Threatened for asking painter to mov

Threatened for asking painter to move chunks of wood off sidewalk


Please stay tuned.. I am now writing up the lengthy information of what happened here before, during and after the video below was done.

Threatened for asking painter to mov

Threatened for asking painter to move chunks of wood off sidewalk

Published on Oct 13, 2014
This happened At the newly being built ‘European Food Shop’ on Blowers St in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


See first part of this article here.


This is going to be a lengthy report where you well see clear evidence on the video of the man who did not deny that he threatened to throw the 12 by 12 inch square block of wood (seen on video) at me.

 I did this video and was talking loud to be heard on my low quality camera and because I now had witnesses and the Police present. This afforded me the protection to take the opportunity to confront this man on camera so I could prove and confirm that he threatened me with physical injury.

Also in this video you will hear my conversation with the Police officer after I stopped confronting that man and you will see that the Halifax Police do not enforce the people civil laws. The officer made no effort to speak to the man that threatened me. I asked the officer to charge him for utter threats, and threatening to throw that square block at me to do me harm.

The Police officer heard the confirmation from the man and saw what you are about to see on my video. So the officer had the proof that what I said happened to me is true.

At the beginning of my video no one was aware that I was video taping until I told them I was recording this on video.

The guy then admitted and reconfirmed what I was saying knowing that I was video taping him.

The Police officer immediately stood in front of me to block my view when she heard I was video taping.

Also please take notice when I first got the lady Police officer on video she was parked on the street and having a very friendly conversation with the guys. She and they had no idea I was coming over and did not know I was video taping.

It looked as though the Police and the gang were enjoying their act they had just committed against me.

This article I am writing will show how the Halifax Police is causing serious harm to my safety by not charging this man.

The Police are basically telling everyone that I have no protection under law and now everyone will believe that nothing will happen to them if they threaten to do violence to me.


Below I will include many links to previous articles I did showing that the Halifax Police have been involved in numerous previous events and the Police lies and lack of enforcement of our laws is a very serious threat to my life. The Police are the ones who are now clarly responsible for the continuous and accelerating harassment I am getting when I go outside.

The Police have now made me a targeted individual.

This is being done to me because I am a very well known activist fighting against corruption from the power elite.

I believe from the evidence you will see in the video of the man laughing at me when I described what he did to me. Is proof that he cared not and had no fear of the Police or anyone else. This tells me that the event was deliberate and done by an untouchable profession agent.

The links below to numerous previous events proves that I am a targeted individual and that the Halifax Police are very involved, as always to do me harm.

If you study what Crisis actors are, you will also understand that those who are coaxed and employed to target an individual know no truth about the target.

Like the crisis actors the individuals just do what they are told knowing that they are working for the Police and the system.

The operatives who target individuals do not realize the harm they are involved in. There is no shortage of dumb, stupid and unstable individuals the Police can recruit. After all the Police and government have a complete bio on everyone. It takes no effort for the Police to employ very dangerous known criminals or psychopaths. That is what the Police always do so that when the criminals do the harm, they will then become set up patsies…

That is the same modus operendi they use to get the crisis actors to stage and perform in all the staged terrorism acts being committed world wide.

The patsies and crisis actors will always realize how the staged fake events become very real when the Police then go after them and very often will kill them to make sure that the evidence of what I am explaining to you here never gets revealed.

So think twice before you ever trust the Police or any covert agents when they recruit you to be a crisis actor or get involved in targeting innocent unknowing individuals. Because you are expendable and they care not one bit for you when they shoot you so that you can not be a treat to their covert corruption.

See these two links for more information.

Details of event.

(Content coming soon)

Wheelchair Rights Reports Facebook

Facebook is blocking me from uploading Header Photo

Below is the photo that Facebook has deleted and is now also blocking me from uploading any photos to this Facebook page.

Wheelchair Rights Reports FacebookI created this post so that I can post it to the Facebook Page

COVER Do not buy an Alex Wheelchair_REDUCED

Do not buy an Alex Wheelchair by Handicare

This wheelchair is absolutely horrible and unsafe. Have a look at this video and then please go to the complete series of reports about the Alex Wheelchair by Handicare.

Please see this related post.

Tires go bald after only approximately 24 hours of driving because of the terrible suspension and makes this chair deadly to drive..

The suspension has many other serious control problems. The tires do not stay vertical when the suspension moves up and down causing the tires to quickly wear out (unevenly) and to loose traction and steering control..

Constantly having bald tires is extremely dangerous especially where I live in hilly downtown Halifax..

Do not buy an Alex Wheelchair by Handicare

Click on image below to view the complete series of reports about the Alex Wheelchair..

Handicare Alex Wheelchair Very Dangerous


Do not buy an Alex Wheelchair REDUCED_3864Woman Thought I was stealing Her Purse Wheelchair Report

 Entering Home Safe Living Oct 6 2014 wheelchair cam

Take notice that this place is nothing like is depicted on their website.. There is not even enough room for a wheelchair to move around in the place…

Candid conversation with Hank of Home Safe Living Oct 6 2014 Wheelchair Report

Sparta Cats1 says,

No automatic doors at a wheel chair place that’s pathetic. Did they finally fix your chair?

Wheelchair RightsReports says,
No…. I got used tires and went around town and kept asking auto shops to install them.. I found a place to do it..after many tries. But the worse part is that i can not get any wheelchair place to service my chair.. winter is fast approaching so I will rarely be going out.. My chair will stay the same until spring time since I wont be going out.

This is Daniel J Towsey's Blog to Accompany our other wheelchair rights sites

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