay for their own heat. This apartment building owner saves a lot of money. All other apartment buildings I have ever been in have a central heating system. So that here these owners are making a much bigger profit margin on their very expensive rental fees. I live alone in a one bedroom and my power bills are prorated at $250 a month. That is a huge cost.

balcony window_5587

Please watch these videos if you care about the endangering of people in a building that has continuous problems due to poor managements and hazardous electrical repairs, just to name a few.. I highly recommend that no one move into this 60 year old 23 story building.

This is a public notice I have been given permission by head office of CAPREIT in Toronto to ahead and publish everything I know. I advised them and gave due notice before publishing this. They are now aware of all the content I am about to reveal and CAPREIT does not care….about the safety, well being and security of its tenants.

The Welsford Nightmare - Dangerous Drain Cover

Soon I will give you a list of all the names and phone numbers of all the government inspectors who were made aware of the problems with this building. So far over the past three years all the government inspectors that have come here on these issues have not resolved anything. So I will give you detailed information as to who came to see and what they did or did not do. Most have done nothing to fix the numerous hazards and problems of the, structural, heating, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, safety, health, accessibility, and building code violations. I have created this detailed post of evidence to aid the inspectors, notify the tenants and a legal document for the record of negligence of the owners of this building.


There will be more photos and videos coming.

Please scroll down to see evidence photos of floors sagging  and many other photos of structural problems.

The Welsford Nightmare – All the walls and floors are crooked


The Welsford Nightmare – Electric Heating Not Usable TheWelsfordNightmare_5597

The Welsford Nightmare – Elevator Dangers for Electric Wheelchairs–poU The Welsford Nightmare - Entrance door4

The Welsford Nightmare - Wheelchair ramp

The Welsford Nightmare - bicycles on ramp

The Welsford Nightmare - The Welsford Access The Welsford Nightmare - damaged lighting

The Welsford Nightmare - Glass and leafs on garage ramp

The Welsford Nightmare - The Welsford Underground Garage Entrance

TheWelsford_4496 TheWelsford_4499 TheWelsford_4505 TheWelsford_4506 TheWelsford_4524 TheWelsford_4525

The Welsford Nightmare - Green Bins and water


The Welsford Nightmare – Lobby Flooding

Published on Dec 30, 2013

The Welsford Nightmare – Icy Garage Ramp Entrance

The Welsford Nightmare – Noise in bathroom ceiling

The Welsford Nightmare – Outside front view

The Welsford Nightmare – Nice and nasty manager

The Welsford Nightmare – Illegal Unprofessional plumbing

The Welsford Nightmare – Serious structural problems

The photos below show signs of structural problems with this building.

(Much more photos, information and details coming. I will remove this notice when all photos are uploaded)

The Welsford Nightmare - apt 1901 drafts

The Welsford Nightmare - Apt 2002 door

The Welsford Nightmare - Apt 1402 door

The Welsford Nightmare - Apt 2105 door


The Welsford Nightmare - Garage Columns Gap

The Welsford Nightmare - Column ceiling gaps



Special Note;

I am writing this for management to understand.

Being physically disabled is a horrific experience.

But what is more horrific is when those around are mentally disable to use their heads.

Two days ago I was stranded in the lobby sitting in my wheelchair for three hours.

I was sitting there in my full body winter suit over heating and in a lot of pain.

I needed to get out of my wheelchair.

Three days before that I mentioned to the manager the difficulties I had in the elevator because of the loose carpet causing my wheel to spin and slamming my wheelchair into the wall of the elevator and that I almost could not get out of the elevator. I clearly described to the manger what my difficulties were.

I also mentioned to her that there was a really strong odour of cleaner in the elevator.

She then told me that the cleaners had been cleaning the stainless steel.

So today two day after my being stranded in the lobby I decided to try getting into the elevator. I thought that maybe they fixed the carpet.

To my surprise the carpet did not move.

just as I was about to get into the elevator I saw the manager and I asked her if they had fixed the carpet.

She said that they did nothing.

Just then I began to understand what had happened.

The cleaner had soaked to the underside of the rubberized carper with cleaning liquid when the liquid dripped down the wall.

I figured that out when I looked at the walls inside the elevator and noticed that it was not stainless steel.

So that is when I realized what had happened.

Because as I remembered when the police officer pulled the carpet back to see if it had any glue on it which it did not and I saw the underside.

To me it looked very shiny as if it was wet.

So the manger told me that they had done nothing, I then thought that if there was no glue ever before at the back corner of the mat then what happened.

That is when I understood everything. It was the soap that made the carpet slip.

Because today after several days the underside of the carpet had time to dry.

If I was not disabled none of these difficulties would of happened.

If some people were not mentally unable to think none of this would of happened.

If the manager had made even a tiny bit of effort to try and find out why the carpet was moving and listened to me when I told here there was a strong odour of cleaner in the elevator.

If the manger had come out to the elevator to try if figure out what was different today in the elevator from before.

If she had treated with any due respect and dignity and trusted my judgement.

She might have done what the police officers did.

I being physically disabled. I could not reach done to see if the glue had let go.

If the handyman that live in the building had also been mentally able.

He would of also tried to understand what was going on.

He the handyman never told anyone that the carpet had never been glued down in the back corner.

So now I understand why it is that the carpet did the same thing several months before.

The cleaner does not take the carpet mat out of the elevator when the elevator is being cleaned.

That is because the handyman had applied a bead of silicone the whole length of the carpet along the edge of the doorway.

So before when the carpet slipped and moved and went under the closed elevator door.

Then again the cleaner had soaked floor under the mat.

The handyman before also did not lift the carpet to see that it was wet and soapy.

So all this difficulty is because your handyman has no common sense  power of deductive reasoning.

All of this could of been avoided if the elevator cleaning person had taken the mat out and made sure the floor was completely dry before putting the mat back in.

But if this cleaner is one that cleans many different elevators.

They would have never known this problem because no where that I have ever been has anyone ever been so foolish as to put a loose mat down instead of just replacing the elevator flooring.

As I have mentioned before.

The mindset of CAPREIT management is to always do things the cheapest as long as they keep up the superficial cosmetic appearance of their properties.

Cutting corners at the cost of safety for tenants is what this whole post proves.

Doing things right is always the way.

There is always a cheaper way to do it wrong.

Quality work in the end is always cheaper.

Shame on you CAPREIT for doing things on the cheap at the cost of safety.

If the manager and handyman of this building always put the dignity and respect of all the tenants first above all.

All would be well at The WELFORD.

WEL and FORD are in the name. Can you CAPREIT aFORD not to do things WEL for your tenants?

Because I know for sure that we the tenants can not afford you doing things on the cheap.

Photos and description of scene where they drove car over me

October 18, 2013
Accident Scene (6of6)_1340
I am posting these photos and description of scene where they deliberately drove car over me on November 22nd 2009 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia leaving me disabled with permanent serious internal and skeletal injuries, so there be a public record of this evidence.
I have previously posted other details of the event for the public record because there is no due process of law in Nova Scotia.
It has now been almost four years and I have not received any compensation from the drivers (Economical) insurance.
The driver they the Police fraudulently identified and fictitiously fabricated… And not the driver that I saw..

Side note here. I believe that I recently saw the person that was driving the car. I saw her in a Police uniform and driving a Halifax Police Car.

Below are photos one to six describing the crime scene where they waited in ambush to dive a car over me while I rode by on my bicycle.

Click on images for full size and to download.Accident Scene (1of6)_1333 Accident Scene (2of6)_1344 Accident Scene (3of6)_1346 Accident Scene (4of6)_1347 Accident Scene (5of6)_1337 Accident Scene (6of6)_1340“The little white lies are not so little. And the problem is that they believe all their little white lies.

Wheelchair Reporter Life Threatened by Construction Crew on Barrington St. in Halifax

September 18, 2013
Gottingen St_7215

Please scroll down for full photo gallery.

Below you will find reports from Day One, Day Two, and Day 3.

Day One

What a horrible mess the City of Halifax has permitted and no City inspectors are present at this major problem. The Contractor doing the work is named “Lasey’s Landscaping”

(Note) I was told this street was named Gottingen St. There are no street names signs that I could see. So in my videos you will hear me say the wrong name of the street.

Gottingen St_7214

Wheelchair Report & Commentary – Barrington St Serious Mess due to Sidewalk Repairs

My Commentary

Gottingen St_7169

I will be returning to do follow up reports on this terrible situation on Wheelchair Reporter Life Threatened by Construction Crew on Barrington St.

The city inspector telephoned me late on the second day while he was on the road. He had no intention of coming over to speak with me on location. I told him I would be back again tomorrow and that I would like to speak with him about the serious safety issues going on here. I do not believe he will show his face. There has been no city inspectors on this site at any time.

Gottingen St_7203Gottingen St_7200

Click on image in gallery for more options and to read the text. Press F11 for full screen.

Day Two

Wheelchair Report – Barrington St Day 2 Insanity

(Note) I was told this street was named Gottingen St. There are no street names signs that I could see. So in my videos you will hear me say the wrong name of the street.

Today I was notified that all the businesses on this street were never given any notice as to the sidewalks being closed for this construction. Also that means that all the businesses were fully staffed. They could of reduced staff if they knew they were going to have much fewer customers.

This construction has caused traffic back ups through the whole downtown area. Think how much gasoline and diesel all this traffic is using. Add to that all the delivery businesses that also could not do there deliveries.

This is a multi video compilation of day 2. On day two the sidewalk on the other side was clear so wheelchairs could get through.

Wheelchair Report – Barrington St Super Dangerous Crosswalk (Parts 1 & 2)

Barrington St Day 2_7636Barrington St Day 2_7613

Barrington St Day 2_7397Barrington St Day 2_7325

Click on image in gallery for more options and to read the text. Press F11 for full screen.(photos coming soon)

Day 3

Photos coming soon.

Wheelchair Report – Barrington St Day 3


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